Forgotten Memories


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    The 21st century had a lot to offer humanity. Life here was not simple or easy, when it came to purely living we had to pay to even be alive. The world was a completely separated place and the amount of money you made was the only way you were defined as a person. I have had the luck of remaining middle class for the majority of my life but my eyes were opened to the real struggles of the lower classes. Our life here in 2016 is appalling. I can only hope that you being so far in the future have eliminated all the issues that we have now. I offer some words of wisdom to help you understand why we were the way we were.

    Love your fellow man, if races still exist that far into the future I hope you've eliminated all terms of hate. The words that have daggers behind them. The ones meant to divide man from man, women from women. The color of your skin should not define you as a person whether it be in a good or a bad way. Black is not a color of a criminal, white is not meant to be above all others. In this time of face first falls and public breakdowns you cannot reserve yourself to hand out cards of hate. Everyone is so offended by anything said that we're all required to tip toe on egg shells around any subject that truly requires attention. As you read this you're probably learning about the "black lives matter" protests and the "police brutality" claims but in all honesty its so much more bigoted that you'll ever know. Anyone who sits there and calls someone else a racist should turn around and look at their own lives. Only the few are preaching the fact that all lives matter. That every person on this planet deserves a chance to live. Calling a group of  an opposite race a racist is in term making yourself a racist. How do you know what this person is thinking or what they believe in? In simple terms, racism breeds racists. It's a taught mentality and can be bred out with the right people.

    Equality is another battle that is hard fought here in America. Whether it be racial equality, gender equality or sexual preference equality, it's something that people are extremely passionate about. After years of fighting, there has been a breakthrough in the battle for writes of who you love. Gay marriage has been legalized. Why must people fight for their rights? Shouldn't it be a basic human right to be equal? The idea of placing stipulations on a certain type of person based on a single opinion is ridiculous. Love who you want to love, work where you want to work, be who you want to be. If you feel that you're a woman trapped in a man's body then fine. Who is someone else to judge you? The times of intolerance are hopefully ended as well. There should be no fighting, no more wars or gangs or criminals. People should just live to be alive, work because they want to not because they have to. Food should be readily available and nobody should ever have to starve because they cannot "afford it." To have to pay to be alive is something that nobody should need to do. Taxes shouldn't exist, and a piece of paper should not define who you are or what you can have.

    Radical religions, the words now a days send people into a tangent. The main thing they do not realize is every religion has a sect that's completely radical. Murdering others in the name of a "higher power" should in itself be blasphemous. If religion or lack thereof has taught anyone anything its to be compassionate and understanding. Why must your god be better than anyone else' god? Life is a terrifying place and those who need to resort to religion to explain the bad things are just finding a means to cope with it. There is no reason to base your opinions off of what you've been told. A Muslim man and a Christian man have different beliefs but the same idea. An atheist and a Buddhist don't need to hate anyone and truly don't need to argue any thoughts. Baha'i, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, Wicca are all beliefs that preach love and equality not hate and bigotry. I hope and pray everyday that you've eliminated all this hate.

    Diseases such as HIV, AIDS and Cancer I'm hoping have all be eliminated. Now a days we spend more time trying to figure out how we're going to afford the medications we need to survive than we do on actually fighting the disease. People lose their homes and all their belongings just to try and keep some semblance of a life for the person their fighting to keep. These big businesses take pride in preying on the weak. People who develop these medications are supposed to be doing it to help someone else live not to be living on a fifty acre plot of land in the Caribbean. Albert Sabin, many probably don't know his name because he handed his vaccine to polio away. He gave up the rights to billions of dollars because he would rather see humanity survive than own a huge house and a fancy car. I've watched a very dear family member to me completely waste away to nothing due to cancer and Alzheimer's and it was devastating. I wish with everything I had that I could have helped her in her time of need. To help her remember those wonderful memories we had together or to help her get out of that bed one more time and see the world through new eyes. But I couldn't, nobody could. Life can be cruel sometimes.

    Please, people of the future, if you take nothing away from this text but one sentence it should be "Live and let live." Life is a precious thing and shouldn't be wasted. It shouldn't be based off of obsoleted opinions and should just be based around love for your fellow man. Life is a precious gift and not to be squandered with useless fighting or wasting your life at a dead-end job. Keep your head up, eyes forward and continue on the path of true happiness. Thank you for listening.

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