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My dad got thrown in jail for ten years! This can't be happening. His orders were to move far from Mayr county. At least until he was free from jail. 

That's exactly what me and my mom did, we packed up everything. We loaded down her Jeep and headed to a new place, a new home. Little did we know, my dad was being transferred from that jail, to this places prison. 

See my dad is part of the mafia, the head, the king of this mafia, King pin Mafia. So it was dior we lay low for a while. Which isn't that hard considering we look normal, we never used money on expensive things. 

We don't drive nice cars, we don't have fancy clothes or shoes. My mom is the only one with a phone. Me? Well I'm just your typical seventeen year old girl. But to the crew, I was their princess. 

The crew also packed it up and moved to where we were going. Apparently they had a plan set in motion to free him, but no one will tell me about it. 

I guess I'll have to wait to find out. I start my new school in a few days. Mom said it's crucial to not get into a fight here, but she knows me too well. I don't take shit from no one and i sure as hell don't back down! 

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First day

 "Sadie! Hurry or you'll be late!" My mom could literally be heard all the way across the globe! 

"Coming mom!" I grabbed my black leather jacket and my backpack and ran downstairs into my mothers mean looking look! 

"Sadie, it's your first day and you're already running late! What were you doing!?" Nosey moms!

"I was writing. Sorry." 

"Yeah? Well you better go before you get even more late!" She practically pushed me out the door into the pouring rain! As I started walking to school which was literally 5 blocks away, some rich kids drove slow right beside me, eyeing me as if I was meat and they were hungry mutts. 

"Hey, loser! What's your name!?"

Hold it together Sadie! 

"My name is, get a life snobby bitch!"

My mother would've smacked that word clean out of my vocabulary if she heard it. 

Now all the looks I'm getting is pure evil, I think they want to sacrifice me now to their evil overlord! 

"Excuse me!? What the hell did you just say!?" The blonde girl, clearly a cheerleader jumped out of the now stopped car and is now walking towards me eyes glaring and hands balled up into fist. 

"You heard me! Why not get a life and not mess with me ok!?" 

"Oh you got jokes, well you see ms jokester, you live in my town and you're walking in the direction of MY school! I can mess with whoever the hell I want!" Ok this chic is literally trying to push me. Not a good idea. 

Breathe Sadie breathe, just walk away. I tried to walk away but the blonde girl was a quick, she stepped in front of me and grabbed my arm. "Listen little girl, I don't know who you are or who you think you are. But this is my town, and if I see you even blink in my direction, I will kick your ass ok?" With that she flipped her blonde hair back and got back into the car. 

I made it to school a few minutes late, only because I took my sweet ass time. I'd rather not get into a fight my first day. The school looked so bland and boring, almost like a prison. I wander if this is how my dad feels? 

I opened the most annoyingly squeaky door and entered the main office. Flowers upon flowers were splayed out all over the place! Hanging on the beige walls, draped over the doors, in vases on the desks! 

"Welcome to weibly sweetie, name?" The pretty lady behind the desk started typing, I guess trying to bring up my schedule. 

"My names Sadie. Sadie Myer." 

"Here's your class schedule ms. Myer. Also we have your books, and this young man here will be your tour guide for a few days. Mr. Kristoff please show Ms. Myer to her class. Have a good first day." 

This weird dude and I walked silently to my first class, I couldn't think of anything to say so i stayed quiet. The hall way was so long and boring looking, only a few posters hanging up for a pep rally. Pep rallies aren't really my thing, I hate people when their loud and obnoxious. We finally reached my class, room 1B, Math. Not my favorite subject but i guess I'll survive. Hopefully my dad doesn't last to long in prison and he can get me out of here. I thanked the tour dude and walked inside. All the other kids just stopped and stared at me, this is gonna be a long first day! 

"Welcome, I'm your math teacher Mrs. Jones, please find you a seat, anywhere you feel comfortable." There were a few empty seats, one i wanted was in the very back next to a girl dressed all punkish. I walked back and sat down, she didn't even mind it seems, she didn't say anything to me. I opened my book to the page everyone else was on, page 67 fractions! We did this in middle school, but I was always too busy with my dad at "work", well more like the warehouse where they kept their stuff. I got so bored really fast, the girl next to me started to talk. "Hey, I'm Mel, You must be Sadie." Her voice was so smooth, smoother than i would have thought. "Yeah, nice to meet you Mel." 

After class was over, the weirdo the office lady told to show me around stood outside waiting for me. This is awkward. Mel stopped beside me randomly. 

"You know, I could show you around. Let me see your schedule." 

I handed her my schedule and she compared it to hers. "Well, we have all classes together. That's pretty cool. Sorry James, I got the new girl from here."

"Wait, his names James?" I was a little confused, they only told me his last name. 

"Yeah, he's a good friend of mine, he is very quiet though."

"Hey, i'm not that quiet, only when i see a beautiful girl." He looked at me and smiled deeply it reached his eyes. I think I might have blushed a little bit because Mel nudged me in the arm and laughed. 

"Come on, let's go to Science!" James started following quietly, awkwardly. 

"Are you in this class too James?" I couldn't take the quiet anymore. 

"Oh, uh yeah. I have the rest of the day with you girls." 

"So what's your first class?" I was being nosey, maybe he won't get that. 

"My first class is detention. Every day every year. It's hard to explain." 

"No it's not! You got in trouble because that dumb jock tried bothering you an you knocked his lights out!" 

"Thanks Mel, I didn't want to scare the new girl." 

"Hey! New girl has a name guys! I'm Sadie! And that can't scare me." 

"Have you been in a fight before??" Mel seemed a little hyper now. 

"A few. Let's not go there though ok?" I couldn't tell them about my dad, about my mom, about any of it. At least not yet. 

The rest of the day was pretty boring. At lunch we all just talked about where I moved from and how I like this town. Nothing exciting. 

After school was done though, I walked outside with James and Mel. The blonde girl from this morning was sitting on the hood of that car she was in. A red mustang that lets the top down. How original. She spotted me and started to approach me, this should be good. 

"Hey loser, aw you found some friends!" 

"What the hell do you want snob?" I snapped back. 

"Oh? You really want me to beat your ass for you!" She balled up her fist and swung toward my face. Too bad she missed though!

"Wow, you're dumb! You can't even hit someone!" I balled up my fist and punched her square in the nose. She fell back and held her nose, it was bleeding. She ran off starting to cry and all I could do was smile. 

"Wow Sadie! We better get out of here!" Mel and James grabbed me and we started to run, run far from school. 

We walked towards my house, strange walking to a new house. My mom was sitting just outside on the porch reading. But she wasn't actually reading, she was on the phone! 

"Mom, is that dad!?" 

"Hush Sadie! Yes it's him!" My mom was always cranky talking to dad, maybe it's mafia business I don't know. 

They talked for about 10 minutes, dad must have a way to talk longer, a guard under his belt or something in there. 

Mel and James were sitting on the steps looking bored. So I waved to my mom and told her we would be in my room. We got up and walked upstairs to my room. James stood up against the wall, Mel made herself at home. 

"So this is your room?" James sounded nervous. 

"Yes, you can sit down you know. I don't bite, much." I smiled jokingly.

James grabbed my desk chair and sat down, although it took him a while. We sat there forever talking about different things, not once did my dad come up. They must know he's in prison. Unless they think he's away on business. A few minutes later my mom came up an knocked on my door, strange since she never does that. 

"Come in mom." 

She opened the door slowly and entered my room. 

"Hey sweet heart, how was school?"

"It was fine, these are my new friends. James and Mel." 

They both said hi and waved. 

"It's nice to meet you, um Sadie dinner will be ready soon. Are you two hungry?" She looked at James and Mel. 

"Yea, starving! Thanks Mrs. Myer!" 

They literally said that at the same time, I fell over laughing with the looks they gave each other. You could hear my mom laughing too as she left my room. 

When dinner was finished my mom called up to us, we raced downstairs and took a seat. I forgot about the picture of my dad in a fancy suit and hat, he was standing with me, mom and a few other people that was in the mafia. I was about 5 when it was taken. Beside that was a gun, my dad's old gun he used. Mel and James looked at me questioning what it was. My mom spoke up. 

"That's my husband, Jimmy. Sadies father, that gun use to be his work gun. He was a police officer before we had Sadie." 

That seemed to calm their curiosity for the moment. My mom gave me a short look, the look she always gives me when she has something to tell me. After we ate dinner and had plenty of conversations about how school was, and how we liked this town, Mel and James left and went to their homes. My mom stopped me from going upstairs to talk. 

"Sadie, I have big news." 

"Um ok, what is it mom?"

"Your father is getting out tomorrow morning, he will be home when you get back from school!" 

"What!? So soon!? How!?" I was speechless! They give him 10 years! It's only been 2!

"Well I pulled some strings, some of the mafia pulled some as well, and we got him free. But sweet heart this comes with a price, maybe too great of one to pay." 

"What is that suppose to mean mom!?" 

"We had help sweet heart. A large and dangerous gang helped us out. They have cops and everyone we needed to get him out. We struck up a deal." 

"What kind of deal!?" Now I'm angry, the mafia is large and more powerful than any petty gang! 

"After you finish school, you will marry the leader of this gang. He is your age, I think he even goes to your school. His father is a cop, a very powerful cop." 

"What!?" I took off and ran to my room shutting my door and locking it! How could she do this to me!? Marry!? I can't get married! And to a pathetic gang leader!? My mom is crazy! 

After so much thinking and so much anger I finally fell into a deep dark sleep. 

I dreamt I was back home, I was 5. My dad always called me his princess. He'd give me his pouch that had his stuff in it, drugs and what not. I had to hand them out to all the guys and girls in the mafia warehouse. They all loved me so much. They would give me a candy kiss. I woke up early the next morning. Mom was already gone. 

This is going to be a long day! 

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Terence Vickers

With just a quick speed read I can see several things that should be edited. All of your 'i's need to capitalized, for one thing.

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Thank you, I must have missed that when I was editing a bit.


 I got up, brushed my teeth, put on my black mafia t-shirt and my black ripped jeans. As I raced downstairs to grab my backpack I seen a note sitting on the table. 


Gone to get your father. I called your teachers and told them to let you out early. We have dinner plans tonight with the cop and gang leader that helped us. So you have to get ready!

Love mom' 

"Oh great, just what I needed!" I tore the paper up and threw it in the bin and walked out the door. As I walked outside, James was waiting on me. 

"Oh hey! Where's Mel?" 

"She's feeling a little ill today, so she's staying home. I'll only be at school until after lunch." 

"Oh? Me too. My dads coming home today and we have dinner plans." 

"That's cool! Me too!" 

"That's awesome James! Let's get to school and get this half day over with then?" 

"Sure thing" 

As we walked, I kept my eyes open for the red mustang. Nothing. She must have learned to leave me alone. My dad had me training to fight since I was 5 years old. He taught me to shoot, pretty much to be vicious. Thank you dad! 

First class James went to detention so I was alone. After class he was waiting on me with a big grin on his face.

"I just figured out something." 

"What? That your a big goof grinning like like that?"

"No, I know who you are." Now he was serious. 

"What do you mean?" 

"Your the mafia girl I have to marry! My dads the one who got your dad free. That was the deal. And this is awkward isn't it?"

"A little bit. But thank you for helping, I guess."

"Anytime. No one told me it was you, so I didn't know. But we both get out early and have dinner plans, and it couldn't have been a coincidence!" 

"Yeah, I didn't know you could be a leader of a gang, you just seem so shy." 

"Ha, not that shy. I beat up jock brain. Me and my boys just stay separated but close while at school." 

"I've noticed. Like that guy, he seems to watch you closely. Gang member?"

"My right hand man. His names George." 

"What about Mel?"

"No, just a normal girl. She's actually my neighbor so we grew up together. But she doesn't know about my gang." 

"Well that's lame. So I can't say anything?" 

"Not to her. We are dangerous Sadie, we can get her killed." 

"I know. I don't want that. She was the first friend I had here." 

"And I'm your gang leader boyfriend, so get use to it, babe!" The way he said that was hilarious! If you'd heard him you would die laughing right now. 

We finished the rest of the day we had. After they checked us out, we headed down the road toward my house. My moms car was parked outside, so my dad is out too! I stopped at the bottom step feeling nervous, I haven't seen my dad for two years! 

"You ok Sadie?" I forgot James was here too. 

"Yeah, just feeling nervous."

"Why? Isn't this what you wanted? Your dad free?" 

"It was, but it's been two years."

"Do you want me to go in with you?" 

"Would you?" 

He walked beside me and grabbed my hand.

"I'll always be beside you Sadie."

I opened the front door an we stepped inside. There sitting on the couch was my father. His slicked back pitch black hair and his smirky grin. My mother was in the kitchen baking a welcome home cake. 

"Daddy!" I ran towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He squeezed my shoulders gripping me in a big bear hug. 

"Oh, I've missed you princess. Whose your friend?" 

"Oh this is James!" 

"James? Oh, the cops boy! Right, and gang leader!" 

"Yes sir. It's nice to see you made it out ok." 

"Thank you. I don't know how to repay you."

"Jimmy! Honey, the deal. That's one way." My mother spoke up. 

"Yeah, that's one. We can combine your mafia and my gang, together we will be unstoppable and the most powerful alliance ever formed."

"That is true. Great idea son. If it keeps the cops off our tail." 

"Of course it will, my dad is the chief, the most powerful cop in this town and state alone. He keeps cops off our tails. And with the deal of me and Sadie getting married, it'll keep them off you." 

"Can they get married before they graduate sweetie?" My mother just had to ask that! 


"What Sadie!? If it helps your father then so be it!"

"But mom, I'm only 17!"

"Sadie, your mothers right. And besides you'll be 18 in a couple days!" "But dad, I'm too young!"

"Sadie, it'll be alright. We all need this. And like I said, I'll always be beside you." James reached out and squeezed my hand. It felt good to hold his hand. 

"Then it's settled. You will be married in a month!" My mother sounded excited. My father just looked a little upset. He looked how I felt. 

James left after an hour of speaking to my father about the arrangements. That left me to get ready for this dinner. 

After we were all dressed and ready to go, we headed out to the car. Outside waiting was the blonde girl, this should be interesting. 

"Oh hey it's the freak! Where are you going freak!?"

"Seriously!? Are you stalking me? Why are you here?"

"To talk to your freak parents!"

"Well see, that's not a very good idea."

"Why!? Cause you'll get in trouble and cry!?"

"No. Because you could leave in a body bag." 

Just then my dad walked outside and looked the blonde girl up and down and smirked as he pulled out his gun. 

"I think you better leave young lady, you see you're on my property which gives me an excuse to pull the trigger." 

With that the girl jumped in her car and sped off. The look on her face was priceless.

"New friend I assume?" My dad asked after she was gone.

"Nope, just some jerk who thinks she owns everything." 

We jumped in the car and headed to the restraunt. Waiting at the door was James, a few of his gang members and his dad. We parked and got out to greet them. 

"Hello chief, this is my wife Darla and my daughter Sadie." 

"Nice to meet you lovely ladies. You already know my son James. These are his friends George, Luke, and Thane." 

"Nice to meet you all." My mother bowed as if they were royalty. I think she was mocking them, but who can tell with her? 

We went inside an grabbed a table big enough to fit us all. My father told James father the arrangement they made. He seemed to agree with it. James grabbed my hand under the table and kept talking to his friends, something about a heist they were going to pull in a week. I didn't ask questions. 

After we ate and finished discussing all the details we parted ways.

We returned home around midnight. I was so exhausted I barely noticed some of the mafia crew sitting on the porch waiting to greet my father. My father touched my shoulder telling me it's ok to go upstairs and get some rest. I give him and my mother a hug and headed up. Before I knew it sleep found me. 

I dreamt it was my wedding day, James looked so cute and handsome in his tux. He had a huge smile on his face, as if he would be that happy! My father give me away and the wedding came to an end. I woke up sweating, nothing bad happened so I don't know why I feel nervous. Maybe because I knew deep down I was falling for James. 



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