The Peculiar Time Lords Bride


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Chapter 1

 It happened to her again. Rei couldn’t help but dream that specific dream. It was her memories which stole control of her leading her in to a pit of nostalgia and a bittersweet feeling. She dreamt that she was awake like the old days with her sister Kira and couldn’t sleep. She’d alway run to her sister for help. 

“ Kira I can’t sleep” Rei cried 

“Shhdji use my hand as a remote then” Kira said half asleep, half awake

She’d always say that. And that’s what Rei would do, use her arm as a conductor of imagination which would swim through her viens all the way to her brain, and it would go on all night. She would press her arm and instantly think of something to dream about. Mermaids, princesses and even an old episode of That’s so Raven. It was like watching television instead it was projected and controled by her mind. She’d always love Kira for that. That and the fact that It gave her an excuse to sleep on the same bed as her older sister. 

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