Who Cares!


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I've been single for a while, waiting for someone to come to my door. I saw this really hot boy at the arena.. he was watching me alot. After the hockey game I got back home went to bed ready for a school day on the next morning. As every morning I wake up check my Facebook a little as I saw a friend request from the boy who was as the arena. I then texter him a little! He kept saying I was hot and stuff like that as the week went on we decided to see eachother on friday. He came to pick me up at my house and we went to his place. As I got in his car I kissed him... He smiled at me. After this awesome night at his place meeting his dad he left me at home. I was getting to start to fall in love. Even though he had a hard time to talk, since he was stuttering a little. I thought that didn't change the fact that I was starting to love that boy..

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