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                                                                                  Besides the slightly upsetting cries of the birds in the trees surrounding the house, Ethan was surprised how smoothly transitioning into the new house and neighborhood was.

                      He didn't have multiple loads of clothes, so that was a plus. No extra attachments or souvenirs from his past: as far as he was concerned his past was nonexistent as of now. He was Ethan now. Just Ethan.

                        Really though, who cares? As far as everyone knows he's Ethan Champagne, and in the upcoming week he'd be a junior at New Perspectives. High School. The den of lions,thieves, and just plain pussies.

                           Ethan smirked at the thought, setting the last empty crushed box down in the recycle. The sky was a clear blue, and the leaves in the trees were flourishing with vibrant colors like diluted red, bright orange, dulled yellow, and plain shit brown.

                     The breeze made the cool air feel like icy daggers on his skin, he huffed and rolled up the sleeves of the sweater he wore. His bronze skin twinkled in the autumn sun and his hair  ruffled in the wind, and -

                         He laughed in his head, shaking the thought away. He was and looked like a royal mess. His hair couldn't ruffle in the wind because it was nappy and it was too short, his skin was the color of milk chocolate. His eyes were the dull color of shit, so blah. But we can't all win, right?

                      Ethan stood by the recycle bin taking in the cold breeze and the fresh scent of rain from earlier, when a cry of a banshee sliced the air. "Ethan Desmond Champagne!"

                       'Mother.' He  thought, sighing silently. Ethan looked around and found his mother standing in the doorway of the front door, a smile on her face.

                       ''Yes?'' He signed.

                 "I know it's early and we only arrived hours ago, but I think you should do a little exploring. Say hi to the neighbors and walk through the plaza down the road." His mother said, making her smile even wider.

                 Knowing his mother, she just wanted him to go outside for once. And leave so she can go out too, not having to worry about leaving the house in his care. Typical.

                        He shrugged, and his mother clapped in glee. She bolted back inside, and before he knew it his extortionate deep marron cashmere sweater was off and his large navy Ithaca heavier hoodie was being shoved over his head.The purpose, probably so she could finally wash it. He always wore that sweater.

                        "Now you won't get sick. So have fun and call if anything." His mother said, giving him a frail but sturdy hug. 

                   Ethan hugged back and began to walk down the gravel driveway, shoving his hands into his hood pockets.

               'Time to explore.'




                  From greeting all the neighbors and being tackled by their dogs, Ethan realized why he never went to his neighbors houses in the past. People are annoying.

                            Out of say the 9 houses on his roads, not one individual seemed enjoyable. The first house the owners Marcus and Kasey were complete asshats and hated every second he talked to them, they eventually said they were busy and that he should leave. Accompanied by slamming the doors straight in his face. 

           Or Keep It Crazy Ramona, whose house smelt like burnt brownies and looked like she was some other plane other than earth.  She was nice though, and the brownies weren't bad. So house three was ok. But the others could drink a nice glass of arsenic acid.

                    Who knew being enjoyable to be around took work?  

                      By the time Ethan made to the plaza he was not in the mood to do anything. All he had was some crumpled money he had conveniently obtained from his hoodie, but it was only $13. What could a boy buy with thirteen dollars?

     Happiness?  He could never afford it.


  Misery? That's a gift that is given, free of charge.


         How about donuts? Freshly baked with "finest" ingredients and topped with the healthiest things. Like chocolate, icing, and Ethan's favorite; glaze. 

                 And where could he get it? At Gerald's Bakery, a place of warmth, multitudes of blue furniture and free WiFi. After the cashier finally understood what Ethan was signing(after he finally just pointed to what he wanted), having his order stuffed ungracefully in a brown bag, he slid in a booth and sunk into the leather seat.

                    Ethan rested the bag on the table and took it all in. People pass every now and then, mostly in their own world unbothered by his staring. When watching and soaking up his surroundings wasn't enough to block his cravings much longer, he soon began shoving his mouth with donuts.

                      Gobs of icing and glaze stuck to his lips as he gobble the donuts down, his fingertips also covered in the toppings. 'Yummy.'

                He got out of the booth, taking the bag along with him. Discarding the bag he looked for some napkins, whirling straight into someone. And landing straight on the floor.

                     The person under Ethan groaned and shoved at his chest, with a surprising amount of strength. Ethan rolled off the person, and looked into two flaming bits of blue. 

               "Watch where you're going." The blue eyed boy snarled, picking himself up. Ethan did also, not so peachy after that comment. He rolled his eyes and walked around the boy, his height making the boy almost less fearsome than his eyes gave away.

                        'Now where are those napkins?' He thought, his right shoulder pulled back. Ethan turned around, only to be caught in a smoldering glare. On full blast.

                     "You will apologize." The boy bellowed, Ethan wondered how someone smaller could be so menacing. Guess looks can be deceiving. 

                   Ethan stayed quiet.

               That earned him a punch straight to the jaw.

                     Ethan staggered, a sharp jab of pain came on and hurt like hell. He stood straight, feeling his blood boil.

                    Nevertheless he never relieved it because the happy first meeting was over as it started. The cashier shouted at the boy to leave and telling after a long line of profanities, that the silent boy was mute. earning Ehtan a glare of...

            Disgust? Disdain?

               Ethan wasn't sure if the boy was even glaring. The boy looked away, huffing under his breath.

             He didn't catch it all but he did hear "I still want that apology. Mute or not."

                   Apology for what? Knocking his precious body over on to the ever so barbarically dirty floor? 


                       Fuck him. 



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