The zip of my childhood


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Skipping down the concrete steps

In my gypsy skirt fresh from Nana

I tug on the plastic pink zip

And stamp my feet to watch the plastic stars light up


Down I drop then, off I run

Practising country dancing

Tugging on that little pink zip

Converting to a hop skotch as I skidaddle through the gate


I’m a cheetah tearing through

The field where I learnt to ride

Flimsy plastic zip still in tact

Ginger the kitty waiting for our stroll up the gravel


The cat leaves

The path ends

A new time begins…


A long silvery slow moving worm sprawls across the path nearing my ankles


Here lies the source of my childhood terror

Here lies the ultimate challenge of my youth

There my parents stand watching me tremor


Through it all I strangle my pink plastic zip.

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