How to write christian college essay examples


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How to write christian college essay examples

What did Christianity bring to the world? ” It would seem that with our thousand-year-old Christian history, the answer is obvious .... But Christianity is only one of the 3 religions of the world. Let's talk about small christian college essay examples before you contact paper pay service for ordering your essay.


Сhristian experience statement

In the enduring pagan world of yesterday, Christianity experienced the immense influence of the pagan atmosphere. For centuries, the slow process was strong, a strong semi-pagan life was inculcated in the Christian Church, the ritual was the dead registrar of the long-forgotten impulses. But, of course, the point here is not in the lean food and not in the binding nature of the formally perceived Sacraments. The matter is deeper and in much more subtle temptations that pierced through the Christian consciousness, crashed into the very center of Christianity, laid out its human core.

I want to give the most striking example. I will talk about monasticism. It is not at all important for me to mention the facts of complete pagan perversion, which could be observed in monasticism, and that its true meaning was replaced by the most unrepentant and open ministry to the world.


Faith in god essay

First of all, the true values ​​that should be followed by each person. Everyone remembers and knows those 10 commandments that were given to us by the Heavenly Father, the Creator of the world: to honor our parents, not to change, not to kill, not to steal, not to lie and envy, not to worship idols and devote part of time to God. Jesus Christ deepened these commandments and taught us unconditional love for all, modesty, mercy, inner cordial purity, morality, peacemaking, good deeds, sincerity, spiritual, not material wealth, hope in God. He showed that there is life after death and for any act - bad or good - a person will be responsible after death. The basic ethical standards that Christianity gives us are patience and forgiveness.

A person is absolutely free in his choice - to believe or not to believe, to do evil or to do good. Created in the image and likeness of God, he is an absolutely free, creative person.

Christianity is the only religion where the principle works: “Extinguish evil in yourself, reward evil for good”; "... who will strike you on your right cheek, turn to him and the other ..". Evil can only be defeated by good.

Christian love is love without foundation, reason, self-interest, capable of covering up any shortcomings, misdeeds, crimes. One of the three main virtues of Christianity, along with faith and hope, the main one being: “love is patient, merciful, love is not jealous, love is not exalted, not proud, not outrageous, not looking for its own, not irritated, does not think evil, does not rejoice it is not true, but rejoices in the truth; covers everything, believes everything, hopes everything, transfers everything. Love never fails, although the prophecies will cease, and the tongues will be silent, and knowledge will be abolished ... And now these three abide: faith, hope, love; but the love of them is greater ... ”- says the apostle Paul in his letter to the Corinthians.

These statements should be the basis for your faith in god essay.


Essays on faith in god

God created, that world, which the Lord so loved, that He gave His only begotten Son for the sins of this world for the pain of death. And maybe this active monasticism, turned to the world, follows this path, because it loves this World of God, the image of God’s man, he sees his sight in sin and the gn of historical reality.

The ghostly world is exposed. The image of God languishing in mortal weakness evokes a fiery love, a willingness to narrow and to sacrifice. The monk surrenders himself without reserve to this sacrifice, renounces himself, from acquiring his own, from his own piece, from well-being, from the dispensation of his own soul, from the image of worldly life. And this is the deep meaning of the monastic vow of non-possession. One should not think that entering this path a person refuses only some kind of dream of material wealth, avarice from self-love is of course. But this is not enough, moreover, he becomes a litter for the world, he renounces gaining, tightening his spiritual world into a single whole. He does not want to acquire his "I", and the higher he is, the more he turns out to be a servant and in the service. His spirit, his holy of holies, his prayer, all he until the end wants to be only an instrument in God's hand and a brick in God's construction.

Idols fall, burn, idols of carnal lust, gluttony, avarice, the cult of their family, their art, creativity, hopes for their path and well-being, the beauty of lifestyle - everything is exposed. And the man himself is like grass, his days are like color ... There is nothing but LOVE and the prayer “To Her, come, Jesus.”

Usually in their essays on faith in god, students of texas christian university mission statement also use statements like these. For general information, you can also view the university of washington essay examples here and understand how you need to work with your essay further.

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