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 I just couldn't stop. It felt so good. So unbelievably good. The red liquid stained my hands, as I continued my onslaught, I ignored all the whispers and screams. That is. Until my Sister interfered, swiftly giving me a neck chop, making me fall into blissful unconscious. As my sister hefted me up on her shoulder she apologised. 

"Did you see that?"

"The Devils reincarnation"

"He showed no mercy"

My Sisters pace only quickened though she appeared relaxed.

She exited, Unlocked her car and slid me in lying me down on the back seats so I could 'rest' and calm down. Soon we were on our way.

I didn't get it, There was something off about me that I could never understand. I was young, VERY young yet I took down kids twice my age with practised ease. Why? I just didn't get it, but I guess in due time

My Sister was Ruthless and loving at the same time, how that was even possible I couldn't comprehend. I soon snapped out of my thoughts however as I tuned in to what my sister was saying, because to be quite frank, I didn't want to be pulverised.

"Axel how could you!" She ranted "This is the seventh primary school I've taken you to!" "You need to Learn to Calm The Fuck DOWN and control your anger." I flinched at her sudden tone

And backed away. She noticed and her eyes softened as she pulled me into a slow hug.

"I'm sorry" "Don't worry you'll learn soon, it's not your fault." She chuckled to herself. "What's so funny" I asked, "well now we have to look for a new school. "Well I heard of a new school that opened near here we can check it out." 

"Hmmm, nope I'll apply right away" she giggled as she saw me sigh.

I watched her as she walked into the kitchen, probably to cook something up, I mean that was her hobby. I felt a slow stinging sensation in my neck and sprinted up stairs into the bathroom locking it upon entry. I looked into the mirror as my hair turned bloody red and tattoo like markings spread half across the left side side of my face, my left eye turned a snake like yellow, almost demonic like as it glowed.

I let out a scream as the markings glowed a vibrant orange. Soon enough my sister came Screaming "Axel Open the door" She repeated and repeated. I could barely hear her screams as the pain subsided and the markings receded slowly into a sign that was marked at the back of my neck. I slowly unlocked the door only to find out out that was a VERY stupid thing to do, as I found myself sporting a large a lump on my forehead, "That's it early bed time, don't make me worry like that" I knew there was no disagreeing with my sister, as a plus I felt really tired anyway, so I walked to my bedroom, which as nothing special, quite large with deep ocean blue wallpaper, I stared at the ceiling as the bliss of unconscious took over.

The very next morning I woke up and followed my routine, brushed my teeth, took a shower and got changed. I came out sporting a jogging black addidas jogging bottoms, a cardigan and some Yeezy's my sister got me for controlling my anger a while back.

"Alex!" My Sister shouted "Yeah?" I replied " Come here there's someone for you to meet" This was a surprise as I hadn't really gotten any visitors. I came down the stairs and saw him. He wore a mask that cracked, showing his left eye, which were icy blue. Apart from that the only thing I could deduce was that he was badass. He spoke "Pleasure to meet you......." "Axel...Axel Valentine" I spoke trying to not look uncomfortable, his stares were really intense. My sister was inbetween us looking carefree, But what she said next shocked me "Axel This is the Guy you'll be going on a training trip with for 4 years!" 

I stumbled back " Four years, so.....I'll  come back when I'm 14, that sucks what will he teach me?" "He'll be teaching you how to control your anger and" her face seemed to darken " the markings" I just froze how did she know? "But anyway his car outside we've already packed your stuff so I guess this is farewell" she enveloped me in a hug and whispered "Don't try anything weird, the guys a slave driver and strict" I dumbly nodded my head this was going all too fast. "I forgot to introduce you shall be teacher or master"

"What? Why?" I said "Your not yet worthy of knowing my name" he said simply and left, me following in tow, really ticked about this guy but never the less up for the challenge.

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 We had arrived in a cabin somewhere, where society couldn't interfere as 'Master' had claimed and now I was here for my first lesson, Basic hand to hand combat. Oh jeez I thought I'm going to get my ass handed to me, how right I was just at the beginning I ran forward and launched a left jab to which he swiftly, with practised ease slid to the left and sent a punch directly at me. I blocked but resulted in a REALLY bruised harm, his punches were strong and he wasn't even trying, so badass.

"Think, you have to think, be aware of your surroundings" 

"I know that" I said starting to get angry "Then why are you so weak?" That was it I lost it the same sensation spread I felt......powerful I felt dark. I wanted to kill. "Hmmm this should be interesting" Master muttered, as I burst forward far faster then I did originally, master looked surprised but that was all I needed as I threw a right hook, in which instinct saved the day has he put up his left arm, followed by his right arm to reinforce his left arm, soon the connection was hear and he was sent skidding back. "What's wrong MASTER, can't keep up" I screamed as my demonic eye eyed him, soon I was off again in a dance of insanity, I sent a devestating punch, in which he dodged as if he were playing limbo and my fists crashed into the tree, completely obliterated it into pieces, I was nearing my limits...I had to end this.

"Your out of ideas already? What a turn."

I couldn't keep up Left left right......his punches were going to fast before, THWACK, his leg connected with my head and I dropped.

Where I ended up wasn't my unconsciousness, but a deep void and there was a throne with someone upon it. Something compelled me to walk towards the figure and what I came across was a person.....but the strangest thing was he looked almost like me. "Ah how nice of my son to visit" he said in a deep tone, Son I was his son? No. My parents died right? " I see your sister rebbeca has been taking care of you?" He enquired, "H-how do you about my s-sister?" I said, to be honest I was terrified, who wouldn't? "Simple......I'm your father....the devil, that's where the markings come from its your birth mark for anger" he said simply. My eyes bulged. Devil. I was the Devils son, that was badass and all but he needed proof. "I need proof that I am and that the devil exists" I said "Of course" he replied without a care in a world as he stood up from his throne, walked down. While he was walking down however he lit up into magnificent blue flames with two horn like flames protruding from his forehead. "Still don't believe me" I could only look on dumbly. He laughed "any who we're wasting time, I don't have that much time" " what do you mean" I said confused but happy I was with my father, regardless of who he was. "You see......I'm dead and before I died I gave you some of my essence so I could help you unlock your blue flames." I became wide eyed "the power you just showed me?" "Yup" he grinned "But it's gonna hurt.....A Lot." With that he faded "Bye Son" I simply smiled I knew we'd meet again soon. But that all came to an abrupt stop when sudden pain overtook me I screamed as I felt like my skin was being burned then doused then burned again. My skin felt as if a tiger was gnawing on my skin, tearing my flesh before my flesh grew back. After what felt like hours, which was actually mere seconds I awoke in my room inside the cabin. I looked outside it was a bright morning, I slowly rubbed ,my eyes before standing up, which was hard but possible I swayed towards the bathroom. I took a shower and boy did that hit the spot, I came out of the shower got changed and walked downstairs where I greeted my teacher, "Anyway....Master....when am I going to know your name?"

"My name to you shall be not ask again." Boy I thought this is gonna be a interesting four years.

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 Four years had passed since my training trip with the man, he disappeared after dropping me off saying we'd meet again soon.

I sighed I was an arch-Angel half devil half Angel of the most Royal blood, it's obvious I'd have both excorsists and a varietyof different enemies. My knowledge was limited but I found out my families history that day

"Axel sit down" I sat down and listened "before you go back I must tell you of your families history, do not interrupt" I simply nodded

"Before earth existed heaven and hell did. As you'd know they weren't the best of friends, apart from two the King and queen from opposing sides that secretly fell in love and gave birth to your sister and you. Now your sister hasn't inherited any demonic kind of power, but you were lucky you had both, meaning you have the potential to conquer both sides no....all three earth, hell and heaven and become a Legend, or maybe a God." He paused as he allowed me to soak up the information. He continued "That's why your hair is white with a red tint, the red represents devil and the white represents Angel."

"Now for your eyes blue and red." "Your father as you know it specialised in blue flames, you are now the only and will be the only wielded of the blue flames making you extremely rare. The blue flames don't burn if you don't want it to, if sent ones way has been proven to be unsealable nor able to be doused for seven days and seven nights." My eyes widened this was an interesting development. "The red lightning came from your mother. You were born with it unlike the blue flame, which your father had to unlock, so far no one knows what it does as they've never lived to tell the tale."

I snapped back and looked at where I was. I was in front of a church where my sister and Grandmother worked, he hadn't seen his Grandmother in a LONG time so he was looking towards meeting them. He entered and everyone in there was on high alert.

I just stared "what?" "I'm just visiting my sister, I was on a trip you know!" I shouted that's when rebbeca came into view but it wasn't with a smile, slowly the door behind me closed, every entry point I deduced blocked. "I never knew" rebbeca started " I never knew you were part devil" "I'm sorry but, I'm going to have to kill you for the sake of ou-my mother. Your not my brother and you never were."

I could this of happened......unless she was an excorsist, which means this must've  been they're base or church. They must've sensed the devil like presence. But I couldn't muse any longer as I was forced to dodge my sister blade. "If I can't persuade you then this is a the death" I said darkly as I activated my curse mark, no matter what I wasn't going to use my other powers on my sister so I'd will stick my curse mark for now. The tattoo like markings spread over half my face. My sister entered her stance with her Holy sword, while I took out my staff and slammed it down. I wasn't going to die anytime soon she launched herself at me with a downwards slash, which I saw, blocking it with my staff before aiming and connecting a devestating roundhouse kick to her abdominals , making her cough up blood before splitting my staff into two ninjato's with a bluish tint to them, he called them the 'Blades of Chaos', said to have been created by Hades himself. Without a word my sister came again with a jab, to which I sidestepped and clashed swords again, my senses went off and I jumped high, I almost forgot about the other excorsists he'd have to take it up a notch I said, I Breathed in, and exhaled a brilliant hue of blue flames, my sister managed to avoid it but her team mates weren't so lucky, they were decimated In a single sweep. "Now it's fair isn't it sis?" I spoke but she remained silent and settled again  I simply said " you are inferior to me sis, if you want me to go all out to the death fine but I have one word" "what?" She asked I smiled Darkly making her cringe

"Boom" her eyes widened. It was over the whole church exploded with everything.........and everyone in it. In a flash of high speed I was out, crouched on the highest branch on the tree, shielded by its leaves, I observed,I waited for any survivors,seeing non I jumped down onto the pavement and walked off. Being half-devil half-Angel had its perks but, I felt like it wasn't worth losing my sister. She was only following protocol. Hmm. I stopped and looked up. Maybe. Maybe I should join the Her Organization.....for my sister. With that I vanished with the sole purpose of finding information on the Organization of exorcists.

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