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Careful but not Calculated

    Although risk is my least desired attribute it is always the one that defines me the most. I'm a risk to love because I am not the conventional way of doing things. I'm a risk to be with because I've got nothing to offer and a lifespan that could be cut short at a moments notice. I'm a risk to get attached to because I have a history of leaving. I see things that often times aren't truly there. I attach meaning to things that others would consider mundane. My life views are distorted. Maybe they're right, life shouldn't be about the rewards it should be about the journey, but how could the journey ever change when following the others on the safe path?

   How could someone choose to love me? I find conventional as a figurative word. It's meaningless. It shows complacency and boredom. I choose to be spontaneous, one day we will be hiking a mountain and the next be home sitting next to a fire and cooking smores. The days will be filled with laughing and love. No bitterness or disdain will ever adorn the mantle of our home because we chose to do what we were doing. Stubborn headed and driven I will push and push to get everything I possibly can from life. The steps I take, careful but never calculated because risk is always an option.

    How can someone choose to be with me? Well, as I see it I've got something to offer, love, loyalty, compassion and a never ending desire to be better than the person I was yesterday. Life to me shows that its truly worth the time and effort you put into someone and not the moments that you take away. As Will Smith once said, "Life isn't about the breaths you take, its about the moments that take your breath away." Meaning if there's only a short amount of time then all of it would be filled with moments of pure joy and happiness. If choosing to do something I love and make nothing rather than do something I hate and have everything, I will always without a shadow of a doubt choose the latter because risking it all gives the greatest rewards.

    How could someone get attached? I choose to leave but offer an out or a reason to follow. If your journey is one taking you nowhere shouldn't a fresh opportunity show you that theres more to life than just one place. Move a little, or a lot! Love the area you live enough to know its time to move away and gain a new appreciation for where your roots originally sprouted. Take the leap and prove the risk is always worth the life you want.

    My life views revolve around one word. Love. Love yourself. Love your neighbor. love your enemy and love the life you lead. Politics and religion should play no part in loving everyone you can for as long as you've got the strength to grab onto something. Why take the safe road when the road that offers the most risk proves you're alive? If the risk is too much than accept the defeat. Accept that your safest path is the one of least resistance but don't ever say that taking the risk wasn't worth it when you weren't even willing to give it a shot. 

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