Speed of the Dark

Raven has a bit of a problem. Her best friend's little brother, Timothy, has convinced her to test out his latest invention. Bored and believing that the nine-year-old couldn't possibly have invented a time machine, Raven agrees, and her foot couldn't get any further down her throat when she finds herself stuck a whole year in the...

The Dissolution Unit

The human race is on the brink of losing the world to an alien species, who has taken control of every continent but Australia. In the Capitol, where the president and his advisers rule the last of the humans, a desperate plan is re-hatched in a last-ditch attempt at victory. The Dissolution Unit is set back into motion. A...

Scorpio 7

A momentous occasion approaches. The Manufacturers have announced the release of a new type of android soon to be available for adoption - Type 7s. The news has caused a wave of anticipation around the world, and the 7s promised a new host of lifelike features for parents to adore in their children. Saiyo is a Type 6 android and a...


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Three years ago, Maya's best friend disappeared under suspicious circumstances - and Maya was convinced it had to do with the kiss they'd shared the day before. Now, though, more Hazeltown residents are disappearing, and an organization called Maywitch sweeps in to tackle the case. Maya has to decide which secrets to keep and where her...