The Goddess


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This is a BTS FF.

If you don't like BTS please don't read this.

 If you don't like violence please don't read this.


Bts’ Father:  Appa 

RM:  Namjoon (???1)

V:  Taehyung  (???2)

JM:  Jimin (???3)

JK: JungKook (???4)

JH: J-Hope (???5

Jin (???6)

Suga: Yoongi (??? 7)

Y/N: your name ( you)(???)

Chen ( god of destruction )

Sakura ( goddess of all but best at black magic, 2nd highest )

Arura (goddess of all but best at white magic, 1st highest)

Corrupted  ( goddess of all but best at corruption magic, 4th highest )

Taylor  ( God of all but best at healing, 5th highest )

P.O.V: Point.Of.View

BTS: all of them (duh)


You are 3rd ranked Goddess, you are violent and have anger issues, you are really powerful. You are a Goddess of all but are best at normal magic, you control elements which are ; 

Fire ( beats earth)

Earth ( beats water)

Water ( beats air)

Air ( beats fire)

Destruction ( beats creation)

Creation ( beats destruction )

Death ( beats life )

Life  ( beats death)

Dark ( beats light )

Light ( beats dark )

Animals ( beats illusion)

Illusion ( beats poison )

Poison (beats animals)

You can shape-shift. You can hide your tails and wings that you were born with, you have 2 pairs of black angel wings and 11 tails the middle one being the most important. You have 2 weakness; If your middle tail is cut you can die if not healed by Taylor in 5 hours, You can't heal yourself unless it is a minor injury. 

You are years old but take the appearance of a teenager due to your shape-shifting. You are attending a Korean high school called

 한국 학교 이름 

hangug haggyo ileum 

And it so happens BTS  go there 

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 This is my first bts ff

So i hope you enjoy also could you do a favour by subscribing to my youtube Channel


Thank you and enjoy

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Chapter I

You walk down the road to your new school 한국 학교 이름 There are many students in front of the school. You silently make your way inside the school try not to get noticed by any of the students but somehow they see you anyway and whisper and gossip about you. As quickly as you could you walk into the school and find your way to the headmaster's office 

You knock on the door 

Headmaster " come in "

You walk into his office 

Headmaster "you must be Y/N our new student "

You"yes I am sir "

And you gave a respectful bow he hands you your schedule and tells you where your locker is.

You walk to your locker and just before you have the chance to open it you had been turned around and shoved into the row of lockers with 2 arms blocking your way out.  You became quite angry at the sudden gesture 

??? 7" so you're the new student "

You "yeah... Now...LEAVE-ME-ALONE" You say in an angry tone. You push the boy away from you, put some things in your locker, give the boy who is standing there a harsh glare, then walk off to your class, maths, 

  ««««•~*~•  ??? 7 P.O.V  •~*~•»»»»

Me and the boys decided that the new girl needs a proper introduction since she wanted to go in unnoticed. So like normal humans we followed her into school. She disappeared behind a corner.

JM" she's got to the headmaster's office"

You "great! we will have for her at her locker"

You and the boys walk to the only available locker that the new student could have.

You wait at that locker for 5 minutes before the new student arrive at it. You started the introduction by shoving her into a locker 

You"so you're the new student"

She looked a bit frightened at the fact she was trapped but that soon turned into anger


She pushed me off her. NO-ONE had ever been strong enough to push me away. I just stood there dumbfounded until she gave me a harsh glare which took me back to reality 

BTS"DAMMMNNNN she has an attitude"

You" she shouldn't have done that"

JungKook looked at his watch 

JK "shit, we’re late "

You and the boys run to class

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Chapter III

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Chapter VII

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