The Perfect Utopia


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Plastered over the walls was a collage of my brother Chip’s mysterious sketches, which every Utopian child under the age of twelve was compelled to draw at the break of dawn each morning.  Now a seizure and two months later his waking moments are coming in shorter and shorter spurts.

Dawn first streak of light failed to incite any response from him instantly bringing me to tears, which in turn forced an unexpected sob from my throat. 

Enraged I snatched one of the numerous sketches from the wall, knowing this mysterious epidemic also produced insomnia among the adults crippling them to virtually uselessness.

If I couldn't find the answers then no one would.

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Our merry band of childhood misfits--Mike the son of a military general, Rebecca the daughter of an renowned archaeologist and me the son of reputable physicists—now stood within the confines of the first image; an ancient temple.

As I knelt deciphering the second image, a combination drawn in Chip’s picture I noticed how tightly Rebecca held onto Mike’s well-endowed physique. 

Noticing my lingering stare they attempted to separate but I merely gave a half-hearted smile, averted my eyes, and turned the last combination to the great dial located in the center of the floor.

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Chemical Kiss

Loud gears reverberated throughout the chamber with the final click releasing an angry hiss.

When the air cleared, there before my eyes were the third image—a beauty drawn on every piece of paper throughout Utopia.  Though I must say the children’s drawings didn’t do her beauty justice.

“Viable compound solution detected,” a computerized voice announced scaring the bejeebies out of me.

After tinkering with the capsule I inserted the C9H13NO3 compound allowing it to saturate the form of the teenage girl.

Upon acceptance the capsule basically ejected the stumbling girl into my waiting arms, which she accepted wholeheartedly with a bewildered expression despite the keenness in her deep piercing green eyes.

“Planetary psychotropic synchronization anomaly detected.  Synchronize?” the automated voice asked.

Never taking her gaze from me she smiled while nodding her head.

“Synchronization commence!”

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Final Proclamation

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