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Authors note

Hey all. Thank you so much for visiting!

This story is definitely a work in progress. I started this story when I was just 13 (yikes) and I abandoned it for years. My poor story:(

I have basically changed everything except the first chapter.

I am currently editing/revising a chapter every three days (if I am able)! I really appreciateitwhen I get editorial feedback; or any kind of feedback! I do write on my phone so it's really hard to catch all the mistakes.

Happy reading!

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Chapter 1: Say What?

    I walked out my front door cursing my brother to see a familiar sight. A man with bright blue eyes, black hair and a crooked smile sat at the foot of a large oak tree, his shiny black BMW convertible sitting proudly in front of him. Liam stood up and walked slowly to his car and slid into the driver’s side. I headed in his direction on a mission.

    "Well, look at you Collins. Late? That's no way for a honors student to act. Tisk tisk." Liam scolded while I kept a firm grip on the top of his passenger door.

    "Noah left me to go to lacrosse practice; give me a ride." I demanded as he slowly started to move his car forward, he owed me this much.

    "Wow, the Collins is asking me for a ride? Next time ask nicely." He said then looked forward and quickly accelerated. With great effort, I pushed down on the locked door and threw my body over it, landing with a thud into the passenger seat. "Way to get what you want anyways. Your sweet boyfriend couldn't give you a ride?" He chuckled and scanned my current appearance. My usual white blouse had two buttons undone at the top, my plaid blue skirt was riding up, and I wore large glasses on the bridge of my nose.

    "Don't look at me that way, I love Thomas, I just like to keep my distance at times." I said to defend myself. His appearance was not surprising, his shirt was wrinkled and his tie was untied, this was typical for him lately.

    "Yes, I know, you would love that douche if he cheated right in front of you." He said back sharply. I sighed and kicked my feet up on the dashboard, removing my large square glasses just as we pulled into the school parking lot.

    "I like you with your glasses better, I wish you would wear them more." He said and I shrugged but ignored his sort of complement.

    "I wish you would learn to tie your own tie, you're nearly an adult." he looked at me with a raised brow. "Don't look at me that way, I've known you since we were kids, there isn't much I don't know about you." We both slid out of the car and I threw my high tops into his floorboard and pulled on my high heels. I put my skirt back in its rightful place, buttoned my shirt, then walked over to him at his side of the car. I pushed his collar down, buttoned his shirt to the top, then grabbed a hold of his tie and whispered into his ear. "My mother said your father invited us to dinner tonight. No funny business from you, I have a reputation to uphold." I said while finishing tying his black tie. I walked toward the large school building while he remained at his car, leaning proudly on his hood.

    My dark-haired ponytail waved and a few stray strands fell into my eyes as I walked into the office.

    "Miss Gray, cutting it close this morning, are we? Be sure to be on time tomorrow." Mrs. Cunning, the office lady said as I signed in.

    "Yes ma'am." I replied then walked swiftly into my first period English and into my seat behind Millie. She turned around and looked at me like she wanted to murder me.

    "Where were you? I was staring to worry, Thomas is going to kill you!" She whispered and I shrugged in response. I've known Thomas for years, I had nothing to fear from him. She shook her head in disbelief then turned to face boring Mrs. Tucker. The forty-five-minute lecture seemed to stretch out for hours but thankfully it ended soon enough with the sound of the bell. I picked up my school bag and threw it on my back, Millie joining my journey out the door. We both trailed our eyes to my locker and the man waiting for me at it. "Good luck." She said and I headed for my locker.

    "I heard Donavan gave you a ride this morning, what was that all about?" Thomas looked at me from above while I got my needed materials from my locker. Apparently, word spreads fast.

    "I was late and Noah had practice, he left me home so, I got a ride." I said and closed my locker.

    "I could have given you a ride." He replied. I could tell he was trying to keep his cool.

    "I know, but I would have made us both late. Don't worry about Liam, he knows I'm yours." I said then stood on my tippy toes to peck his lips. He shook his head and his blonde hair caught the light while his blue eyes stayed with mine. I started to walk away but he grabbed my arm.

    "Can't you stay, we still have a minute." He said and I chuckled.

    "I work in the office this period, it's not a free period babe." I said and this time he let me go. I walked into the office and sat in Mrs. Cunnings usual seat, making myself comfortable so I could organize her messy desk. I slipped on my glasses and started organizing when I heard the office door open. I quickly pulled off my glasses and looked up, it was Liam; I put my glasses back on. He signed the check-in sheet and smirked at me.

    "What?" I said.

    "When I walked in you put back on your glasses." He said and I cursed myself, I would not let him receive any satisfaction from me.

    "Don't flatter yourself Liam, I put them on way before you came in. I'm busy and your late." I said.

    "I love your hate for me, itgives me drive." He replied and I held back a chuckle. "So, are you going to write me a pass?" He asked.

    "Why are you late?" I asked and looked up at him.

    "I had to take James to school, my dad was busy. He didn’t tell me before I left, I had to go all the way back home to get him." He replied and I pulled out a pen.

    "Fine, I'll help you out this time, but don't expect this from me every time you walk in late." I handed him a pass with a fake excuse and he nodded his thanks and left.

    The rest of my Friday school day was long and boring. Thanks to the Liam incident, Thomas wouldn't let me out of his sight all day and clung to me like a well-paid hooker. My only relief was my last class of the day, art. Art has always been my favorite, no one to tell me what to do or how to do it, it's a class I've always been able to lose myself in. As per usual, I lost track of time.

    "Collins?" I turned to see the voice came from my older brother, he was a part of the senior class this year while I was a junior, but still we looked quite alike. We both had gray blue eyes, dark brown hair, and fair skin for the time being.

    "I'll be just a sec, just let me clean up." I said to his waiting figure. He leaned his weight against the doorframe and nodded to the teacher before bringing his focus back to me.

    "Why didn't Thomas take you home?" He asked and I walked to the sink and cleaned my paint brushes.

    "I didn't ask him to, and I lost track of time" I replied and placed my canvas on the drying rack.

    "You are the worst girlfriend ever aren't you?" He asked and shook his head at me. If only he knew how good I was to his best friend.

    "I am not, I am simply as independent as I can possibly be. Also, he wouldn't even let me breathe on my own today. Time away from him won't kill me." I walked to the door and hung up my paint covered smock.

    "Are you two okay? I know he is a little out of it sometimes but he is my friend and I don't want you to lead him on if you are feeling distant." He said and I swallowed my snide remark. Thomas is so lucky I'm forgiving. I walked out the art room door and he stared at me with his heavy athletic bag weighing down his right shoulder. I walked back to him and took his heavy bag from him,

    "Can we go now? I need to get ready for tonight." I asked and he chuckled finally following me out if the school.

    "When are you going to tell Dad it wasn't you who wrecked your car?" He asked while driving toward home.

    "I'm not going to, I don't think it would make a difference." I said and put my aching feet on the dash.

    "Bullshit Collins, why are you protecting him? You would already have a brand-new car by now." He replied and I stayed calm and collected.

    "Did you just call Millie a him?" I said then laughed.

    "No, I called Liam a him because he is one. Don't even lie again, he was the one who told me he wrecked it." He said and I frowned, of course he found out.

    "It's not a big deal." I said meekly.

    "Yes, it is. Are you going to tell me why your protecting him?" He asked and turned to look at me only for a moment.

    "Does he seem okay to you?" My brother nodded and I frowned. "That's why you don't understand, I don't think he's okay, he doesn't sleep. Haven't you noticed the dark circles under his eyes? He is always late now too, ever since his mom left he has been a mess. It also doesn't help that his dad is hard on him." I answered honestly.

    "What do you mean his dad is hard on him?" He asked.

    "His dad, his dad thinks he" I struggled but got the words out.

    "What? His dad thinks he's gay? That's the funniest thing I've ever heard!" He was laughing so hard tears were building in his eyes, but my face stayed hard as stone. "Does Liam know you know this piece of information?" He asked while wiping his eyes.

    "No, I was watching James while his dad was out and he came home while on the phone and was talking to somebody about how he was concerned about his son’s motivation to succeed and thought he might be gay." I said with my eyes closed.

    "That is hilarious! Liam is definitely not gay, not that there's anything wrong with being gay in the first place. He's just as much of a lady’s man as I am!" He said and continued to chuckle.

    "It's not funny Noah." I said sternly.

    "Oh yes, it is." He replied and I shook my head.

    "You can’t say anything about this at dinner tonight. Please, for me, try to contain yourself."

    "I won't make you any promises." He replied. And we both hopped out of his truck and into our house where my room welcomed me.

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Chapter 2: Messy Evening

    I walked into my large lilac room, slipped off my school uniform, pulled out my ponytail, and hopped under the cold spray of my shower. Chills broke out over my skin but the chill of the water made it easier to shower briefly, it was already five and I only had an hour to get ready. I blow dried my long hair straight and put on a little make up to fix the rest. There was a knock at my door as I dropped my towel.

    "Collins you have fifteen minutes, then we are heading out the door!" My dad hollered through the wooden door and I slipped on a short white strapless dress that accentuated what little curves I had. I shoved my feet into a pair of tan pumps then exited my bedroom door. I walked down a flight of stairs and to the front door where my dad and brother were waiting. "You look lovely Collins, your time was worth it." My dad said then shoved me hurriedly out the door.

    "Where's Mom?" my dad sighed and walked toward the car.

    "She was called in. Some sort of work emergency like usual." My mom was gone a lot, she works as a surgeon at a hospital near by. It was the cost of living the life of luxury.

    "Dad is it really necessary to take the car, their house is only 15 yards away." He shook his head at me and huffed. I pulled my heels off and crossed our lawn over to the Donavan's large front door. My dad and brother still hopped into the car a drove the minuscule distance. Just as I was pulling back on my shoes Mr. Donavan opened the door.

    "Hello Mr. Donavan, the boys will be here soon, my dad wanted to drive the short distance." He frowned at me but I smiled despite it.

    "Your just like your mother I'm afraid, she wasn't very lady like either." My smile became more forced and I was about to say something horrid but a certian six-year-old made his presence known.

    "Collins! I'm soooo glad your here! Dinner will be great!" A small boy jumped up and I scooped him into my arms and carried him inside right behind his mean father. He wiggled in my arms when we reached their large white living room so I placed him back down. I watched him for Mr. Donovan more often than one should. "Wait here, I'm gonna show you something!" James ran up the stairs with his little legs as fast as he could. I waited with a large smile on my face.

    "Why are you making me come downs-" That's when Liam came into view holding an eager James.

    "Surprise! Do you like the tie I got Bubba! It's great isn't it?" James asked as soon as his feet hit the floor and I smiled. His tie was dark blue with stars and the best part was it lit up.

    "James, I absolutely love the tie you got him." He giggled then hugged my legs before left us alone.

    "Do you really like the tie or were you lying to make him happy?" Liam asked and I laughed.

    "No, I really, really like your tie. It makes you seem less grumpy and mean!" I replied and he chuckled and pulled me into an awkward sorta-hug. A throat was cleared nearby and I pulled away.

    "Poor Thomas, what's he going to say when he finds out you've got eyes for Liam." Noah said jokingly. I stiffened and Liam's hands clinched.

    "She didn't tell you what happened did she?" Liam glared at me but spoke to my brother

    "What didn't she tell me?" Noah replied.

    "Liam, don't." I said. I gripped Liam's bicep and willed him to keep his mouth shut.

    "Don't what Collins? You can't keep covering for that asshole" Liam spoke of him as if he was disgusted.

    "Don't do this tonight. If I could forgive him then so can you." I pleaded with him with all my might.

    "Fine..." Liam pushed passed me with his shoulder and entered the dining room without another word.

    "What was that about?" Noah asked looking confused.

    "Nothing Noah. Just Liam being Liam." Noah easily forgot his concern and pulled me to his side by hooking his arm around my neck.

    "Let's go get some grub Collins" Noah dragged me to the dining room where everyone else had already migrated to.

    "Nice of you two to finally join us." Mr. Donovan scowled and began eating the second we sat down. He wasn't always this mean, before his wife left he was actually quite nice to me. When she departed she took his heart with her.

    James managed to keep the night alive by throwing little bits of food at Noah and Liam when the others weren't looking. The table was mostly void of conversation between us younger kids but my dad and Liam's were deep into a conversation that didn't appeal to anyone else. James threw a sauce covered noodle at Noah's face and I stifled a laugh. Everyone looked at me suddenly, without realizing it I had been asked a question and now looked like a moron.

    "What did you say?" I asked sheepishly. It's not my fault James' antics are distracting.

    "I said, You and Thomas make a good pair. He's a great man don't you think? Next time pay attention, you should know better."

    "Yes, um, He's pretty great." I tried to gather the right words but they seemed to fall flat. Liam suddenly stood up and left the room toppling over his chair on the way. Mr. Donovan sighed and stood up too.

    "Thank you all for coming to dinner tonight, I'm afraid we will have to cut thing short. I'm sorry I won't be able to show you to the door; I have a small pest to handle" My dad and Noah chuckled and I flinched. A pest? Of all the words to call your son why "pest"? This time Noah joined me for the walk back to our house. He claimed he was too full to sit a minute longer. I looked back to their house secretly worrying about Liam.

    "Do you think Liam will be okay?" I slowed down my walking but Noah continued.

    "Why wouldn't he be Collins? He's a big kid. He can handle himself." I entered our house shortly after him and carried myself straight up to my room. I'll need to tell Liam tomorrow how much I appreciate him keeping his mouth shut. That was the last thing on my mind when I drifted off into a less than peaceful dream.

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Chapter 3: A Sleepless Night

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Chapter 4: Breaking News

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Chapter 5: Keep Dreaming

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Chapter 6: Not That Simple

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Chapter 7: Misunderstanding

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Chapter 8: Weakness

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Chapter 9: Pregame

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Chapter 10: Game Night

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Chapter 11: Stranger Danger

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Chapter 12: Straight Talk

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Chapter 13: Sleepover

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Chapter 14: Beans

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