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Mr. Nerd.  He sits alone and is really smart.  People avoid him just because he is... a nerd.  Did you know he has a name?  Did you know it's not 'nerd boy' or 'four eyes'?  Well, here in Sydney, Australia, his name is Ashton Irwin.  And you know what, he doesn't need to deal with the stuff he does.  So, if magically there was a guardian angel for him?  Well, that is exactly what happens.



The girl who always sat in the corner, reading?  Well, she has a name too.  And right now, she is sent for Ash's well-being.  Meet Dust, the girl who used to be... well, you will see.  Seeing as she is just as smart and four-eyed as Ash, well, it makes things ten times more interesting!  So, what happens when you put the two together?



So, is Ash doomed to be shy, or do things work out?  Courage, friendship, adventures, and maybe something that is just a little more challenging than Dust's mission.



What happens when there's more that just one labeled kid in Sydney, or even in the eastern part of the world?  Well, guess what, there is.  Mr. Nerd is book four of the "Mr. Personality" series that is coming out.  The books are all short story fanfics, set in alternate universes.  Maybe just maybe, their musical destinies will be set up by the strange and coincidental events.  So, read one of them, read them all, read them in order, or out of order.  But, this is one series that you won't want to miss.



- Mr. Shy (Calum Hood)

- Mr. Intimidating (Luke Hemmings)

- Mr. Freak (Michael Clifford)

- Mr. Nerd (Ashton Irwin)

- Mr. Innocent (Niall Horan)

- Mr. Mistrusting and Mysterious (Zayn Malik)

- Mr. Overly Responsible (Liam Payne)

- Mr. Obnoxious (Louis Tomlinson)

- Mr. Popular (Harry Styles)

- Australian Misfits (5SOS)

- UK Elite (1D)

- Youtube Sensations (5SOS and 1D)

- Memories and Thank yous (5SOS and 1D)

- Angels from Above (All finally)

A.N- None of these are in order, hence this book being the fourth on the list but the first to be uploaded.  There are some references, but it will all piece together so bare with me here.  All of these chapters are unedited, so yeah.



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Thick framed, stark black, glasses?  Check.

Intelligent?  Check.

Has real emotions?  Check

Is himself?  Check.

Has scars?  Check

Has Bullies?  Check.

Has it rough?  Doesn't even begin to cover it.

This is what describes Ashton Irwin, but some of the students in his school?  That describes the school nerd, the school punching bag, the school scum.  Did they ever think about Ashton as lonely?  Did they ever think of Ashton as talented?  Did they ever think Ashton was worth something?

Ashton does have glasses, but he didn't always.  He got them when a bully damaged his sight.

Ashton is intelligent.  But is that really a bad thing?  He has a future.

Ashton does have emotions.  It just makes him human.  It makes him lovable.  It makes him who he is.

Ashton is himself.  And it takes a lot of guts to be yourself.  Half of the worlds population can't do it in fear that they won't fit in.  It is an admirable quality.

Ashton does have scars.  They weren't self inflicted, just so you know.

Ashton has bullies.  But whose fault is that?

Ashton has it rough?  Oh yes, more than anyone can see.  He has more than just school life to worry about, yet nobody seems to care enough to notice.

That is, unless you count me.  My name is Dust Connors, the supposed guardian angel.  That isn't my job though.  My job is to be the girl who can shield you from it all.  So when I heard that I would be guarding Mr. Nerd?  Well, let's just say, there is more to the story you just might want to hear.

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Chapter 1

“Gracie, I know what I have to do.  We have gone over it a million times before and a million times before other missions!  I’m not Amanda!”  My temper was flaring as Gracie, my sister and technically my boss, glared at me, but maintained her cool head.  I hated when she treated me like Amanda!  I wasn’t the helpless little girl with the stutter.  I wasn’t the nerd I used to be.  Gracie helped me learn that.

“You will not insult Amanda in such a way, and you are right.  You are nothing like Amanda because you don’t follow directions!  I just want to make sure that you stay safe and finish the mission in the right way, now repeat the files I gave you, by memory.  Or has your nerdy mind forgotten how to study,” Gracie growled, eyes still glaring at me from a completely emotionless face.  Her words enraged me, but there was nothing I could or would do.  Gracie was right.  I was picking this fight, not wanting to go back to the place of my torment.

“My charge’s name is Ashton Irwin and he is considered the school nerd.  He enjoys reading and writing, as well as playing the drums, not that anyone knows or cares to know.  He has several bullies and constantly does their homework, hoping for them to skip a beating, which they never do.  He often hides his injuries with makeup, and enjoys hiding as much as possible.  His favorite places to hide are the music room, the auditorium under the stage, and the library.  His favorite color is blue and he likes wallabies.  

“My cover is Dust Connors, new kid and nerd.  I enjoy reading and writing, as well as playing the bass and boxing.  I have been bullied and suffer from depression, so the scars on my arms can be displayed without glamour.  I am tough, not bending to the beck and call of the bullies, and will fight back as ordered by Grace Poran.  I am not afraid to show off injuries, making me somewhat intimidating.  I do not hide, I stay and fight.  My favorite color is red and I like foxes.

“My job as a guardian is to serve and protect Ashton to the best of my abilities, while keeping in mind that I am in harms way and can… fade.  I know that my job is not to be done alone and that I should call if serious trouble should arise.”

Gracie nodded, eyes softening, and smiling… as much as she could, which was more of a grimace.  She looked down, blond hair falling into her eyes before looking back up and holding out her hand.  I held out mine, as was tradition, and took the small, airplane shaped necklace that matched all of my friends’.

“Ready?”  I nodded, knowing that Gracie had other things to do, somewhere else to be, her charge to look after.  Grace stared into my eyes, the same calculating stare she gave me when she wanted to ensure I was telling the truth, then turned around, pointing to the school in front of us.  “I want you to be careful in that school, Dusty.  There is no way that I can help you if you get too into it, so remember to watch out for yourself.  You know I will always come, but I trust you enough to know what to do.”  She paused lowering her gaze to my own.  “Watch your temper today, and call me when you head home to the safe house.  You know my number.”

And with that, she disappeared, probably to go visit her charge.  I nodded to myself, before heading down the walk to the buzzing front lot.  I just had to make sure that I don’t remember and don’t lose my temper.  That is all I have to do today.  I just have to stay cool…

My thoughts were abruptly halted when I was pushed to the ground, my backpack of brand new books that Gracie had bought me skittered across the lot,  the contents pouring out.  I looked up, seeing what was obviously, today’s version of a jock, staring down at me in disgust.

“Watch it nerd!”  

This was going to be a long mission.  Gracie, I will sure try, but no promises.

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