The Bad Boy's Story

Derek is your ideal bad boy. Loves to street fight and never attends class. One day he gets partnered with the captain of the cheerleading team for a English Project. While working on the project both the bad boy and cheerleader realize their persona’s at school are not the same as their true identity. But what happens when a dark past...


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Six convicts are chosen to protect the mayors daughter.And that means coming out of jail.And also going back to school.Follow these inmates as they track down gang members and race after Natalie.

Summer Love Story

Chloe Winters is expecting nothing new this summer. Actually, she's pretty sure everything will go according to her plans: working at the local coffee shop, reading romance novels, and daydreaming about her secret crush on Isaac Alden. And the last thing she expects to happen this summer is the return of Julian Valdez, her number one...