One move.


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The Move.

 "Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!"

I punched my phone until it stopped beeping. I slowly opened my eyes and frowned, hoping to accidentally fall back asleep. I wasn't having much luck. Quickly, I pulled my phone out of the charger and started to text my friends goodbye notes. Today, Novemeber 27, I am moving from lovely Florida to Herdon, Virgina. No, I'm not excited about the move. In fact, I begged my older sister, who is the person who takes care of me, to stay. Alisha has always dreamed of becoming a doctor. Now that she's 18, she is able to go to Herndon Collage in Herdon, Virgina. It's a special collage that only very few people are welcome to. Yes, I am very excited that she is achieving her dreams but, I am 16 years old. Why can't I live on my own? I pushed that thought to the back of my head. I continued with the goodbye texts.  Amanda: Bye! I'll miss you!                             Abby: Bye! I'll miss you a lot!                     Faith: I can't believe I'm about to leave you forever! I will miss you SO much!

I felt a little tear trickle down my face as I sent my last text. I heard a soft knock at my door. "It's open." I said while whiling away the tear drop. Alisha came in and plopped down on my bed. "Good morning, Ashly." I gave her a nod. "We need to leave for the airport at 7:00. Please be ready by then." She stood up and walked out of my room. Slowly, I crawled out of bed and headed for my closet. 

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Chapter 2.

 I'm not entirely sure why I went to my closet. All of my clothes except for a pair of Nike shorts and a t-shirt, were packed away in boxes. I sighed as I grabbed my clothes and slipped them on. 

Without any effort, I threw my hair up into a very loose messy bun and threw on a little of mascara. Perfect for a plane ride, right? My room was empty. Too empty. It made me very sad knowing that all of my belongings were in a UHaul truck heading for Virginia. Before we knew it, Alisha and I were on the plane heading to Virginia. 

When we landed I had the worst possible headache that I had ever had. To make that even worse, there were so many people wondering around. "The uber is outside waiting for us, Ashly." I sighed and followed my sister to the outside of the airport where we met our Uber. "How are you two doing today?" She asked. We both smiled and said fine. 

"So, you people are new to Virginia. What made you want to move here?" I say back and relaxed knowing that I wouldn't have to answer that question. My sister spoke up. "Well, I was excreted into Herdon Collage." The Uber honked the horn and clapped her hands. "Oh my! I am so proud of you! I heard that it's nearly impossible to get into that school."   The rest of the drive went by quickly and before I knew it we were pulling up in front of a house.

The house was bigger than I imagined it to be. It was a 2 story house. I started to smile a little bit. "Do you like it?" I nodded and hopped out of the car. Alisha followed and told our Uber thank you. 

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