Restoration Of God's Order (Age of the prophets)


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God's Filter On Earth

     The son of God, Jesus Christ has given a word that He will build His church and the gates of Hades will not prevail it.  Jesus also stated that He will present his church, his bride full of God's glory and without spot or blemish. But looking at the church around the world today, it is very sad to see  that the bride of Jesus Christ has become very corrupt, it has opened a door and freely invited the spirit of gossip, spirit of religion/traditions, spirit of control, of self seeking agenda, false witness, disobedience to God's Word and pride.   All of this is let in by those who are leading the children of God today, the church's leadership and pastors. 

      So where have we gone wrong? Where did we take the wrong turn and completely got ourselves off track so bad that people in the world today want nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the church? Should not a church  be a place of healing, a place of restoration, safe house of hope and love? Should it not be a place where people could come and experience the presence of God, experience the love of God, experience  The power of God? But instead many that come to church today  with questions, with worries, and being completely lost, they walk out of the church with even more questions and no answers, with even a bigger anxiety,  and feeling even more lost than they were before going in. It is so sad to hear that people coming out of services today feel more depressed because all through the service they  felt condemnation by men  and did not experience the presence of God, the love of God, nor the power of God. Shouldn't they be able to feel Gods forgiveness, and feel as though there is still hope for them to live an abundant and blessed life?

      There are many different variables of why this has happened in today's world, in our society. But rather let's look first at what made it work, when we read the Old Testament in the Holy Scriptures we can observe a certain pattern.   There was a certain order that God has placed here on earth and we know that God is a God of order. God had a certain filter through which everything had to go through, specially when it came down to the leadership and those who would lead God's people.  That filter  here on earth was the prophets of God and I am talking about true prophets, who would do exactly word for word of what God would instruct them with out any compromise at all.   

      Before there were judges and kings there was a prophet and his name was Moses. It was through through this prophet God has brought deliverance to his people and lead them out of bondage while in Egypt.  God would instruct and speak to his people through Moses, His prophet whom He had chosen, appointed and trusted for such a task.   After the days of Moses we read about the first judge that came into place and that was Joshua. Joshua started as a good judge, lead the people into the promised land to complete the task that Moses was not allowed because of his disobedience to God's specific instruction.  As we follow along with Joshua we see that towards the end he was  distracted and blinded by the good spoils of the land and it's riches.  We also see that Joshua's generation did a poor job of passing down the laws of God and Faith in God. That has caused a disorder to come and that following generation did not pass down  any of the laws of the Lord, nor good morals and taught the next generation absolutely nothing.  This made the generation after become  godless, without faith and full of sinful nature.  The fear of the Lord has been completely given up. To bring the order back into place and again to deliver His people from their own sinful and disobedient nature, a prophet was set in place again.  Now this prophet would filter, appoint and anoint the kings who would lead and rule God's chosen people.  God would speak to kings, give correction, even  discipline them through His prophets.

To be continued in the next chapters coming soon....

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Fear of God replaced with the fear of men

 I can feel God's heart being full of disappointment, pain and sorrow for His children, for His bride.  In today's generation it is no longer cool or popular to walk in the Fear of The Lord.  Seems like it was just a requirement that leaders and pastors decided to change as the  Society progressed and people have changed and so should this requirement that we used to have to live by, to walk in the fear of the Lord, is now exchange to be living in the fear of man.   In today's church and Christianity we care so much of what people think about us that we completely ignore or even show any interest in what God is thinking of us.   We became slaves to our own traditions. We say well in our country or where I come from our traditions where such and such and that is how I'm going to  Live by here in the new country, it is how I'm going to preach here in the new country, and these are the traditions I am going to force everyone around me to live by, because  if I don't then what would my parents think about me and what would my pastor think about me and what would my relatives think about me?  Even today's pastors are in it for power, for  Authority  and for control.   Some are just in it for the popularity vote. There are not many at all who are in it for the sake of the Gospel and the salvation of souls and to bring people to Jesus Christ so that they may become  One with Him and be in His image. 

      Our traditions that we have brought to this country from Russia or from Ukraine or from Moldova or from Romania or wherever else that you came from have quench the Holy Spirit in the churches here today.   These traditions are making our people today very hypocritical in their new home. If you have moved away from your own country and you came  to live in the United States of America but not willing to leave your traditions behind, your old ways of living in a supressed  environment and adjust to the traditions of this land upon which you now walk, then why did you move away?  What gives you a right to speak against other nations that are coming to this country and implementing their traditions if you are trying to do the same? How can you complain about the people that are coming here from the Muslim countries and saying things like "America should not allow them to come here  because their traditions are dangerous and deadly for our children."  Some may even argue with this and say "how can you compare this to traditions when there are so many terrorist attacks with suicide bombings and people are being murdered?"   You see, sadly we do the same with our traditions. Over the past 12 years I have watched and witnessed so many young men and women who have been called by God, have turned away and left their churches  because they were being forced to live by the traditions of their parents and the elders of the church, they would not be allowed to worship God freely because that's against the traditions. Otherwise they will not be excepted there, they would be looked down upon, their own parents would be ashamed of them and make sure that the whole church sees that.   And so our young people would go out into this world and find acceptance elsewhere, in the clubs, in the bars, and the company of people where they can do drugs together. And then the church  would shrug it's shoulders and wonder what went wrong? Why was this person so depressed that they had to commit suicide? Or how could this young man or woman die from overdosing on drugs or how could these young families break apart because of alcohol abuse?  And everybody acts as though they don't understand because all these young people's parents are members in the church, they pray in the church, even sing in choir at the church.   This is a wake up call to the church today. You cannot limit God and how God speaks to people, how God touches people, how God loves people, how God corrects people, how God Manifests his power, within the traditions of your ancestors or your old country.   We serve a God who is omnipotent, a God who has no limits, a God who created the universe. If you are  telling someone that the way they were ship is wrong or the way they pray is wrong because it is not according to your traditions, you are worshiping a false God and you are serving not in the church but in  occult.  Sure, there are guidelines by which we can sell if the person is really worshiping God out of the sincerity of his heart and in the right spirit or being misled by false spirit and a false teaching. But those guidelines are not  in our traditions but in the book called the Bible. The Bible has a culture and traditions that are of God's kingdom.  These are the only guidelines we should be looking  through at anyone as well as at ourselves. 

     For this very reason God is raising in this time prophets Who will be uncompromisable, in order to bring back the  The culture, the traditions and order of His kingdom.   These prophets  will truly walk in the fear of God and they will not fear of what man thinks about them. They will not be afraid to speak out exactly Word for Word what God gives them. They will not have  pity on those pastors which God is going to move aside, so that he could place those who will be incomplete obedience to His voice without compromise and who will listen to his prophets as did the kings. In the last book of the Old Testament, in the book of Malachi, got said that in the last days the spirit of Elijah is going to come again.  Then the hearts of the fathers will be turned to their sons and  the hearts of the sons will be turned to their fathers.   In these latter days God is bringing back the prophets to astablish a kingdom balance in order to have reconciliation within His body.  Sadly so far to this day statistically there has been more division within the churches and divorces in young Christian families in those churches , all because of lacking the proper Godly Order.   God is bringing back His order and it all begins with His prophets.  Prophets who will anoint those who are called to be pastors as they did with the kings.  They will give guidance, instructions, correction and will serve next to their pastors and help them to equip God's people for the working in the ministry so that we all may come as one, under the head who is Christ Jesus, into a perfect man.  As it is written in Ephesians  chapter 4.

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