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Hello everyone who actually cared enough to look into this seeing as there are a million and one blogs on this site!  My name, if you really want to know, is Cade.  I am a female, so don’t ask me any questions about guy stuff.  Thank you!  I go to school still, so now you know.



Well, that happened.


Other than that, this post is really just an introduction.  So I will tell you some stuff about me.  If you are smart, you will wait until I start posting more to judge, because this will be boring and not at all a normal occurrence.  Well then, let’s begin!


  1. I love foxes!  No dissing them because they scream like girls, which by the way I find offensive.  We all have different screams.

  2. I have a brother, older of course (I’m rolling my eyes at the thought of him, just fyi).  His name is Joey and he is possibly the most annoying and overprotective brother I have ever met.  Joey is 21.  Stupid adult!

  3. I, Cade J., play the guitar and sing.  “That is just lame!”  Shut up person in the back!  Don’t stick around if you are going to talk through this.

  4. I, have no personality or sense of humor.  I will laugh, but I can’t tell a joke to save my life.

  5. I love to read and write.  Simple as that, people.

  6. I have a dog named Hex.  He is the dog from hell when it comes to everyone else, but to me, he’s my baby boy.  The most adorable Australian Shepherd ever if you ask me!

  7. My favorite color is… not a color.  I love gray because, well, it’s just so… gray.  *cricket cricket*  Shut up John!  Don’t you have someone else to chirp at?


Well, that is it for now.  Message me, comment, or email me at!  I will post soon and you will get to see more of my not so interestingness…





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