The Old Man

(COMPLETED- Approx 2,000 words, standalone) I'm part of #turtlewriters on Twitter and they like to share picture prompts every week. This short story was based off of a picture of an old man.

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Wish You Were Here

Ryleigh Bennett is sixteen and excited about spending her summer away at camp in New Mexico. But as soon as she arrives, it’s clear that things are not what they seem. Now Ryleigh and the other campers must work together in the fight of their lives if they want to survive.

The Past That Haunts

Some creatures can't resist..... Lilith Wardman has had a rough start. At the age of 6, her parents passed away in a tragic auto accident. She was taken in by her grandparents and eventually got back on her feet despite the overwhelming hole in her heart. Anger and sorrow transformed Lilith into a recluse, pushing away friends and...


Noble and brave, majestic and fantastical, superheroes are the defenders of the people. They are guardians, the light of Caelum’s darkened streets, fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves and making sacrifices for the good of the whole. Jude Ishida was one of those sacrifices. Then fate, however, took her in a new direction:...

Sol Witch

Liora Blair is 14 when she first discovers the Sword of Souls; an ancient, magical sword that grants her super strength and pyrokinesis. Using this power she becomes the Sol Witch, a vigilante that specifically battles paranormal threats to her city.

Message to the Moon

***Romantic Oneshot*** After 15 years of marriage, Mari is going through the pain of a divorce. She wants to rebuild her life and to truly be herself, with all her colours and shades. Will the Moon bring a little special magic when the New Year starts and she plans her resolutions?

Presley. Troubles Keep

Presley is drawn back into the fairy realm and her forgotten sister Minty begins to stir in her frozen mind. With Lincoln assigned to protect her in the form of Jai, Presley has no idea she's falling in love with Lincoln all over again. But when she finds out, he better start running. On top of that the enemies of the Five Kingdoms are...

Messenger of Fate

Angels and machines come together in this steampunk, dystopian imagining of the future. When an apocalyptic war known as the Fall ravaged Earth seven years ago, Andy Everton was caught in the crossfire. Taken in by the angels, she now works by their sides, helping the humans save themselves from their own destruction in a system...

The Revolution

Kyle wanted so much to know what outside the walls. But he would have to join the military. Following his mentor outside the walls, he learns more then he asked for. The war was never really over. Cover by: @SoNotCliche

House of Goths

Not Your Average Fraternity House. Becky Sparks is a sweet, average girl who refuses to spend her college years in a lonely, soul destroying dorm, surrounded by people who don't care enough to ask her name. Bassist Kelley Keele is a Goth with a dark past. He resides at what he and his equally eccentric bandmates, Crispin, and Dorian,...

Sandbrook Meadows

Sandbrook Meadows, one of the top riding schools in London. Owned by Christina's parents, she loves and the horses and the fact that she on the yard, but her only problem is her foe Veronica Miles who also attends the school, its nearing Gymkhana season and it becomes competitive but who will come out on top?

The Washing Machine

"Mr and Mrs Dean request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of Rob and Briony on June 30, 1955 at All Saints Church, Bexley Green." The words sounded so strange. The whole idea of being married was strange. Unreal. Grown-up. But a week later there she is, a real live and, supposedly, grown up woman, setting up home in a new...

The Witch's Uprising

Nineteen-year-old Aurelia, a seasoned warrior and the Protector of the Southern Plaines, searches for a kidnapped baby girl and a shapeshifting thief. Bryar, a perceptive fourteen-year-old boy, seeks justice for a murder, waiting for the right time to exact his vengeance. Harlowe, unlike most twelve-year-old girls, dreams of becoming...

Triple Helix

In an attempt to help mankind evolve at a faster rate to ensure a brighter future, entrepreneur Julio Ramirez loses himself to his work, and possibly his thirst for power. During his endless run to create a monopoly, Julio starts to poison all the lives around him. Xavier Winters, a casual factory worker who struggles with...