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Chapter 1

....What if? Have you ever wondered,what if? What if, this is not your life? Not like in the matrix,but something close enough,that we don't see the difference between fake and real. This is real. I am not dreaming, I can do this. This is what I choose. My life. My new life.

She was staring at random numbers on the computer. It was just an ordinary day spent at work. Nothing special. 'Yes,I understand. I can't help you. You need to write an official complaint to the bank and only then we can fully reply to you in a written letter'-Alice said to the customer on the phone,while looking through his bank account. Some people dream to work at the bank or be a financier or something, but not her. It wasn't her dream, it wasn't even close to the top 5 or 7 jobs she would have imagined herself to be in. It felt unimpressive and lacking in action. Not like chasing a bad guy action, although she wouldn't mind it, but action in terms of interesting things experienced or at least being less still all day. 

She dreamed of something big, different life , different job. She would mind changing all of it. Yes, she would miss her relatives and friends. But to be honest she never felt that deep connection to anyone, except her grandfather . But he passed a long time ago. Her parents moved to France with her little brother, they have been supportive of her ,but she still never had that feeling of belongingness.

Her past time she spent watching crime solving action packed tv series, read lots of books, and all the usual stuff for the 26 year old,such as using Instagram Facebook and going out with friends and making selfies. Unlike some of her friends she enjoyed quietness far more than them. She always could find what to do or could just disappear in her vivid imagination. That is why she loved reading, she could imagine these stories in her head,buildings , colours , faces.

She always dreamed of something else, something more and bigger than her current situation. And one night her life has changed.

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Chapter 2


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