The Dragon Within


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Chapter 1 If murder was a game





"Hurry up and finish washing those dishes!" Shouted Mum, rushing around the small stone kitchen: putting the kettle on, laying the table, stirring the boiling carrots and peas and taking the chicken out of the oven. “Hurry up Fleck, I need those plates to serve up dinner!" Mum called again.

“I'm almost done.” Fleck said rolling her eyes as she scrubbed her last dish clean before her mother grabbed it and placed it on the table. 

Really, her mum could be quite a slave-driver, Fleck thought, as she watched her mum dishing up the Sunday roast with big portions of roast potatoes and just enough vegetables


They all sat down, Dad lowering his newspaper to see what his plate had to offer. They all began eating in silence until Fleck broke it and asked her Father a question.

“When will you tell me more about my great great great great grandfather?” She asked, a curious expression on her face.

“Well maybe it is time to tell you,” he had now rolled up his newspaper and put it on the table. “Your grandfather was a very heroic man, he fought in every war, killed every demon and saved every life. He was known as the Fire God because of his unique fire abilities that helped him face every obstacle that stood in his way.” Fleck was now leaning forward with her arms on the table, taking in every word her father said, listening in awe. “One day, the evil witch, Helvetica, heard about his great powers and wanted to have them for herself, so she thought up a plan to steal them.” Fleck was in complete trance of fascination now wishing to hear more about the evil witch. “She disguised herself as a lonely widow and went out in the streets to beg. Eventually, your grandfather came along and saw the widow begging for money. Quickly, he whipped out his bag of gold coins and took a few out, ‘Here,’ he said ‘take my money.’

‘Why thank you, kind sir, but I don't want your money but to see your fabulous fire powers.’ The old widow grinned evilly as he summoned his powers. Suddenly, a great orange flare burst from his palm. ‘Such amazing power’ she said menacingly ‘so beautiful.’ Immediately she snatched his flames and smashed them into her heart. ‘Now the power is mine!’ She cackled harshly. Your grandfather just stood there calmly, watching as she was burnt to dust by the immense heat of his flames. His magic was too strong for her to handle resulting in her burning to ash and never being seen again.


“Wow,” Fleck gasped “that's amazing!”

“I know,” Dad mused “but what would be even more amazing would be if you went to bed to go to school tomorrow."

“Oh please can I stay up just a bit longer?” She whined

“No, time for bed,” her mother said “you have school tomorrow.”

After a few more minutes of arguing, Fleck shuffled out the kitchen and up the stairs to her bedroom. She had a shower, brushed her teeth and went to bed, not knowing what would happen the next day...



Her alarm went of at 6 ‘o’ clock in the morning, encouraging her to get up and start the day. She rolled out of bed, got dressed and then dragged herself down stairs to eat her breakfast. She grabbed her bag before saying goodbye to her parents and rushing out the house to catch the bus to school. An hour later, she arrived and rushed into school to meet her friends in the cafeteria.

“Hi, Lily, hi, Stella.” She said in a jolly manner.

“Oh, hi Fleck.” Replied Lily 

“Hello, had a nice weekend?” Stella asked.

“Yes, thank you,” Fleck said “and you two?”

“I went to get my hair cut and my nails done yesterday.” Stella boasted, she was more of a fashionista, although Fleck didn't really care about that.

“I went to a roller disco with my brother and I did a 360 spin!” Said Lily said triumphantly, imitating her achievement. Fleck didn't care about that either, she didn't do much on her weekend, so she didn’t have much to talk about. The morning bell rang so they all went to class, Fleck had geography first. Instantly, her face fell – geography was her worst subject, she HATED it so much. She walked into class and was faced with the wrath of Miss Carter, her teacher.

“13 seconds late, Miss Peterson, you will be getting a break time detention for that!”

“That isn't fair!” Shouted Fleck “13 seconds is hardly any time at all!”

“Don't shout at me Miss Peterson, you will be getting a lunch detention for that."

“How is that necessary ?” Fleck was red with anger. Her ears were burning and within a few seconds the carpet around Miss Carter was set alight. Her evil teacher screamed as the fire alarm went of and all of the students rushed out of the classroom, heading to the Astro turf, giving her dirty looks as they went past. Fleck didn't quite know what had happened herself but it worried her a lot, this had never happened to her before and she was hoping it would never happen again. EVER. Even Lily and Stella had glared at her. Well, that was one way to lose your best friends. Shuffling to the Astro turf, all the teachers and students still in the corridor glared daggers at her, stabbing her in the back of the neck and head. When she had finally reached the Astro turf, Miss Carter hurried up to her and swiftly grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the Head Mistress, Mrs Oak, without even caring that she was going to miss the emergency registration. Mrs Oak was a tall, thin, white haired woman with a black blazer on and a white skirt.

“Here she is,” spluttered Miss Carter “here's the one who almost set me on fire.”

“I didn’t set you on fire!” Fleck proclaimed.

“Oh yes? Well then who did?” Exclaimed the demon teacher, trying to make it sound like it was all Flecks fault.

“She was going to give me a detention for being late for class!” Cried Fleck “13 seconds late! I got really angry and then suddenly… the carpet burst into flames, how can that be possible?”

“Enough!” The whole ground seemed to shake when Mrs Oak shouted, her voice echoed around to school. “You will be sent home early and I will inform your parents about this immediately, now go!”


Fleck felt absolutely miserable, the only thing that would make her happy would be if the ground swallowed her up and never spat her out. Gloomily, she went to her geography class and took her bag from the floor, the carpet still sizzling from the flames. Passing reception, she saw the receptionist fixed on her, not letting her do anything unusual, like she was some kind of alien. She felt a strange streak of anger surge through her body, a type of anger she had never felt before. A fiery type of anger...


She caught the early bus to get home, hoping that her parents would understand the situation she was in.

“This can't be happening,”she mumbled to herself. “This can't be happening!”

Just then she heard a scream, 

“ Get off of me!” She heard a woman shout. There was a man trying to take her purse.

“ Stop it! Don’t hurt her!” Fleck cried, again she got incredibly angry and the robbers hand set on fire. Everybody stared at him, horrified as he screamed at his burning hand. Fleck rushed off the bus, she couldn’t take anymore of this. What was happening to her??? She shuffled miserably down the lane to her house, worried but pleased to be there. As quick as a flash, a bright black light that seemed to have heat radiating off of it appeared out of nowhere. Bursting her ear drums, a tremendous screeching noise burst out from the light and her house suddenly exploded. She gasped as her once perfect home was demolished by the blinding light above her house. She screamed and dashed towards that rubble. Panting. Huffing. Running like the wind to see if her parents were ok. She finally made it to her house, her hands on her knees panting. She looked around, scanning the rubble for any signs of her parents.

“Fleck?” A weak voice called, “Fleck, is that you?” It was Mum.

“Mum! Is that you?” She yelled. 

“Darling! My darling girl. Why are you here?”

“I'll explain that later, where are you? I need to help you.” 

“Fleck! I'm right beside you, under the door.” Her mother managed to reach her daughters leg with her bloody hand and tugged at it a bit. Fleck, with all her might, pulled the door off of her fragile mother. They embraced each other with loving hugs before Fleck pulled away with a concerned face.

“Where's dad?” She asked.

“Now you think about it! I hope he's OK.”

“You think he's OK?” A sly voice purred.

Fleck and her mother both swirled round to find her father being held up by his shirt collar by a young, black haired woman. She was holding a long, thin, purple dagger in her other hand.

“Who are you?” Asked Fleck. “What are you doing with my dad?!”

“You don't know who I am?” The woman cackled like a witch, circling around the two females like a raven circling pray “I was incredibly famous in my day. The wizard hunter, The slayer of light or even Goddess of darkness. But most people know me as Helvetica, queen of death!”

“What! How could you be alive? My Grandfather killed you!” Fleck started to shake with terror, she clung to her mother and wished it was all a dream.

“I was revived by one of my most loyal followers,” the witch hissed “so now I am back to life and will wipe from this earth all of those close or related to that evil man who dared to kill me. And I will become immortal!”

Immortal?! Before she she asked, the witch had already started.

Mercilessly, she slashed the dagger across the throat of Flecks father and dropped him onto the floor, blood pouring out of his neck uncontrollably. Fleck and her mother sceamed, she wanted to be sick, to wake up and realise it was all a dream. Come on Fleck, wake up, WAKE UP, WAKE UP AND REALISE THAT THIS IS ALL ONE BIG BAD DREAM. COME ON!

But it didn't work. She was still there, watching as the colour rapidly drained from her fathers face.


"The poor mother and daughter, putting you through all of that was a little bit mean wasn't it?” The witch cooed  “dear dear, such a pity but now it's the mothers turn to be slaughtered…” she swept up to mum and quick as a flash, her mother was also lying on the ground. Dead. 

Fleck wished she had hugged her parents before school. But now it was too late. She hated those words. Too late. But now it was her turn- Fleck's turn to die.

“I've been saving you for last, Fleck Peterson, and I have one thing to say to you before I slaughter you,” she put her mouth to Flecks ear and said, “if murder was a game, I'd win for most killed.” She stepped back and rose her dagger above her head. “You are going to be my winning victim.” She cackled. Fleck closed her eyes, waiting for the dagger to hit, but it didn’t. She opened one eye and gasped. There was a tall, white haired man standing I front of her, the witch on the ground, she looked dead until she saw her finger twitch a little.

“Y’OK kid?” He asked in a low rumbling voice, it was still soothing in a way though.

“Yeah,” Fleck replied “fine thanks.” Then she stopped. Who was this man? Were had he come from? How had he defeated Helvetica? All these questions bounced around her mind like ping pong balls.

“The names Dan,” the strange man said “and y’must be none other than Fleck Peterson.” He said this in a jolly manner.

“Why are you being so happy?” The girl muttered miserably.

“Cause the witch can't cause any more trouble for now!”

“But both my parents are…” she trailed of, not wanting to say the word.

“Dead?” Dan said.


“They aren't dead at all, Miss Peterson.” Dan proclaimed “No, they are merely in a state called: Coma Death, which means that they can be awakened.”

“B-b-but, I saw them get slaughtered on the spot.” The poor girl didn't believe a word of it! Her parents were still alive?

“The witch ‘asn’t gained all of ‘er powers back yet, therefore, she still don't  ‘ave the power to slaughter innocence, just those who have done wrong or who ‘ave black hearts,” Dan said triumphantly “consider both ya parents lucky.”

“Really?” Fleck asked, stunned that her parents had got one last chance to live. 

“Really.” Dan smiled.

Fleck had never been so relived in her life. Another chance! Her parents got another chance!

“Come on, we ‘ad better be goin’” Dan said, lifting Flecks parents up on his shoulders effortlessly.

“Going where?”

“To ya new school, of course!”


“Ya real polite aren’t yu,” Dan tutted “you ‘av magic in yu blood, from ya grandad.”


“Yep, we’re gonna train you up to the best of y’abilities.”

“I can do magic and I’m going to a school of magic?” Fleck was completely gobsmacked.

“That is basically what I just said.” Dan muttered before getting out a pencil and writing in the air.


.     ꎭꍏꁅꀤꉓꍏꈤꈤꍏ

ꌗꍟꈤꀸ ꓄ꃅꌩ ꓄ꂦ ꓄ꃅꌩ ꁅ꒒ꂦꋪꀤꂦꀎꌗ ᖘ꒒ꍏꉓꍟ ꂦꎇ ᖘꍟꍏꉓꍟ ꍏꈤꀸ ꁅꂦꂦꀸꈤꍟꌗꌗ ꎇꀤꈤꀸ ꓄ꃅꌩ ᖘꂦꅏꍟꋪ ꅏꀤ꓄ꃅꀤꈤ ꓄ꃅꍟꍟ  

Suddenly, a bright turquoise light appeared out of thin air and swept the four people into it before closing up and vanishing completely…


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Chapter 2 Magicana high

Flying through the portal, Fleck couldn’t help but feel dizzy. They had been flying for about 15minutes and Fleck was bored. Being bored made her stare at the turquoise and purple swirls surrounding her think about her ‘all of a sudden’ arrival to her new school, it made her worry. Would people accept her? Would people want to be friends with her? What if she had a really strong and dangerous magic? Nobody would want to be friends with her. Fleck was starting to get really anxious. THUMP! She was now sitting on soft brown dirt, she was in a garden. The crash landing had made her bum really hurt so she got up slowly and gasped at the view. Towering over her was a huge, stone castle. She had never seen such a sight before .

“Wow” she whispered.

“Amazing, isn’t it.” Dan laughed, coming up behind her.

“It certainly is.”

“Come on, lets go inside.” Dan grabbed her hand and dragged her in effortlessly.

“You mean, now?” Fleck asked as she stumbled along with him.

“Well when d’ya think?” Dan tutted “of course now!”

Dan barged through the door into what looked like a reception filled with people.

“I’ve got her!” He shouted triumphantly.

“Hooray!” Everyone shouted

The poor girl was completely bewildered by all of this, were all of these people cheering for her? They were so loud, they echoed around the high wooden ceilings. Somebody wrote into the air above everybody:


                                      ῳɛƖƈơɱɛ ɬơ ơųr ʂƈɧơơƖ!

These people were cheering for her, welcoming her to their mysterious school.

Then Dan whispered in her ear, “Maybe yer should get changed into ya uniform before ya go ta class.” Fleck had completely forgotten she was in her old uniform still. “Karlie here, who is gonna be ya new roomie, will show ya to yer dorm.” A small girl with orange hair toddled over and took her hand.

“Hello roomie!” She was more confident than she looked “I’ve been waiting for ages for you to arrive!” She practically dragged poor Fleck (who still couldn’t get her head around what was going on) out of she reception area and into a corridor. Fleck took a brief look around before being dragged even more. The floor was wooden and the walls were creamy white. There were rows of large windows shaped like an arch, letting you see the garden out front. She had quickly discovered that her new friend was rather strong as her legs hardly had any time to take one step before having to take another. All this fast movement made her bum hurt even more than it already did.

“Ex-excuse me, Karlie,” the poor girl panted “um… Could I maybe walk for myself, my bum still hurts from Dans landing…”

“Of course,” Karlie let go of Flecks hand when they were still moving which caused Fleck to stumble into her. BANG! They both fell on the floor in a big heap.

“Oh, Er sorry about that.” Fleck muttered.

“Its ok!” Karlie replied “that was so soooooooo fun! Lets do it again one day.”

“Ok? Lets just carry on walking.”

“Good idea.” They both stood up and started walking towards their dorm.

They came out the door of what seemed like the main building of the school and headed to another, smaller, building. It had two fire breathing dragon statues at the entrance that sometimes moved, depending on the time of day and their moods. Karlie had said that they were used in battle bit when the weren't busy, were used as decoration on dorm buildings. Apparently, there were four houses in Magincana: water, nature, lightning and fire. Coincidentally, Fleck was in the Fire House. The "mascots" for water were mermaids, lightning was Zeus and nature's were some pixies. The girls walked inside.

“Why do you have bright orange hair?” Piped Fleck, it was quite an unusual color for someone’s hair to be.

“It kinda shows what powers I have,” Karlie said “along with the style.” She added.

“Your hair is orange and frizzy.” 

“That means I have crazy sand storm powers!” She added extra emphasis to the word crazy.

“So I’ll get a different type of hair depending on what powers I have.” Fleck thought. Her grandfather must have had red, pink or orange hair. Then she had a sudden cringe moment, an old man with pink hair! Yeuk! 

“Here we are!” Flecks thought bubble suddenly popped when she heard Karlies voice again. The hyper girl swung open the door and skipped inside, humming as she went. Fleck was stunned to silence the minutes she saw the room…

While she was expecting two wooden beds and an old bathroom, in there places were: two king sized, eight poster, double beds, one red and white and the other orange and white. They had silky, white curtains draping softly over them. Shining like a diamond in the sun, there was a massive chandelier above them.

“That draw over there has an endless amount on casual clothes and that giant wardrobe has an endless amount of beautiful dresses for special occasions.” Karlie seemed to be incredibly excited to show Fleck around. “The bath is big enough to have five people in so they still all have space to paddle around (we do have a shower though). We also have our own gym room to practice magic in! I’ve destroyed about five target boards in the time I’ve been here (which is one term)! Oh, I completely forgot to say this but, everything you need will be on your bed.” Fleck went over to the red bed to see what is she needed. Her uniform was lying neatly out on her pillow, next to it was a glass screen, a gold braclet with ancient writing on it that she couldn’t make out. There were a few text books about the history of magic, healing for beginners, how to control your powers, martial arts and magic gems. Fleck realized what was missing. 

“Where are the pencils and pens and calculators?” She asked.

“Why would we need them?” Karlie replied “this isn’t any ordinary school y’know.”

“So there’s no math, English or science?”

“Nope! But I guess healing classes are Science, martial arts is P.E, runes is English, history of magic is History and spell casting is Maths?”

“All that sounds really fun!” Fleck was getting more and more excited to start her new school. Suddenly something in Karlie’s blazer lit up. She took it out and gasped.

“We only have 10minutes to get to class!” She swiftly ran over to Flecks bed and grabbed her uniform.

“What’s that glass thing we have?” Fleck asked.

“It’s the magic version of a phone, its called a Lacrima, it gives us notifications and whatnot, I can text you. Hurry and put this on!”

Fleck jumped on her bed and pulled the curtain around her and got undressed out of her old uniform (a disgusting brown thing) and got changed into her new one. A purple striped shirt with a dark turquoise blazer with what looked like the school symbol: a shield with fire, water, a leaf and a thunder bolt on the pocket. She pulled on some black tights and a purple skirt that went just above her knees. She tied the lace on her new shiny black shoes and hopped off of her bed. Karlie chucked her a leather bag to put her books in and she tucked her Lacrima into her  blazer and they rushed out the door.




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Chapter 3 Fleck's very first lesson

 Karlie and Fleck raced down the corridor to get to their class, dashing around corners and whizzing past other class rooms, not wanting to be late for Flecks first lesson, martial arts. They raced all the way to the other side of the school to get to the huge gym. They threw open the gym doors and rushed inside, panting. Karlie checked the time on her Lacrima.

“We only just made it, come on, lets get changed.” They jogged to the changing rooms and Fleck stopped.

 "I don’t have any martial arts clothes!” She said embarrassed “I can’t do it naked!”

“I don’t have one either,” Karlie said “no-one owns a martial arts kit, we all get one from the changing rooms.” Fleck sighed with relief.

‘Thank goodness.’ She thought.

They went into the girls changing room and grabbed a kit. All of the girls stared at Fleck when she came in.

“This is the new girl Fleck!” Karlie announced “the granddaughter of the Fire God.” The moment they heard that everyone cheered, clapping and whooping for her. This made her smile a lot.

“Thank you everyone.” Fleck said beaming. Happily, she sat down and got changed for the second time in a span of about 5minutes. Once she had got changed, she left the changing room with Karlie and they both started doing stretches with the other girls and the boys(this wasn’t an all girls school). There was one boy who was surrounded by a large swarm of white haired, giggling girls, she couldn’t see much of his face because of everyone’s heads.

“Hey, hey, er, please settle down, let me hear about this new girl we have with us today.” She heard him say. Immediately, there was a loud muffle of voices all trying to tell him about her; to be the first one to impress him. She turned to Karlie but she was no longer next to her – instead she was marching over to the crowd of girls. Shoving past all the girls made them incredibly angry, so they squished poor old Karlie like the filling of a sandwich. Eventually, she made it out alive with the boy being dragged behind her.

“This is Jasper,” Karlie huffed, trying to catch her breath from being squeezed “he is top of the class and he is in the same house as us, Fire House.” Fleck noticed his dark blue hair and realized.

“Why are you in the Fire House if you’re a water wizard?” She asked.

“It doesn’t matter what magic you have, you still get put in a house, even a Fire House.” That made a bit more sense.

“Jaspeeeeeerrrrrrrrr,” wined one of the girls “we’re getting lonely over here.”

“It looked like your ladies are calling.” Fleck said.

“I’m not going over there again, one second without them is paradise.” The boy had a point, have a group that big following you around all day must be annoying, it was surprising he didn’t shout at them and tell them scram.

“Maybe we could be partners during the lesson?” He asked.

“Sure.” Returned Fleck.

“Aaaaaawwwwwwhhhhhhh!” Went the girls. 

“She hasn’t even gained her powers yet!” One said.

“Yeah, so she’s boring with her brown hair, look at my snowy white hair!”

“Now that’s a bit mean isn’t it,” Jasper scolded “none of you will carry my bag for a whole week.” 

“Nooooooooooo.” The girls squealed.

“Come on,” Jasper said as he took her by the hand “we’d better go somewhere else.” They started moving to the other end of the hall.

“Hey, Fleck!” Karlie run up to her and whispered in her ear “tell me all about it.” She giggled and ran of.

“What?” Fleck asked knowing she wouldn’t get an answer. When they had got another space in the hall, they started stretching again. Their kits were light purple vest tops and shorts, the vest tops had golden buttons that looked like they had just recently been polished and the shorts and tops freshly ironed. The girl suddenly noticed that Jasper was quite tall for his age and also had a bit of muscle on his arms and legs. She now understood why all the girls loved him because he had big grey eyes, soft, dark blue hair and lightly tanned skin. Suddenly the doors bashed open and a woman rushed in, she was wearing a long pair of purple silk trousers and a purple vest top. She looked young but she had dark gray hair.

“Sorry I’m late kids,” she panted “I couldn’t find my top.” There was a rumble of giggles throughout the gym. “Alright, alright, settle down you lot,” she shouted clapping her hands “I assume you have been doing your stretches?”

“Yes Miss Dicer.” The class chanted.

“Good, and I have heard that we have a new student today?”

“She’s here Miss.” Jasper called out, he put his hand on her shoulder to signal which one she was.

“Ah yes, you must be, Er…” She glanced at her register “Fleck Peterson.”

Fleck stepped forward “Yes Miss.”

“You seemed to have made an acquaintance with Jasper.”

“Yes I have.”

“Well, lets get started with the lesson shall we? Ok, get everything you need.” The class bustled around the gym, getting mats, bunching bags and practice dummies out.

“Wait here,” Jasper said “I’ll get the things we need.” Fleck stood at the end of the gym waiting for Jasper when out of the crowd came three girls, each of them with white hair.

“Hello.” Fleck said. None of them returned the greeting, instead they glared at her menacingly with their arms crossed.

“Why are you stealing Japer all to your self?” The one in front said scowling.

“What do you mean?” Fleck hardly even knew him!

“You know what we mean!”said the girl on the left.

“Yeah!” Said the girl on the right.

“Hey!” Shouted a voice in the crowd, it was Jasper.

“Oh! Hi Jaspy Waspy.” Said the girl at the front.

“What are you saying to Fleck?”

“Oh, just how handsome you are, hee hee.” Said the second girl.

“No you weren’t! Don’t say mean things to her!”

“Oh! Sorry! We’ll go now!” And they ran of.

“Sorry about them.” He mumbled

“Don’t worry about it,” Fleck wasn’t really bothered by them at all “why did they all have white hair, in fact, why do most people here have white hair?”

“Its because they have something called commoner magic, its simple magic, we call them Commons, they write in the air and teleport – a bit like Dan. Me, Karlie, Miss Dicer, and maybe you, are the only people with colored hair in this class. Selena is the most powerful Common, she is my most annoying follower (I must admit I hate them all) Kendall was on the left and Kiko on the right.” Jasper grabbed the equipment he had dropped on the floor and started setting everything up, there was a crowd of girls watching him as he placed down the mats. Then he jumped up and hooked the punching bag on a lowdown hoop, when he jumped up his vest lifted slightly and you could see his rippling stomach which all the girls dribbled and sighed at. When his feet were back on the ground, he swiftly turned his head and glared at them, all the followers hurriedly got back into position.

“None of the guys in the school like me because of the swarm,” he said sadly “um, so maybe I could be friends with you?” He said this incredibly shyly and Fleck saw a slight blush on his cheeks and he fumbled around with his fingers.

“Sure!” She said.



“Alright people, settle down, settle down,” Miss Dicer said “today’s lesson will be all about ‘when you suddenly get attacked and you need to defend yourself and stop them from attacking you.’” She looked around the room for a sec and then said, “I see that you all have your practice dummies, mats and punching bags, so I want you to start of with these basic moves.” She jumped up and elegantly kicked a punching bag near her, next she punched it three times before elbowing it and the last one was where she swiveled so her back was facing the bag and she kicked it in the side. The class clapped and then started practicing those moves. Jasper went first doing all the moves perfectly except for a little falter in the last one. Then it was Flecks turn, she jumped up and kicked the punching bag, then she punched it three times before elbowing it, and then swiveling round to kick it. Once she had finished, she realized that the room was silent, everybody was staring at her with amazement in their faces. She turned to Jasper and he was smiling. Then the teacher walked up to her.

“Fleck Peterson,” she said amazed “I’ve never seen such amazing moves performed in my life! You are brilliant!” This comment made an incredibly huge smile spread across Fleck face.

“Thank you Miss.” She chirped.

“But Miss!” Whined Selena “how can sheeeeeee be amazing when she’s so new, that’s can’t be faaaaaiiiirrrr.”

“On the other hand, Selena, you are my most untalented student.”

“Oh really,” Selena spat “if I’m so bad then I would lose a fight with her! In fact, I challenge you to a fight, Fleck Peterson!” Everybody gasped when they heard this.

“Ok,” Miss Dicer said “we haven’t had a request like that in a long time. You can fight on only one condition,” Miss Dicer grinned evilly “whoever loses has to have break, lunch and weekend detentions with me for 1 month, cleaning equipment, doing laps of the gym and eating sardines and onions for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

“That sounds fair.” Fleck said grinning.

“Yeah, game on.” Selena spat once more.

“Ok everybody, to the edge of the gym so we can make an arena.” Fleck went over to Jasper.

“Any last advice?” She asked.

“She can teleport so watch out, and just because I said she was the strongest white haired it doesn’t mean she’s powerful.” He said.

“Fleck! Get into the arena and warm up.” Miss Dicer said.

 “Your gonna lose because you have no powers yet.” Selena sneered.

“Yeah? Well at least if you win people aren’t going to think much of you because you used your powers in a fight against a girl who doesn’t have theirs yet.” Selena’s evil grin was wiped of by that comment and their teacher sniggered.

“Ok your battle starts in 3, 2 ,1, go!”

Immediately, Selena charged at Fleck, throwing measly punches at her which were too easy to dodge. Fleck found the right moment and elbowed at the opponent, sending Selena flying backwards. Fleck run up to her and punched her up in the rib cage before sending her final blow. She elegantly swiveled around and sent a flaming kick to her head. A flaming kick! She had just kicked Selena with flames!

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Chapter 4 Angry Selena

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Chapter 5 History of magic

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Chapter 6 The true form

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Chapter 7 Parents

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Chapter 8 Combination spells

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Chapter 9 Selena and the new boy

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Chapter 10 The three strangers

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Chapter 11 The reveal

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Chapter 12 Unbeatable speed

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Chapter 13 Grey eyes

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Chapter 14 Chains of sand

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