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Chapter 1

I remember meeting an old man. I was walking through the woods when I saw two plastic chairs right next to each other that seemed decades old. The chairs were facing a small pond. When I sat down on one of the chairs, I gazed upon the pond and took in the view. It couldn’t have been more than five or ten minutes when an old man joined me. He sat in the chair next to me and began to talk.

    "As a kid, I use to come down here and watch the lizards run across the rocks in the pond. Sometimes I tried to     catch 'em!"

The old man chuckled and gestured his hand in a swiping motion as if he was catching a lizard at this exact moment.

    "It was peaceful being alone in the woods with only the sound of nature. I set up my chair that I am in right now     and would watch the day come to an end. One day, I must have been in my early twenties, doing the usual,     watching the pond and spending time with Mother Nature, someone plopped a chair right next to mine."

   He tapped the chair with the palm of his hand with a huge grin.

    "The chair was the exact same kind as mine. I was too fascinated with the view I didn't bother to look at who     was sitting next to me. So, we both sat there watching the wind rustle the leaves of the trees. Then the person     would just leave without any word. It continued like that for months. I still didn't look to see who was there. I     was just enjoying the company and silence. Eventually, I introduced myself to her. Lily was her name. I told her     my name and carried on with what I was doing, as did she. Each day we would know more about each other.     Then, one of the days I spent with her, I married her!"

He chuckled once more thinking that he was the funniest man alive at that point. He seemed to be very happy about the things going on, so I didn't interrupt him, I just listened. 

"We came every day just to watch nature do her thing. There was one morning Lily got sick, but nothing too serious, she said to me 'since I won't be able to enjoy the view, enjoy the view twice as much for me.' When she was all better we went on and we watched the sun rise and set."

His chuckling stopped and his smile had gone. He seemed to have a more serious look on his face.

    "Many years had past and we lived a long life of marriage, three kids, and five grandchildren. Now, everyday I     have been enjoying the view twice as much for her.”

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