Mask of Lies


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Flashback....'I remember that day, six years ago, it's always vivid in my mind just as if it happened yesterday. I could never forget that day, even if I tried and sometimes I didn't want to forget that day either. It was sunny out and the world around us was going on as usual. But for me and my four-year-old brother Leo, and my twelve-year-old sister Thalia), it was a day of chaos. Our house was being invaded by three masked robbers and our parents weren't home. I hid my two younger siblings in the attic, while I tried to fend off the invaders. 

Before they, the robbers, ever came to our run-down house, I felt that something was going to happen. You see I have this Magical Gift called 'Sight', which meant that I could see into the future and in the past. So I saw the robbers coming one hour before they actually arrived. But once they came I tried so hard to fend them off, but it was impossible. There were three big, tall strong men that had invaded our house, each wearing black ski masks, and each one was holding some sort of gun. While the two other people were rummaging around the house looking for valuables, I was left to face off with their leader who was carrying a handgun. All I had was a kitchen butcher knife but I knew where the gun was, that my mother kept secret from us kids. It was just a matter of getting to it and the leader of the robbers, was in my way. I saw in the future that I'd end up losing but I wanted so hard to try and change my future. I asked the leader what he wanted and he said "You! You're the one with the Magical Gift called Sight, right? We came to take you away from this so-called life of yours and into a new and better life. You shall work for us now, you won't need to worry about daily things anymore because you'll be living in a cell." He let out this loud deep laugh and called for his fellow comrades to come over to us. 

I was dumbfounded, how could they know that about me, I have kept that secret to myself and have never told anyone about my gift. I didn't have time to reply before the other two men found all that they could, (which wasn't much because we were poor), and they surrounded me and the leader said "Give up now and come with us and we won't burn down your house! But if you won't come with us you shall die here and now! Now choose your path!" 

I stood there shaking in anger but I knew it was pointless in fighting back. I sighed out in frustration, thinking ahead about how if I went with them, then Thalia would live another day to fulfill her destiny. I knew I had no other option but to go with them, and besides I was out numbered. So I dropped the knife and it clattered to the floor. Then I said "Fine, I'll go with you. Just promise you'll leave this house alone!" 

He said "Okay, now close your eyes, I'm going to blindfold you and you'll feel something around your wrists and legs, just don't struggle. I'm tying you up so you won't escape. Say goodbye to you old life and hello to your new one." That was the last time I saw my family for six long years.'      


Five years later in the state of Nebraska, June 24, 3019....I've been watching them for one long wretched half a year. I couldn't get close to them for they thought I was missing or dead because of what happened five years earlier. I heard talk about them from the town's locals but I couldn't trust what I heard. Some said they were poor, others said their parents were dead and she had to take care of him all by herself. But only this one other person and I knew the truth about them. This other person is a great friend of mine and he is just a year old than me and I am eighteen years old. 

I knew that she had to fend off bullies at school every single day and her nine year old brother was always getting into trouble. She was seventeen years old and she had the role of her brother's sister but she played more like the role of his mother because their mother was dead. I heard rumors about how their mother died but I didn't know the real truth about how she really died. But I did know that in a year's time, I'd be meeting them in person. 

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A year later....The grass sways silently in the night time wind, the wind breezes through the corn stalks in the field behind the house at the end of the street making them look like they are dancing shadow figures. The moon is a golden color and there are millions of stars twinkling in the sky, it was a good night but it was also going to be life changing night. I am walking down the street when I see these two figures dart across the crosswalk and into the next street. I look behind me making sure no one else was following them or me before I cross the street myself. When I got closer to the figures I realized that the two figures were Thalia, who is eighteen years old, and her younger brother Leo, who is ten years old. I have seen them around town, always together, but always without their father. I am the only one person, who really knew them, but the sad thing is they don't know me. I meant to keep it that way just to keep her safe but I knew that this night was the last night she'll ever know as normality. I watched as the two headed back towards their house, which was at the end of a dead end street and at the edge of town. I could hear her saying to Leo that they should hope that their father wasn't home yet, but I knew their chances were slim. I knew that their father was a very bad alcoholic and he went to the bar every night at seven and came home drunk late but I knew it was past time for them to be home and they were going to be in a hell of a trouble. But she was trying to get her brother and herself safely home anyways because there were police officers who would put all of us in jail if we were found wandering the streets at this time of night and it was well past midnight. When they reached their house and were standing in front of the house, I heard her say to Leo "Leo I want you to go straight to your room and lock the door, I'll deal with father. Now hurry!" 

He said with his voice quivering with fear "What about you, Thalia? I don't want you to get hurt!" 

"It's going to be okay." She said trying to reassure him, but I could hear the fear raising in her voice. 

That's when we heard the single gunshot, I quickly pull out my gun (that was hidden beneath my shirt) and that I always kept with me. Then I ran up to the house passing them while saying "Stay right here, don't move a muscle! I'm going to check things out!" 

"Hey, who are you!?" She cried out, but I was already creeping into the house. I looked back at them once more to make sure they haven’t moved, then I turned to focus on the task at hand. I crept towards where I thought I heard the gunshot until I heard this stranger's voice talking to their father in the kitchen of their house. 

I cautiously walked closer to hear what they were saying and what I heard changed my life. The stranger was asking their father "Where is she? Tell me where you have hidden her!" This stranger sounded like no human being that I've heard of before. It was making a bunch of hissing and clicking noises. In fact the stranger almost sounded like a ring-wraith from hell. 

I heard her father say "I thought that if I did what you told me to do, you wouldn't hurt her. She hasn't even shown the signs of the Magic Gifts yet, she has no idea what she is, or who she'll become. She's nothing like her brother, who was kidnapped six years ago, who had the Sight. I've been told her destiny many years ago, and she is destined to save the world. She has no clue of her real heritage...." That is when I took my leave of absence, I couldn't take the risk of being seen or heard. 

I quickly ran back outside, grabbed Thalia's hand then I started to pull her after me. When I touched her hand, I suddenly had these wave of images flash through my mind and I could see what her father had done to her and her brother. I saw her fighting this creature that I had fought before and this creature was very deadly. Then I see her almost dying from a poison that someone slips into her drink while she's at a unknown place, (which I couldn't see where she was at.) Then I see my face above hers while she was slowly dying and I was saying something to her but I couldn't make out what I was saying.  

When she quickly pulls her hand away from mine, the images disappear. She yells out "Who are you?" She pulls Leo back behind her in a protective stance. Leo is wearing a brown coat and blue jeans. His blue eyes were full of fear and his brown hair is hidden underneath a brown hat. Leo was quivering and shaking in fear and he was clutching onto his sister’s blue jean pant legs, while Thalia was shaking in nervousness. Her long blond hair was slightly swaying in the wind and her hands couldn't stop shaking, whether from the cold or from fearfulness or both. We stared at each other for a long time before she broke her stare first. Her green eyes were darting around trying not to look at me in the face. She looked like she expected me to hurt her, but I wasn't, I was here to save them. My white hair kept swaying into my eyes, making it hard for me see.

I said "My name is Jay and I'm your guy's brother and you, Thalia, you are in grave danger. I must get you to a safer place where we can talk...." 

She shook her head in disbelief and said "Our brother went missing six years ago. He was kidnapped when he was thirteen years old and he's been missing ever since and he’s been presumed dead after all these years. Our mother was driven mad with grief and killed herself." 

I tried to explain to them "Thalia, I'm telling the truth. How about this....You have a scar on your right hand from when you were eleven years old. You accidentally cut yourself with a knife and you've had a scar on your hand ever since then, and your left eye twitches when you get angry or scared, like it's doing now." I could tell she didn't believe me so I tried a different approach. "What about this....What about that diamond, half heart-shaped necklace, and the wing shaped earrings that I gave you on your tenth birthday? The necklace has the words 'believe' engraved on it, here's the other half, look!" I showed her my necklace that had the other half heart and the rest of the words 'in hope' engraved on it. 

She shook her head in disbelief and said. "This can't be. Jay lost his half that year when our house caught on fire." 

"That's not true, I kept it hidden in a safe place so it wouldn't get lost. Leo, hasn't your sister been like your mother ever since your father started drinking and getting drunk, and ever since your mother passed away? Thalia has been the only one to look after you and take care of you and made sure that your father didn't touch you. Yes, we share the same father but not the same mother. Thalia listen to me....I'm truly sorry for all that's happened but I let those robbers take me just to save you. There are these very bad people who are looking for you because you have this destiny to saving the world. You haven't learned your true powers yet which makes you in very grave danger, so you must come with me. Please, Thalia just trust me!" I held my hand out to her and waited for her to make her decision. 

I knew it was a lot to take in, but she would have to say goodbye to her old life and step into a world that seemed really different and strange. I knew she was the sort of person who loved a change in life but was afraid to take that step to face the challenges to make that change. She was the person who just needed the push out the door to make the steps to face those challenges. She took a while to make up her mind, she kept looking back at her house and then back at me, then back to the house, then to me, and back and forth and so on for a couple minutes. 

After a couple minutes of standing there, the wind had picked up and it started blowing like crazy. She pulled Leo closer to her and she asked "We'll go with you, but you'll protect us right?" 

"Yeah, I'll protect you with my life. I'm a skilled hunter and protector. I never let the person or people I protect, die. Now come on we should get moving to a safe house that's far aways from here in Canada. Don't worry I got a lot of money to buy you guys clothes and whatever else you might need. Now let's head out."

An hour later we were flying in a plane, (that I borrowed), and we were heading to a safe house. I won't tell you how I got my guns onto the plane but let's just say it took a lot of persuasion and some handling of big bucks, even though the plane we were riding in was my own private plane. I didn't tell them where we were heading, all they knew was that we were going somewhere north into Canada. After a couple of hours passed by before the plane landed in the Canadian airport. I gathered my stuff and led them to my Ford blue truck in the parking lot. I got them settled in and then we drove off into the Canadian wilderness. When we arrived at the gate to get into the safe house, I sighed with relief but I knew this was just the beginning. I drive down a beaten dirt road and after a few minutes I parked the truck at the end of the dirt road. I said to them "Okay then, now we have to walk from here." Her face told me that she couldn't believe that I was serious. I said "It's the only way to get there, and for safety issues too. You know if we were to get attacked, we have to have a seclusive place to live. Now we can stand here all night debating until it rains or we can start walking."

She said "Fine. How long will it take to get there?" 

"About a couple miles, which should take about half an hour or so. Now come along." After a half hour walk, we arrived at the safe house. To give you a little detail on what the house looks like.....'It is a three-story wooden house and you could say it is in the middle of nowhere because it was surrounded by trees and has a huge lake behind it, which was naturally made. Alex and I came here two years ago after escaping our captors. Alex told me it was his parent's house, but they were killed during the attack on his family and he was the only survivor. The best thing about this location is that it's so seclusive and miles away from any other houses or towns.' 

I could hear owls hooting and somewhere beyond the trees, I could also hear some coyotes howling, but otherwise, it was semi-quiet. The sky was covered with a thin layer of clouds and the moon was peeking out from the clouds as they slowly moved across the sky. Thalia gasped at the sight of the house and it's surrounding area, she pulled Leo closer to her and asked me "Is this where we'll be staying?"

"Yeah, it is for now. People might come for you so you need to be prepared to fight back. Come on inside the house, I want you to meet someone and I bet you're tired and hungry so I shall give you food and a nice bed to sleep in. You'll like my friend, he's like an older brother to me, even though we known each other for two and a half years. He's twenty years old and he's the one who helped me escape the people who kidnapped me, but that's another story for a different time. His name is Alex." I led them into the house and calling out Alex's name. 

Once inside the house another, deeper voice hollered back at me asking "Jay, is that you? I'm back here in library." 

"Alex, I brought some people for you to meet." I led them back to the library where I saw Alex leaning over a desk. His long brown hair was hanging over his face and his tan hands were holding some papers. It looked like he was engrossed in those papers, so I yelled out "HEY ALEX WHAT'VE YOU GOT THERE?"

He jumped up in surprise making some of the papers go scattering onto the floor. He looked up at me than laughed and said, while holding his left hand over his chest, "Jesus Jay, what did you have to do a thing like that for?" I just laughed, he looked over my shoulder and saw Thalia and Leo and asked "Is this them?" 

"Yeah. Thalia, Leo this is Alex. Alex, Thalia and Leo." I said to Alex. Then to Thalia and Leo, "This is the guy I was just telling you about." 

"Alex what were you looking at?" 

"I have some papers about something major that's supposed to happen. I got these intelligence papers that were heading out to the enemy, but I intercepted them, as they were pass our front gates. So I've been looking at them trying to decode them, but haven't been able to figure out what they mean. I've been at it for the past couple hours and still don't have any idea of what they say. Anyhow, we can figure them out later, now I bet our guests are hungry and tired, so we shall feed them and show them to their rooms." His brown eyes were full of wonder as he looked back and forth from Thalia, Leo and me.

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