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                                        A distant memory

The pitter patter of tiny feet broke the early morning silence as the hasty scurry of anticipation trailed a small fairy covered night dress filtering and flapping along the cold wooden hallway.

At four years of age little Tracy could really move fast when she wanted which seemed to be all the time lately .


A blur of deep red haired curls rounded the corner breeching the half closed bedroom door and with a leap that only made it half way up the mountainous bed the little girl grunted and groaned the rest of the way grasping for any available purchase on imitation tiger fur patterned bed coverings like a well seasoned mountain climber.

After concurring her imagined summit she steadied herself brushed her shoulder length hair aside then stretched her arms straight out like the super heroes on the cartoon channel and dove through the air as if magically powered .  

During the lofty flight she also expelled the biggest lions roar she could muster attempting too wake two giants from their slumber.

" rrrroaaahhhhhh!" Landing with a padded "whoomp " the landing made both Giants blurt out an exaggerated groan of surprise each giant now scrambling to cover and protect the most sensitive and most likely targeted area kids expertly aim for in these situations as little knees and elbows searched for stable ground.


With the cutest of lisps she exclaimed "Thanta has been ...Thanta clause has been "  two weeks earlier her mother and farther had gently teased her about wanting two front teeth for Christmas but unbeknownst to the joke little Tracy had corrected them promptly " no way I want a ballerina dress and I want a ..."  The requests had gone on for quite some time that afternoon making both of them smile . 

With an urgent jumping action meant to literally bounce them out of bed tracy continued her mission "Quick quick come thee .. Come thee ..."  Trying a new tactic she climbed into the blankets between both Giants and began pushing with her feet managing to edge the tiger strips down far enough to expose two cowering grins with bleary eyes attempting to blink the nights rest away.


" quick come thee Thanta has been mum ... Dad , he came ....and there's lots of pwesents everywhere." Rising to her feet again little Tracy grabbed one of his massive arms and lifted with all her might , gaping teeth bared and groaning like a professional weight lifter. 

She managed to lift the weight just past her knees when suddenly the other colossal limb reached out and dragged her down entrapping her and with lightning speed he uncovered her belly and proceeded to blow rasberrys on the squirming tummy until her mother could bear it no longer .


" ok ... Ok cut it out " she said running her hand through her tasseled hair and rolling out of bed  " I need a coffee .... You want one Hun?" 

Looking up from his squealing prey who was glad of the chance to breathe normally again he replied "yes please." With an attentive smile just for her that was mirrored straight back to him. Then with a cross eyed wild look in his eyes he turned slowly glaring at his his captured meal and jinked a lunge receiving a spasmed squeal of delight to the non attack..

From behind her two little arms held palms out in mock defence two sparkling green eyes gleamed a pure love that warmed his soul .

Her look innocent was begging for another tickle but the tricky giant fained disinterest in his victim just long enough for little Tracy to relax and then he pounced magnifying her surprised reaction and their ecstatic joy continued radiating like intense energy from the sun penetrating every fibre of their being.


When Tracy was born it had been her brilliant green eyes that had most captivated her parents and every one else who gazed upon her. They were an absolute exquisite green that literally glowed. Intriguing countless doctors and specialists who had been deemed the brilliant colouring a genetic oddity one in a billion chance of ever acuring again and as far as know medical history it had never uccured before.


As with all parents time was a dominating force in their modern day lifestyles and reluctantly for Tracy's dad the moment had eclipsed into a schedule over run and what seemed like an eternity for little Tracy sadly for her dad all he could feel was something tearing at his soul as this special moment was now destined to be an echo in time. He wondered if he would be able to remember and feel the moment as intensely again in recalled memories further on in life or would it all just fade away forever lost.


" come on princess lets unwrap some pwesents .." Instantly little Tracy had exploded into action and moments later she was a red topped fairy dress blur again bursting into the lounge room landing directly in front of the glistening tree of wonder legs tucked beneath her and eagerly bouncing up and down now wide eyed and searching the shiny coloured paper and random sized parcels in front of her .

At four years old, words were not unknown to her, but the difficulties were typical to any child her age she could read Mum and Dad but most importantly for that day she had recently learnt to read and sound out in her little voice "T.W.A.C.Y" and next to that she could see a big love heart  ..... Her two little arms shot out in a flash but before she made contact.

" ahh ahh ahh". Not yet princess... Christmas is about giving, so perhaps you should get Mum's present and give it to her first ... What do you think ?" His raised eyebrow and the suggestion caused her mouth to gape barely comprehending and her extreme indecision was interrupted by two hot coffees entering the room . " It's alright sweat heart ..go ahead " Her mum had said with a subtle nod and then it was dads turn to gape wide eyed but his look was overwhelmed as she handed him his coffee slowly leaned over over and kissed him passionately  " merry Christmas my love " 


Tracy's two little arms did not hesitate or even lift the package instead they just shredded the bright red and green holly pattern to nothing as if she was a predator devouring a kill and with the flip of the cardboard lid she beheld a gleaming glass face of an IPad . " yipeeee" Snapping it up she hugged it against her cheek like it was a precious jewel . Then expertly she switched it on and beamed at the start up melody and graphics now illuminating her face.


Leaping to her feet little Tracy ran and leapt into the safety of her daddies lap and masterfully she began manipulating the touch screen arriving at the destination of her favourite app then clicked it open . A furry little grey cat with comical eyes started back at her with anticipation with one had to its ear as if listening intently. " Tom Tom, look dad it's Tom."  Then mimicking her words in a high pitch voice Tom the cat stated  " tom tom , look dad it's Tom " and a bay of laughter rang out from the little girl that warmed the souls of her parents. Then another bay of laughter mimicked her again from the talking Tom application on the IPad and Tracy laughed even harder until the multiple effect had her in tears of laughter in know time.

Looking at his wife in amazement he said " wow did you see how easy that was for her , I can't believe she can operate it so easily , you know it makes me wonder what life will be like for her when she is our age not to mention her children's children , who knows what kind of technology they will have in the future. Who knows maybe instead of a talking Tom it might be a talking mom or Daddy app they play with ." 

Tracey's mum replied with a sly grin " well as long as they create an automated nappy changing app as well I'm all for it, but for now it's your turn " and with that she poked out her tounge at the exact moment his nose twitched and the strong odour that children in nappies were masters of making signified his current reality and with a simple acceptance he lifted up the little giggler and Tom who were both oblivious to the discussion and made for the baby room .









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