The Dare Of The Century


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 Sorry this is not a chapter, but I would like to notify everyone that I will be updating every Sunday and Wednesday at 7pm central time. Also, I will add to the first chapter and post it as my first update. Thank you!!! See everyone on Sunday

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Chapter 1

      "You're telling me that you like him?" My obnoxiously irritating friend Sadie asks.

     "Psssh, no," I manage to say. Though  it's very clear that Sadie won't believe me, it's clearly written in her sapphire eyes. I don't understand why she doesn't though, but if I had to guess it probably had something to do with my suddenly mouselike voice. 

     "You like Evan, you like Evan," her voice chants. Very loudly I might add. So loud in fact that the gorgeous mop of hair across the lunch room rises. And looks. Straight. At me.

     "What did you say?" Evan questions, but all I notice is those perfect eyes. And hair. And teeth. And everything  else. I am absolutely sure that there is nothing wrong with this man.

     "What's it to ya, Tuck?" Sadie says. She didn't just say that. Tuck Everlasting is our thing, our secret thing, you know that stays in between us. My never ending crush on Tuck is something I shared with her in confidence. 

     "My name is Evan," oh I know. Everyone knows. 

     "W-we we know," I weakly return sounding like a stalker. Why is nothing going my way.

     Don't get me wrong. I am an independent individual, a daring one I may add. This is all true until you add Evan into the equation. At that point I comparable to a bowl of mush. 

     "Whatever Dare Queen," he greets unkindly. He knows who I am. H-h-he knows. Breathe Monica.

     So there is one itsy bitsy flaw. He is the rudest person on the planet of this Earth. The old Evan was in no way like this, but lately, it's been harder to see under the surface to Evan. My Evan.

     While I am in my state of awe, Sadie wastes no time in defending my honor.

     "Nobody talks to Monica like that. Do they, Monica?" Sadie asks. Oh boy, words don't fail me now.

     "W-we-well there was Jeremy, and Thomas, and Christian, and don't forget James, and-" a low growl interrupts my seemingly endless list of guys, leaving the cafeteria eerily silent. Evan is fuming. His face is red, and his dark eyes seem darker than even possible.

     "Monica, no one will hurt you ever again," he manages to ground out, right before he stomps out of the cafeteria leaving the class population shell-shocked.


     I wander down the hallway after school, waiting for my big brother to pick me up. The only problem is that I have been waiting for an hour. Jason is never on time. Speak of the devil.

     "Hey litt- what happened?" I'm not surprised that he's alarmed. I would be alarmed if he came home with a black eye.

     "Nothing," I mumble. In truth, Chastity Resendez happened.

**********Flash Back Begin**********

     "If I see you so much as look at him, I will ruin you," she spat.

     "There is no way that you could, you have nothing on me," I responded. 

     "Let's see, aren't you the only one that knows Sadie's gay," she said knowingly. And then she turned on her heel and left. And I, just cried.

**********Flash Back End***********

      As the school faded into the distance, I wondered just how true to his word Evan would be.

     When we arrive home my mother is on me like a moth to light.

     "What happened to your face?" she worries. 

     "Nothing Mom," I respond.

     "Who do I need to beat up?" my father questions upon entry. 

     "Absolutely no one," I tell him, and when I say it, I mean it.

^^^^^^^^Authors Note^^^^^^^^^

I'm sorry that this chapter is so short. I will try to lengthen them. This is my first story ever, so I was looking for feedback of any kind. Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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