I Am The Cloud


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I Am The Cloud

Above your heads, I am the annoying neighbour that likes to trod down onto your parade. See the barbeque that is sitting pretty and grilling all of the food for friends and family invited round? That won't be happening. I am a cloud that has a purpose in nature, life and soul, my job is to cover up the light shades of blue and the big bright sun, making the temperature in summer drop and in winter warm. Just to do with the Earth's axis every season, three hundred and sixty five days a year. I see how new life is born into the ever-changing world but I was simply made thanks to the sea and wherever the wind direction takes me, that's where I venture out. You may not realise it but if you are outside walking and happen to moan and groan about the weather and my presence, I can hear you. Clouds have feelings, that's when they realise more raindrops from the storage to showcase unhappiness and disgust in response to verbal actions.

I prefer the daytime, when busy crowds line the shopping streets in cities or hiking through countryside fields, adorned with rolling bails of hay. There's a stigma that clouds always like to gate-crash every important event that takes place outside but you would be surprised. We sometimes do linger and watch maybe a wedding taking place or a birthday party but that doesn't mean we like to suddenly throw off of our shoulders a torrential downpour. Wind may blow us away or our feelings are comfortable and happy enough not to kick up a fuss. Sometimes, we have company in the form of airplanes, drones, birds etc. It can be loud and rowdy and personally, I do like to have forty winks so to see a jet suddenly fly directly through my personal space and cause discomfort gives me the creeps.

On the news or documentaries, you always see the images from space of Earth and some of the cloud patterns that emerge across the oceans. I call them my brothers and sisters but not all of them are friendly beings. Hearing about that hurricane a while back sent me images of people screaming for the rescue teams to save them from the approaching waves of storm water, power lines down, trees blocking roads, cars washed away. A real-life living nightmare. But I have been as a cloud has joined me up with the experiences of the outside world by seeing the changing landscapes and sudden changes in even the number of streetlights shining down brightly. I've travelled for free, far far away and just about seen it all.

I don't need to eat, the raindrops I store inside me are refreshing and tasty to back up my energy levels. But there are unfortunate moments where it all feels just that little bit too heavy and something needs to be done quickly so that the problem gets solved. Wrong times, bad choices, that's why we all get the hate for it. Personally, I like to occupy a mountain top or just by a beach either alone or in the company of others releasing my stored raindrops onto the soils to either help them grow or destroy the sensitive side. Wet leaves and mud, lots and lots of mud sitting pretty in the middle of the road, watch your clothes and tires!

We will always exist in your lifetimes, your children's lifetimes and so on. I would love to live unlimited years or infinity as its called. But there may come a time when my services aren't needed anymore and I simply fade away to be replaced with a new cloud who simply just wants to make its presence known in a different way. Be the main factor in a natural disaster or tell their life story just like with mine. Together, I gather along with my siblings and form a huge blanket blocking the stars and planets from being on display, another day in the year is drawing to a close.

Some of them snore but I stretch and reflect on emotions, if you have a clear understanding of your mindset, then you know what triggers off happiness or anger. You know you and are more knowledgeable about personal matters that exist in your world that still linger around like wounds that never heal. What I will say though reader is this: Think before you speak, respect the feelings of a well-behieved cloud and we'll respect your feelings back.

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Mathew Westcott

I LOVED this! It reads like a satire of children's books, as well as really profound poetry. Kudos!


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