5 Reasons why Exams are Important in Education


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5 Reasons why Exams are Important in Education

Every education setup has some form of determining if their students are grasping what they are taught by examining them. It is a pity most students hate these tests and would not do them if they had their way. No matter what students think, exams are necessary for education for skill and knowledge assessment. Therefore, if you perceive exams as a disturbance, you need to read the following reasons that tell you the reasons why exams are important.


1)    It Determines the Recipients of Award


Due to a large number of students in colleges, it is always difficult to determine how to award them fairly. The examination helps determine which student to give what kind of reward. Students who perform well are given huge rewards, while those who perform poorly are encouraged to perform better next time. The students who do not undertake the exams are not rewarded and not allowed to proceed to the next level. Check EduBirdie for help if you want better performance.


2)    It Identifies Student Strength and Weakness


A tutor gives assignments in the form of an examination to the students to test their level in understanding on a certain unit. In the case of poor performance in that assignment, the tutor will then organize a remedial lesson to help the student improve in performance. When the tutor gets encouraging feedback from the students' assignments, they are rewarded with good grades, which motivate them to work even better. Through examinations, the tutor can differentiate sharp students from not so sharp ones and know how to handle each one of them during lessons to ensure they all perform well.


3)    It Provides College Credit


Students find it difficult to get out of college to seek for jobs without any proof of education. Examinations help students earn the credits they need to include in their resume and certificates to help them get jobs. If you are certificates and resume show good performance, you have better chances of getting a job and even qualifying for promotions within a short time.


4)    It Tests What Students Have Covered


The immediate significance of the examination is that it is used to test what the students have covered in class. It always comes at the end of every unit learned during that particular semester. When the tutor gets a positive response, then he can state that the objective met, since students have done exactly what was taught. However, when students delivered a negative response, the students are encouraged to repeat the unit to understand it better.


5)    Used To Test Students Merit


Exams determine if a student will proceed to the next level or not. There is always a pass grade set that if a student fails to meet, he/she will be forced to redo the level. Students find repeating a certain class very expensive as they will have to pay again and it is more of a waste of time. They are, therefore, encouraged to work harder so that they can proceed to the next level.




Students need exams for their survival in college as well as the job market. If they do not do and perform well in the exams, they will not proceed to the next class and will not graduate. It is, therefore, important to take the exams seriously to get better grades and proceed to the next level.

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