Writing prompt: Has it ever happened to you where you're in public and temporarily fall in love with a stranger? Now how many times have you been that person for someone else?


Writing Prompt: You woke up this morning and every single living being on the planet appears to have vanished. What do you do next?


Daily Writing Prompt: You've just got home from work and your soap has gone missing. Construct an elaborate conspiracy theory on where it's gone and why. Not my best work but I still like it

Transcend the Dead

Follow Bradley Shoan, the lone survivor of the zombie apocalypse. Watch as he delves into the world around him and tries to make a living out of surviving. With his trusty dog, Baron, at his side; Bradley must persevere when both his physical being and his mental fortitude are both pushed to their breaking point. Armed with an old...


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Marc's is a gym junking Uni student with a part time job as a garbage collector. After his room mate Jay finds a new job, he ends up dead. Now Marc and his closest friend Amber are looking for answers...


We call them Mysticals: Vampires, Magic Users, Merfolk, and Psychics. People know a lot about them. But, what they don't know is that they're made from regular humans, and someone desperately wants them all dead. Makenna isn't a stranger to strange things. She's done her best to keep her father's creation a secret, but when her father...

Existence Flasher

Hal Brandon has been pretty lucky lately. He has a new girlfriend and a new job. His new job has him sell people their own personal afterlife. He is an Afterlife Salesman. But when he has to sell his bestfriend an afterlife he tries to stop the inevitable.


What happens when the Earth's population is threatened with extinction? And what happens when the people trying to restore it are no better than the totalitarian regime that threatened to destroy it? The old order of society is gone. In enters Edict. Adrianne and Aspen fight for the survival of their people, their friends, their...