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    I wanted to let you know that I’m coming to visit you and your guild.  Our father has gotten to me and I need to get away for a while.  I hope you don’t mind me stopping by for a month or two.  I would appreciate it if you found me a place to stay while I’m there with you, too.

    I can’t wait to see you again.  It has been too long, sister.  I am excited to not only see you, but meet some of the wizards you have talked about.  Just make sure that Gray keeps his clothes on for most of the time and Natsu doesn’t destroy the guildhall before I get there or when I get there.  I don’t think I’m ready for that yet, not when I haven’t even met them yet.

    I will be there in three days’ time, so make sure arrangements are made such as sleeping arrangements and storm proofing.  I will see you then, sister.  Stay safe!

                    Your sister,

                        Maven Heartfilia



Lucy stared at the letter, not knowing quite what to think.  Maven hadn’t made contact with any of the family since she ran away on her 13th birthday, and that was 5 years ago.  She had sent Maven several letters in hopes of her sister coming back.  She wanted to know if her sister was okay, if she planned on ever coming back.  Lucy had always wondered why Maven had left in the first place.

    “Lucy!  I got another job for us so grab your stuff and let’s go-  What’s that?  What happened?  You look like you just took a train,” Natsu asked, rushing up to Lucy who stood frozen in the living room of the house she rented.  “Lucy?”

    “My sister, she’s coming back,” Lucy mumbled, folding up the paper and placing it on the table that stood not far away.  She sighed, it would be nice to see Maven again.  What would she be like after so long?  

    “You have a sister?  Is she a wizard like you?  What kind?”  Natsu seemed excited, maybe a little hurt that Lucy had not told him about having a sister.  

    “I had a sister, Maven.  I don’t know her anymore,” Lucy said, although it hurt her to say that about the girl, now woman, who had protected her from the brunt of her father’s fury when they were younger.  Based on the letter, her father had found her sister again, which made her feel even worse.  “She wasn’t a wizard when I knew her, but right now, I sure hope she is.”

    “So, am I the only one who knows or am I the last person to find out?  If you told Gray or Erza first, I’m going to be very upset.  So will Happy,” Natsu said as the blue cat showed up on the floor next to him.  

    “Aye,” Happy said.  

    “Nobody else knows about her.  I didn’t think she was even alive anymore,” Lucy said.  She wasn’t sure if her sister was even anything like she used to be, so her still being alive may not be a good thing.  She would find out soon enough, though.  Lucy sighed again before smiling.  “Let’s get started on this job!”

    She would think about her sister later, make the plans her sister had asked her to make.  Of course, why would they need to storm proof?




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Chapter 1

The woman strode through the streets of Magnolia, her short cloak whipping around the dress she wore.  Her hood covered her face, making her look even more mysterious.  People stopped what they were doing to stare at the strange woman who walked through the city.

    “Who’s she?”

    “Is she a wizard?  She gives me the chills!”

    “I wonder what she’s hiding.”

    “Do you know who she is?”

    The woman seemed to ignore all of the questions and comments coming from onlookers.  She had to be somewhere, had to meet someone.  Overhead, the sky clouded and thunder sang.  The torches flared higher and the wind picked up.  

    “She must be a wizard… a powerful one.  I wonder if she’s from Fairy Tail.”

    The woman smirked beneath her hood.  At least the people were not afraid of her like some of the people from the smaller villages.  It must have been related to Fairy Tail.  She had to get to Fairy Tail, not because she was a Fairy Tail wizard, but because her sister was.  There were things that had to be done before she moved on.

    As she arrived at the colorful guildhouse, the door suddenly swung open, a woman in heavy armor stood strongly behind it.  The wizard in the shining armor stood there, sword in hand, poised to strike.  That was, until the woman pulled back the hood of her cloak.  The warrior’s mouth dropped, eyes going wide, red hair seeming to stand on end.


    “Titania,” said the woman, dark auburn hair bouncing as it was unleashed from its holding place.  The woman’s hazel eyes were sharp as they looked closely at the queen of the fairies.  “I have come to visit.”

    “You should have given me notice, Maven.  I would have prepared-”

    “I did make someone aware that I was coming to visit.  I sent a response for a letter from my sister.  She should have made the guild aware that there would be a visitor coming, and made the guild aware that it would be me.”  Erza clearly thought about all of the members, trying to figure out who was expecting a visitor.  “I’m looking for Lucy Heartfilia.  My younger sister came here.  I sent her a response.”

    Erza’s jaw dropped.  Lucy.  Lucy the lighthearted, passionate, odd, happy newbie who had arrived at the guild with Salamander not more than a year or two before.  How could she be related to this wizard?  Maven was cold, unfeeling, cruel, and serious.  She was a loner who had a short temper and a whole lot of deadly power.

    “Lucy?  As in… blond, brown eyed, happy Lucy?”  Maven nodded as lightning touched down not more that 3 feet from the guild.  “God, Maven!  There are children and civilians around here!  Watch where you aim!  Calm down.”

    “I should tell you to do the same,” Maven said cooly.  She peered around Erza who seemed to shrink beneath Maven’s gaze.  Erza silently cursed herself for cowering, but she had seen Maven worked and on a few occasions, worked with her.  “Can you get my sister?  Make sure she leaves Salamander and ice cube back.  I want to speak to her privately first.”

    Erza thought about saying no, not trusting the wizard.  The thing is, Maven hadn’t lied to her before that she knew of.  She had no reason to believe Maven would hurt her friend.  That, and she was a little bit afraid of the mage before her.  Erza nodded, heading back into the guild and closing the door softly behind her.

    Maven smiled softly to herself, humming and looking down.  She listened closely, trying to calm the storm and fires around her.  She was nervous.  She nearly laughed when she realized it.  Maven, one of the best storm mages in the world, not some scared little girl anymore.  She just… she had to admit she was afraid to face the girl she had abandoned so many years before.

    Once again, the door opened, but instead of a redhead, there was a blond.  The blond stood there for a moment, staring blankly at her.  For a moment, Maven wondered if Lucy had gotten her message… or if Lucy even remembered her.  The small, questioning smile that crossed Lucy’s face made her rethink it.

    “Mave?  Is… is that you?  Is that you behind all that… dark?”  Maven nodded, looking down on her younger sister.  For a moment, she felt all of the injuries she had received protecting the girl, but then Lucy hugged her.  “You still look almost the same.  The same smile, same eyes, same… scars.”

    “Yeah.”  Maven didn’t know what to say, anger at herself building up as she realized that she didn’t have anything to say.  The fire that lit the torches flared again, cackling loudly and startling Lucy.  The younger girl jumped away looking around as a crack of thunder resounded in the air.

    “Who did it?  Who’s the wise guy,” shouted a pink-haired boy, rushing out of the guildhall baring his fangs.  He stopped dead when he saw Maven, staring at her with wide eyes.  “M-Maven?  W-what are you doing here?  Was th-there a job?”

    “You know my sister, Natsu?  What are you talking about?”  Lucy looked confused and frustrated.  Natsu’s jaw dropped open, eyes wildly flicking from Lucy to Maven in utter shock.

    “Maven is your sister?!  The beast from the east is your sister?!”  Maven glared at Natsu, who much like Erza, shrank back under her gaze.  “Well, I see where you get your… temper from, Lucy.”

    “It’s good to see you again too, Salamander,” Maven growled out before smiling at Lucy.  Lucy looked seriously confused, sending a questioning glance to her sister before looking back to the ever shrinking dragonslayer.  “I guess I should tell you, Lucy.  I’m a wizard now.”

    “Say what?”

    “She said she was a wizard.  A good one at that… well, maybe,” Makarov said, walking out of the guildhall with Erza behind her.  Lucy’s eyes grew comically wide, making Maven roll her eyes.  “Hello, Maven Heartfilia.  Welcome to the Fairy Tail guild.  I am glad you could come.  Plan on finally joining a guild?”

    “You haven’t joined a guild yet,” Erza questioned before hiding behind her guild master again, making Lucy’s eyes widen even further, if that was even possible.  “Sorry.”

    “No, Makarov.  I don’t plan on it any time soon, either.  I came to see my sister for the first time in 5 years, and for her sake, I hope the last time.  It seems our father has gained his power back and is after the both of us.  I came to inform her of a few things before getting as far away as possible.”


    “She’s protecting you,” Makarov said, turning back to go inside of the guildhall.  “Lucy, tell your sister to come in.  Make sure to tell me to storm proof before she comes.”  Lucy stood still, confused and frustrated far more than before.  Natsu looked almost as nervous as Erza did.

    “C'mon guys, let’s go inside,” Maven said softly, walking past the three wizards.  She looked down, almost ashamed of herself for having scared her sister and some of her sister’s friends.  She silently thanked herself for making this a short visit.  She didn’t want to ruin what her sister had worked so hard for.  Lucy deserved the best.  That wasn’t something she could say for herself-

    A moment after the mages had gotten inside and closed the door, a huge ruckus arose.  Natsu was off like a shot, ready for whatever was in store and the others had tensed.  A few feet in front of them, a certain ice mage sat on the ground, dazed and barely clothed, having been pushed off of the seat by Elfman who had stood up when he saw Maven.

    “You clumsy snowflake,” Natsu shouted, bursting out laughing.  Gray glared at him standing up and summoning his power, creating an ice ball in his hand.  That was, until Elfman slapped him upside the head.

    “Stop!  Don’t be stupid around Maven,” Elfman growled lowly, eyes wide and brow twitching.  Lucy was once again put off by the tension that entered the room at her sister’s name.  Lucy had never known her sister to be someone to be feared.  Her sister had stood before her father without fear, taking every hit for her sister.  But, then again, she hadn’t known her sister to be a mage as well.  She didn’t really know Maven anymore.

    “Who’s Maven?”  Everyone gasped at Gray’s question, but it wasn’t as if people knew her name well.  At least, Maven didn’t think she was well known.  She had met most of the Fairy Tail guild, ensuring that Lucy would be safe there (after doing the research to find out that Lucy planned to go there).  There had been very little about her that she thought they would remember, but obviously people did.  Even the great Titania remembered her… feared her.

    “Maven is a powerful storm mage,” Makarov said, glancing over his shoulder at the younger men and women.  “She is here to say goodbye before she does something she hopes will end her sister’s worries.”  And he walked off, leaving a very confused guild as well as a very upset Lucy in his wake.


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