One night changed Christelle Amity's life forever. Now it's time to take it back and reshape her world, but what she'll become isn't what anyone expects, least of all herself.

Love Letters

Lucas and Nina have been friends as long as they can remember, and have filled countless notebooks with letters that span their lives, touching on their loves, losses, successes, and troubles. What they don't know is what everyone else has always seen, but what everyone else sees isn't always what will happen.


As long as she can remember, Holiday Jones has dreamt herself into another life - one full of magic and wonder, in a time seemingly long past. Little does she know that the eyes she was dreaming through were not hers, but that of Queen Deliah, the unhappy ruler of Solaria, and her doppelganger in another universe. One night, they both...

Blood Moon Rising

Magic is dying in Galanta, and only a prophecy from hundreds of years ago holds the answer to saving those who wield it. But they must sit on the sidelines and wait for a young nonmage born under the blood moon to fulfill it. Balan Magast is the seventh nonmage called to attempt to fulfill the prophecy, and all others have met their...


The crew of the Olympiad have been alone in space for a year now, following a collision with an unknown entity that knocked them off course and wiped out communications. They have a year's worth of supplies left. They know they will need at least six months' time to reach Earth again if they can manage to find their own way, and avoid...

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