Renegade Rapunzel


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meet Eva.She's a teenage spy with a massive price on her head which can only be cashed in by her current boss, Eric.
  It's a dangerous game to be  a spy, even more so when your so called boss is out to  destroy your parents and your his bridge there.The bridge can't be burnt down but it must not  be crossed either.Your the key to your folks destruction.But what would you do to make yourself less toxic?

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Chapter 1

chapter one:

I kick down the huge black painted door and Sprint through, aiming my gun straight ahead of me.Keep your back to the wall I hear my mother's voice inside my head.Rule number one when your out in the field; always keep your back to the wall!

I turn the corner and duck behind the ugly sculpture.Always triple check before moving any farther forward during a mission.You never know what could be lurking a few feet away ready to kill you.

no sign of recent movement and no voices.Go go go Eva! I order myself as I roll out from my hiding spot,gun at the ready.

I  see the men from Lumid Ltd all ready tied up on the navy computer chairs."Nice work ,Matisse" I whisper as loudly as I dare.She's been doing well recently.

WHAT? the computers are right there!

why hasn't she destroyed them? It's the source.whenever you have a mission to complete its always the same: locate what your looking for (the source),get there when security is at its lowest,fight your way to your destination and destroy or in rare cases  abduct the source.

She's been here.I know she's been here with Robert too,he was her partner on this mission.

The only time you don't destroy the source but leave traces of your whereabouts is....When you've received an emergency message with direct orders to abort.

why didn't I get one? they track us?

Okay,don't panic Eva.

maybe I'm dead,did the stop tracking me? oh gosh...have I been fired?

There's only one answer....

Eric! he's in charge of leading us in this mission and he's always had it in for me.This must be his idea of a joke but I've got the upper hand.I didn't revive the message and was told no escape route so I can carry on,this way everyone at hq will honour me and hey,I might even get a promotion.That'll show him.

NO! I refuse to think like this.I'll just carry on the mission until I've completed it myself,that way I'll either end up being murdered or with a successful mission then I can keep my job.I can't go to regular school.It's not an option.

yep,I'm resuming the mission.I have to go on

I lower my gun so I can  jog towards the wall of computers.This must be the source.I pull out my compact  communication device raising it to my untouched glossed lips, "hey Eric, I'm at the computers right now.Matisse took care of the security guys then disappeared,there's no sign of password.Repeat.There is no sign of password!" I flick the red switch to the side waiting in anticipation for Eric's response.I tap my fingers aimlessly on the abundance of wood that forms the desk situating the computers and spin on my heels to face the men tied up.

I take long patronizing steps towards them, glaring through my dark eyes as I go.That's another important rule of being a spy;whenever you have your enemies at your feet always make the most of it.You never know when it will happen again.

"Hi there, how's it going? oh right you can't talk, my mistake.I've always wanted to tell you boys something and I think now we've had enough encounters for you hear it...I really don't like you." I smirk at there confused eyes."Remember that time when we were in that factory in Leicester and your big bad boss made you set up a bomb, we were both still in the building! good times, eh lads? oh wait I'm getting something back from hq, excuse  me boys, I have to take this.we shall resume this promptly" I say, using my finger to motion in circles.I  give the tied up men a cheeky wink before answering to Eric on my black device.

"Eric! havnt spoke in a while, my friend.What's going on?" I joke as I strut around the hostage men."Listen, Eva, this is serious.Matisse already left with Robert because Lumid sent in more men.They are in the building right now and you only  have one escape route, it's not exactly five star or even completely safe but if you want to live then I strongly suggest you take it!" he paused.why the bloody hell did he pause? he knows I hate that! " the only way out is to go up onto the roof and we're  sending in a helicopter.Get out now!" he informs me as I let out a sigh.I stop in my tracks, hanging up on Eric and turn to face the two men again, "I'm sorry lads but it  looks like I've got to go.Try not to cry, I'm sorry too but there is not a doubt in my mind that we will see each other in the extremely fast approaching future."

I can't believe Eric! he's left me with nothing to work with.I can't blackmail him,I havnt completed the mission,I won't get promoted or... anything at all!

Holy crap! it just hit me like a brick wall:Eric did nothing but left me in a danger filled building of the enemy by myself,he left me time figure it all out.he wanted me to work it out! that was his warning shot.Trying to scare me and I have to say,I'm impressed.he's definitely come along way since his first desperate job as a kiss ass,I mean assistant.

The next mission will be his A game.He's got a plan to eliminate me.

Two can play at this game...

I begin unplugging all the computers, smashing some with a hammer briefly before making my way to the air vent."we'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when.but I know we'll meet again some sunny dayyy" I sing to the lumid Ltd apprentices.They both narrow their eyes at me as I slip into the vent."What's the matter boys, do you not like a little Vera Lynn music? it's a classic " I exclaim as I begin crawling through the vent, sealing it shut behind me.

next stop; The roof

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