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Oh no. Really. In high school I was so excited to get away from this ideot. But of coarse, he had to be in the same damn college! I know I should probubly not absolutely hate him, because if I am being honest he is probubly the only boy that atchully liked me in high school and I did not understand why at all. In high schoo I guess I was your average nerd. Always got strait A's, always every teachers pet, and only had one friend that was my best friend. 

Ryan Hendersen, (the guy that is in love with me and I do not know why) is your average jock,  most popular boy in the school, every boy looks up to kind of guy. 

I (Renee by the way) was forced to be his friend (more of what I would call acquaintance) because our parens are best friends. 

His parents and him come over every saturday night and we all, hang out I guess. Even know I am usually always in my room studing, doing homework, worrying about college stuff, or practiceing lines for my drama classes. 

One day in high school Ryan came up to me and just started flirting with me. I said to him "Why the hell are you flirting with me ideot" he laughed and said, "I wouldent call it flirting", and i replyed as "Oh so now asking if I have a boyfriend and if you are interested in dating a popular jock guy is not flirting?" "I could be talking about a friend", he siad. "Ya, could be. What are you in love with me or somthing?" I said. 

Then one of Ryans friends came up from behind him and says "He sure is Renee, he cant stop talking about how pretty you are, I mean I dont see it. You, and him. No offence Renee, but you are wayyyy out of his league." Ryan pushed him really hard away and said, "Um, uh, I dont know what he is talking about". 

From then on I knew he was always in love with me and he tryed sooooo hard to get me to go out with him. But I never did. 

I would always call him ideot cause he got me in trouble all the time in science and history (sense we have those classes together), in those classes he always finds a way to sit by me and bugs me over and over again asking me if I would go out with him and I would shake my head still looking at the front of the room and he would ask why and I would not answer intell he got so annoying that I had to. Me getting so bugged by him that I had to answer him is what got me in trouble.

I called him ideot, amd he called me Renee bear. I think you could say we thought different about each other. Very different.

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Chapter 1


I saw Ryan from across the room. Thank gosh he did not see me. When I saw him start ro turn his head, i turned around knowing that he got a glance of me even though that was enough for him to know it was me.

I heard him say "Renee Harrisen, is that you?" I turned back around and when he saw my hole face and new it was me, he smiled really big and walked to me. 

"You followed me to college, Renee? I did not know you were such a stalker" he said. "Ryan how the hell did you get into my college?" I said. "I dident mean to", he said. "Sure, you, who gets an avrage of C's and D's gets into Julliard", I said with a suspicious look. "Ok so in hogh school I made some corrections to my grades with the help of hacking", he said. 

I rolled my eyes and turned around and almost started to wlak away when he grabed my hand and turned me around so quickly that I almost fell over. "Oh Im sorry, I dident mean to make you almose fall over", he said. "You, apologizing, its a miracle", I said. "I know I was a ass hole in high school, but ive changed Renee, and just so were clear, I do not like you anymore. In fact, I have a girlfriend now", he said.

I know that I should probubly be happy that he foes not like me anymore, but the truth is, I am kind of upset, knowing that hes chaged, and the fact that he has a girlfriend now, it kind of makes me like him a little bit. 

What is happening to me!?!? I LIKE RYAN, I like Ryan. But now he has a damn girlfriend!

"Thank gosh", I said. I figured if he has a girlfriend and doesn't like me anymore, I should probubly not tell him that I like him now.

"So, sence I dont like you anymore and your one of the only people that I atchully know here, can we be friends now?" he asked. I said back, "Fine, I guess so."

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Chapter 2

After Ryan and I talked for a little while I went to find my dorm room. 

My room is on the second level, and the 12th room into the hallway, so its room 212.

When I got to my room I unlocked the door with my key. I saw my roommate laying on her stomach on her bed texting someone with headphones in. She obviously didn't here the door open so I said, "Hello".

She turned her head and took out her earbuds facing me now.     "Oh, hi... I'm Ginger Cooper", she said while standing up. "Im Renee Harrisen", I said. "Well I guess were roommates", Ginger said. "Yup, so, um, whats your major?" I asked her. "Singing and some dancing", she said. "Oh thats cool.  Mine is Acting and some dancing", I said to her. "Oh, cool, well, just so you know. Im not very smart. Im here cause my dad works at Julliard", she said. "Oh, um, ok", I said. "Sooooo, do you have a boyfriend", she asked while practicly jumping up and down. "Um, no. Do you?" I asked her. "Yaaaaaaaaa his name is Ryan Hendersen, have you ever met him", she asked me. 

Wow, Ryan's stupid girlfriend just had to be my damn roommate! 

"Have I ever met him? Yes, we went to high school together, and were still friends" I said. "Oh, what a cawink-adink" she said. "Ya, so um, how did you even meat Ryan?" I asked her. "Oh, well, we meat the first time at a bar, amd after that we talked a lot and he eventually asked me out. But that was like two months ago" she said. "Oh, wow, um, thats cool", I replyed. 

I got the feeling that Ginger didn't like me very much. She acted really rude and tried to get everyone that was talking or some how communicating with me to stop and talk to her. She would almost always tell me that she had a headache whenever I was talking to her and then go act like nothing was wrong with Ryan ir some of her friends.

Later that day Ginger and I met up with Ryan and his friend Sean. Sean and I became friends very fast. Probably so fast because Ryan and Ginger were holding hands, talking, and ignoring us almost the hole time. But I could tell Ryan was trying to include us but Gibger would always stop him. (No surprise there!)

"So Sean, what is your major?" I asked him. "Singing and some acting" he said. "Oh thats cool", I said. "Ya", he said. 

"So Ryan, whats your major", I asked Ryan. "Acting and some dancing", he said. 

Is it normal to be surprised when one of your friends answers you? But his major was same as mine, what a damn cawink-adink!

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