F C U K Paris!

As the winter chill sets in on Paris, their separated love is set to reunite. As his heart glows warm, will her chilled hesitating heart see his frozen too? Or will they find their old selves on the warmth of sunlit beaches again.


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Six kids wake up in a satellite with no memory of how they got there, or anything else. Using there unique abilities, they must learn to trust one another to make the journey back to earth. Worse still, paranormal activity starts to occur, bringing them all into a horror story. A story with betrayal, action, romance, and eye opening...

The Bug

Sierra Flynn has never dreamed very big. She's used to the comfortable, familiar life helping out with the family business, following in her older brothers' footsteps. After she visits an airshow while they're on a business trip, she falls in love with airplanes and becomes hooked by the thought of flying. A flight instructor at the...