The Story Of A Dark Soul


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Part 1

Hello I am BCA and this is a little different story from what you've read so far

It's not about me It's about the other I'm the darker thing I see otherwise I know it's strange I'm not crazy or shy I have a normal life Just seeing it in two ways That part of me darker is called Alex

He is the embodiment of the evil in me that frightens me daily many times he shows the wickedness of people and how he punished them he is blood-thirsty as a vampire although I walk quietly among the people Alex shows me terrifying methods that I could kill I see the face smiling wide Gand sees something bad happening in Alex's eyes seeing bad people today I see ignorant and their loneliness see them dark parts say the earth is a peaceful place I think one was now full of demons the chip of people on the streets is full of criminals, pshihopati thorns thorns are at times waiting for the right opportunity to see you Something marutis chear and I am one of these demons control these dark instincts

I live between two worlds

Our world and Alex's world that dark landΒ My night is the most creature when I close my eyes to his world

I'm starting to do terrible things that look so streets, corpses, scary screams

in the morning I wake up and remember every detail as if I were in that world

Every night Alex kills someone and I watch him seeing everything through his eyes I can not stop him I tried to control him But I can not just watch it's very strange

I see the blood flowing through his hands

Alex's life is totally different from mine although we are the same person to be continued....

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