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          I find it very strange that sometimes your dreams seem so real you can't accept them as just a fabrication in your head. Sometimes it seems like fate, sometimes it feels like you're leading up to a moment in time that will forever change you as a person.

      Climbing on the plane I fear that the baggage I'm carrying may be too heavy to bring with me. This big heavy dufflebag full of bad memories, heartbreak and real pain barely fit in the overhead terminal but I was able to stow it enough to not have to worry about it while I was sitting on the plane. Staring out the window, I watched the landscapes below me disappear into the horizons. Georgia swiftly turning into Tennessee then across Kentucky in a flash. Ohio moved slowly for me. Many memories of the kids across the fence, my grandmothers in ground pool and her beautiful home in Strongsville. I got to see all of them as if my plane had landed in her old driveway. I got to ride her garbage cart down the giant hill like I used to when I was a child.

     I realize I had dozed off thinking about my childhood and as I open my eyes a new yet strangely familiar territory started peering it's way over the horizon. Somewhere I've never been physically but feel like my heart has been there forever. Sitting in this airplane seat has never felt more tedius. Yearning to be on the ground I find myself constantly switching positions as if it'd make the time move faster. My headphones sit awkwardly in my ears but sing such a sweet melody and it only makes me want to be on the ground sooner. "Home" by Blue October is a sweet and comfortable background music for the love story that's about to unfold in this airport terminal. 

    As the plane begins to descend, I can feel my heart beating out of it's cage. The thought that my heart is finally going to be back to full again has me sitting on the edge of my seat ready to run to the door. The plane finally comes to a stop after taxiing for what felt like a century. I stand up and look around, the plane is completely empty. I opened the overhead compartment to grab my baggage and its gone. The only thing left is a small note written in a feminine handwriting. "There's no need to carry this bag anymore, none of it matters because you're here with me now." All my fear, all my anguish and pain just melted away into the air around me. Stepping out into the aisle I can hear the door to the plane opening.

  Through the windows of the plane I can see the airport terminal. People busily walking about trying to continue in their mediocre lives. None of them know the precipice that has appeared before me. Stepping out of this plane is going to change my life. It's not only going to be the most anticipated moment of my entire life but its also the scariest thing I've ever experienced. It was time to take the leap. 

I ascended the stairs and placed my feet into sand. The terminal faded away and Lake superior appeared in front of me. The clouds parted way and the sun broke the surface of the water to begin a day I will never forget. By the sand sat an angel reading on a bench facing the water. Her gorgeous blonde hair swayed in the light summer breeze, she looked up from the book she was reading and stood up. The deep red outline of her statuesque silhouette in the morning sun looked like something off the cover of a magazine. Her body moved fluidly around the bench and she looked me dead in the eyes.

Her resplendent brown eyes shimmered with tears of joy as she realized I was behind her. She lunged her arms around my shoulders and planted her soft lips to mine. My whole body tingled with happiness. The feelings of love and caring just radiated off of her. Everything in the world felt right. Every breath I took was lighter. My feet felt like they were floating and my mind was at ease. Nothing mattered besides her. That smile, that laugh, the way she carried herself. Its become my mission to make her happy. I require her love and to get it I will do everything in my power to show her this is the real thing. Looking into those eyes, she already knows. She takes my hand and opens her mouth to speak. "Allan, I lo-." 

I woke up there, in desperate fashion to hear her say the full thing i closed my eyes to try and get back to her. It was futile, there's no way a dream can feel so real and not become reality. This just shows me what the future has in store. I'm convinced, this wasn't a dream. It was a premonition.

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