The Mystery Of The Abandoned Puppy


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The morning

 It was a bright and sunny morning when my kitten woke me up by licking my face. I sprang up high suddenly remembering my dad was teaching me how to heal animals. My dad worked for the RSPCA and sometimes he would bring me with him to feed the animals there.When I grow up  I want to work for the RSPCA as well. I've lived with animals since I was born. My next door neighbor was my best friend and his dad was a police officer. He wanted to be a police officer too.

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Horrifying shock!

 I was outside in the park with Collin playing tag. I was exhausted when  we finished so I sat down on the bench.Then I suddenly saw a small little puppy laying next  to a bench.I bolted 

over and heart nearly stopped when I saw a pair of handcuffs around the puppy! One around his neck and one on the leg of the bench.As quick as I could, I undid the handcuffs.I examined the puppy and its neck was sore so I dashed home with the puppy and gave him to my dad. "I'm sorry darling, I can't teach you how to heal animals today" he said sadly. I had a plan. I would tell my dad to ring up Collins dad ( because he was a police officer) so he could help find out who did this. 

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Finding the suspect

 It was nice and early and I had set out on a trip to find the suspect  of the puppy . I knocked on a door and said " have you seen someone that had a puppy and went out and never came back with it?" and she said yes! She said that her next door neighbor Jasmine had a puppy , took it out and put a handcuff around its neck and one around the leg of the bench . "Bingo!" I exclaimed as I wrote down Notes . I dashed home to tell my dad. Me, dad, Collin and his dad knocked on Jasmines door.   We told her everything and that if she done anything like that again she would be arrested. We left her house and we healed the puppy. I was able to keep him and I called him " Monty".

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