The Heart That Never Broke


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 Name: Alice Heart

Age: 21

Job: Works in a small cafe 

Lives: Currently lives in London

Favourite colour: Aqua 

Likes: llamas

Dislikes: Her ex, Mike

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 Hi my name is- I mean DONT STALK ME IM NOT TELLING YOU MY REAL NAME! You can call me Pikachu, I'm technically 11 years old, I like pikachu, as you can tell. My fav colour is purple..? Meh. 

Anyway this story is called "The Heart That Never Broke"  and I'm going to be updating ever few days. This is a Danisnotonfire (Dan Howell) x Alice Heart (if you don't like the name just pretend it's the name you like I guess I only put it there cause it was the first name that popped into my head. Anyway....

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The day I met Him

 That was it, the final time he ever saw me again, well maybe ever again but for now. I left a note for him saying that I left and that I was going to find somewhere else to live and that I was sorry. I was walking when I bumped into someone and dropped all of my belongings. "Oh my god, I'm SO SORRY I didn't look where I was walking" Great "No it's fine really" and I started to pick up my belongings at the same time he leaned forward to pick the same item up when we bumped our heads together. Ouch. "Sorry" we both said at the same time he blushed 3 shades of pink. I picked it up in a hurry and put it in my bag. Then he face palmed "How rude of me, let me introduce myself. I'm Dan Howell I make YouTube videos for a living" And then we just sat there in a awkward silence for about 2 minute until he said "Soooooo....what's your name?" "Alice Heart" I simply said, and the moment after I say that I felt a bit rude. 

"Soooo... What are you doing out here at night?" Oh "I-I left my boyfriend" Ughhh great I told him now he's gonna kidnap me and abuse me like Mike did. But what he did suprised me " What did he do?" He said sounding a bit annoyed "He...physically abused me" I said started to tear up " How could someone as beautiful as her have a boyfriend that physically abuses her?" I heard him mutter.

"Huh?" I asked "Oh it's nothing don't worry!" He said quickly "Anyway this might sound a little bit awkward but do you want to come live with me and my flat mate,Phil?" 

"Wait. YOU live with PHIL?" If you don't know Phil, yes as in AmazingPhil is my cousin. "Yeah...." "He to,d me he had a flat mate but I didn't know it was you"

" I am! So yes or no?"

"Yes or no what?"

"Duh yes or no if you want to live with us of course"

"Well I have no where else to live so I guess"

"Okay follow me"

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