The iditorid mystery


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    Chapter 1 The Invite 

Roseanne was making a cake when she heard a strange knock on the door “ok I wonder who it is she thought maybe they need a special cake or a mystery to solve” when Roseanna opened the door she was greeted by a friendly voice it was her friend Ginger Mint. Hi Ginger  “hi how are you doing” she replied. “I’m good how are you doing with your mom, dad and your brother all of you together along with your dog”. Roseanne answered, “O we are going really well no more secrets between mom and dad”.

 “Well, I have a surprise for you” replied Ginger open the envelope to see. So Roseanne did as her friend said and she was so ecstatic “I can’t believe this I got invited to run in the Iditarod. “What” Ginger replied  “what is that” “It a race for mushers and their dog to run in the most dangerous whether it’s not easy that for sure” replied Roseanna and I need to tell you something that I’m in love with that boy who came to are school on a skateboard  ha Roy "yes o but back to the Iditarod will your mom let you run in it or not because you said it’s dangerous".

 I think my mom will but my dad won't he’ll say my daughter no it’s too dangerous you could get hurt and after your brother got hurt at a birthday party. But dad that was because he was on a trampoline and he got bounced really high. Yes, Roseanne, I get that but this is way more dangerous do you even know how hurt you could get. yes, dad but in  was told that go after whatever he was passionate about why can’t you be sported of me still no Roseanne dad answered tears ran down her face and Roseanne ran up to her room and slammed the door and cried on her bed. After that Roseanne's mom walked in the room why can’t you be supportive of her you were gone all her life except now and you told Ronald he could do anything he was passionate about why can’t you have that same support for her. OK, I guess I should talk to her.

  OK fine, you can race but just be careful thanks dad I'm really happy. You’ll need to train your dogs and yourself for it ok how do we start.

 “well first an ice cold bath” her dad said “what why an ice-cold bath dad I'm training for the idandroid not getting ready for bed” Rosanna answered. 

“but Rosanna you have to get yours to the tempers of Alaska so you are going to be taking an ice cold bath so you go and take that bath young lady” her dad said “ok but i would rather be learning how to stay on a sled” weeks turn into months and months turn into years and finally Rosanna vanilla was ready it was time for her to run in the Iditarod so she told Roy to come with them with his family to watch them everyone flow in a plane with her and her dogs the Huskies were not happy to be in the bottom of the plane.

 Ay yes in Alaska, at last, I can’t wait to start come on dad and rone let's get to the hotel so I can get some rest. Honey we need to get our suitcase’s first and the dogs before we can get to the hotel.


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chapter 2 Sealing in 

Well now that we have the team we can get going to the hotel here’s are car Rosanna and her family pooled into the car and drove to the hotel now Rosanna don’t let any of the competitor’s get you nerves yes mom i know and don’t get hurt this week yes dad I know I've been training for months now and I'm not weird you should be it’s dangerous yes dad I know let’s just settle in to our room ok let’s go to the front desk hello we're here for the Iditarod.

 Yes, Rosanna vanilla your room is just that why were the wolf is you are very lucky people that room was made to have four separate beds and that all just like our beds back at home, well if I get hurt I won't have to leave this place right away. As the family was settling in they were all glad to be off that plane that they all decided to go swimming before all the competitors should up as Rosanna and her family got ready to go swimming that had to postpone there plans because the meet and greet of the mushers were about to begin.

 Let’s get down to the lobby so you can see who you are up against. Well I'll find out at the banknote with all the other competitors and see how they react to me running with them ok but we really want to go swimming but if I'm going to what to find out who I’m running against, As they made their way to the banquet to meet all the other competitors well well well you must be Rosanna vanilla the girl how is going to beat everyone in this race well I have news for you are nothing but a little girl how is going to lose and crash and you will never win no matter how hard you try in your entire life you will never ever win this race and you will never want to race in this race again.

 Don’t let him get to you dear he just wants you to back out of the race what  so he has one less competitor to deal with yes your mom is right so do you want to still race “yes I do and I will beat him and he’ll come to the last place and I will come in first and nothing is going to stop me from racing. 

OK now let's eat I'm starving then as they were walking toward the buff a table someone grabbed Roseann's shoulder you will always have a spot in my heart it was her friend Roy maple who she know sens forever.

   “you came” answered Roseanna ya and I like to ask you something would you be my girlfriend what now when tomorrow I race yes what do you say yes like dew what you I do if you got hurt no thanks I appreciate it your welcome dear what you need to meet my dad.

 OK, where is he I’m right here  you came of cores I came for my girl aww thanks ok this is my dad Jules vanilla. Hi I'm Roy maple  ok now are you sure that you are good for my daughter of cores me and her were friends before we started dating 

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Chapter 3 The Big Race

Beep beep beep time to get up you have your race today so you need to get up for breakfast ok how are the dogs good they ate already knock knock knock, will you get that dear ok hi dear Roseanne's mom answered  “ you hear” yes we have to be there in 20 minutes no I have to get there but I don’t have time for breakfast as they made their way over to the race  kissed Rosanna good luck we’ll be watching you don’t get hurt I’ll be fine Roy you don’t need to where about me you just need to focus and so do I will see you at the finish line or sooner dependents but hopefully at the finish line yes watch me on  the TVs. 

OK I will thank will all the racers make there way to the starting line that’s me see you later see you to hears a kiss for good luck that by, by.

 Ready set go and there of mush go Roseanna go, go that’s my girlfriend come on fuzzy were right there and we are going to win this I know because I believe in all of you lets go as far as we can today and we will do a little at a time and get there when we get there o no we are about to get to the most dangerous part and we are right next to and he is going to take us out.

 Before Roseanna know what happen she was in the snow trees on her legs on top of her sled and her dogs barking for help what happen to me as everybody watched Roy asked if he could go out there and help but the officials said no you can’t only we can well go get her and you can meet us at the tent to see if she need to go to the hospital but she’s my girlfriend I can’t do that to her, yes but you have to wait till she is off the trail.

  it’s ok we’ll meet her at the tent and then at the hospital if she has to go there. no I’m going out there lend me your dog sled ok be safe and follow the rescue runners, ok I will save my girl, um fine are girl, well fine Rosanna that’s better go get my daughter.

 He is so picky about me calling his daughter my girl well are you guys dating yes well that the thing is that he would let you call his daughter your girl until you guys are engined o that makes more sense.

 Yes now follow me to get her to safety ok lead the way mush woof, woof  well they went down the trail and found were Rosanna wiped out rose rose Roy tried to wake her up when Rosanna woke up she answered “Roy is that you” ok you're ok we're going to take you to the hospital but Roy what about the race we need to get you taken care of Rosanna.

 I’m not letting you die I won't Roy I just hurt myself I’m not taking no for an answer you're going to the hospital and I'm coming too. 

I know I don’t have chose you can ride with my dad, ok well see you there ok fine but you have to be there when I'm there ok bye bye kiss ok let's go and I have to talk to you about my daughter ok she really love you does she yes she does and you really love her.

 Yes sir I do love her very much that's why I wanted to ask you if I could marry her yes sir well we will have to ask her if she loves you enough to marry you.

 OK I’ll ask her when we get there ok but if you are mean to her in any way I will hurt you understand yes sir and your not that bad don’t tell her I said that no problem sir ok honey are you ok yes mom.

 I'm fine Roy is a good guy yes he is he was the owner who helped you and he still will and he was super worried about you when they said that you crashed really he wanted to go out there by himself and fined you wow what did dad think about that I think he like him and he is warming up to him really yes I really think so wow now let's get you there ok.

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Chapter 4 At the hospital

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Chapter 5 Back home 

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  Chapter 6  Back in the race                            

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