Elaina out of Wonderland


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We're all mad here


It was another day in the realm of the impossible, insane and mentally deranged. The day was exactly alike any other full of the madness of tea parties, the Flowers giving their hourly, concerts and the Queen of Hearts yelling “off with their head!!!” every so often which I heard all of it as the sounds carried on the breeze to me in the sole place in Wonderland not buzzing with people and madness.

It was not a very well know spot, but it was breath taking, it was merely a little clearing in the woods not far from her house it was full of large willow trees and a small but clear lake near the end of the clearing, it was also home to many beautiful flowers none of them talked or singed they were normal flowers, but there were so many and in so many different colors that it would days  for me to name all of them I loved this clearing it was my home away from home. Not many liked to come here since there was nothing really magical about the clearing, but that is why I loved it

Exactly like every other day I sat with my back against the large tree's base which grew next to the small lake with a book on my lap reading, but I wasn’t really studying the words in front of me, I couldn’t even see the words in front of my eyes or anything else for that matter I was lost to deep into my thought about what today was…

There's this saying from a book my dad would read to me when I was little an old Wonderland fairytale it has a saying that everyone here knows by heart it says “we’re all mad here” well all but me that was my whole problem I wasn’t mad not even a little insane, I was actually quite sane for being THE Mad Hatter’s Daughter that being said, being sane is never a good thing to be in Wonderland home to the crazy, mad and mentally deranged to be sane is to be strange here to be wired in a land of lunatics is quite a feat really, and of course I’m all anyone talks about these days I was the best gossip in wonderland for years everyone knows about Elaina Mea Hatter daughter of the Mad Hatter and the only sane being in all of wonderland.

I don’t why I'm like this or even how, I was born this way, even when I was very young while everyone else were pretending to throw mad tea parties and talking in rhymes and riddles I was just sitting quietly reading. I was always different, even the way I look and dress is different I look normal while everyone around me had crazy outfits and even crazier hair in comparison I looked plain and ordinary unlike my dad who looked like just a burst of color and excitement with his dark green eyes always full of mischief and fun , blonde hair always a mess and somewhat tan skin then there was of course his trusty top hat that no matter what it always stayed in place on top of his head, it was mess of all the colors of the rainbow in different patches all over its surface no matter how insanely colorful the hat was it always went with everything that was why he made it like that “ so no matter the day I can always wear this hat for It will always match” is what he always said and he was right it always did, next to his colorful self I was nothing but a pale grey spot at his side

While his hair was light blonde mine is a dark brown, his eyes are a deep dark green mine is just a simple hazel, he was very tall at 6’2 I was barley 5’2, the thing we had in common when it came to looks was we both had somewhat tan, I may get my looks from my mother but I wouldn’t know if I did.

Another thing that made me strange in Wonderland was every being in Wonderland had some sort of magic that turned things upside down and inside out, like my dad he was the best at party magic that helped him throw the craziest, maddest parties Wonderland has ever know with flying self severing tea sets and upside down cakes fifty layers tall never having the same flavor twice, his magic just made it all happen in the blink of a eye, with a dad like that everyone expected me to have just as much Wonderland magic as him but it’s hard when everyone wants me to be just like him throwing mad tea parties left and right and being the most insane and fun man in all of wonderland it was a lot of pressure but every time I tried to use the crazy wonderland magic we have to do something crazy it never turns out Now if my magic went wrong like in the way that made things go BOOM! It would be much better than this, when I use my magic what goes wrong is nothing weird happens I try and turn someone's hair pink I end up making it look fantastic with not a hair out of place, a paint balloon spells end up fixing every rip and tear in their clothes and making the colors look even brighter,

The only magic that actually worked for me wasn’t crazy or insane not even a little and I only found this out one day when I was 12

It was another bad day for me I had been on the receiving end of some paint balloon spells that day and was covered head to toe in pink, brown, orange and yellow paint I was waiting for my dad to pick me up from the school, all the other kids who had not been picked up yet were still looking at me and giggling nonstop and their parents were not much better they were not outright laughing at me but they whispering things like “this wouldn’t have happen if she were more like the Hatter” and “if she wasn’t so odd” I could hear it all no matter how quiet they thought they were being, I could hearing it all buzzing, ringing in my ears and head till I just couldn’t take it anymore I ran I didn’t even notice my dad calling my name

I just knew I had to get away before I went mad and not in the way they wished I was. I ran as far as I could go even running right past my house till I ended up in a clearing, it was full of dead trees and weeds, it was lifeless, I sat at the base of one of the tree closet to the dark murky brown lake and just cried.

I don’t really know how long I sat there caring when my dad found me, he did nothing but come and sat by my side and held me till the tears stopped, once they did he spoke to “Elaina… I know it’s hard my dear, but you can’t run away from every hardship and problem in life, if you did you would never stop running, you would run till the end of the time.” he held my chin in his hand and turned my face to his, even though he had a smile on his face for me I could tell he really didn’t want to smile by the frown in his brow and how tense his shoulders were “promise me Elaina, that you will not run from your problems again you will face them with bravery and courage, no matter what”

  When Dad looked like he did then I couldn’t say no, no matter how much I wanted to keep running “ok Dad, I promise” after I said my promise I turned my head away from him and saw a completely different sight, then when I first ran into the clearing to hide, instead of the dead and lifeless trees and weeds I saw before, it was green with life and not a weed in sight, the lake was also now a deep clear blue,

I turned to Dad in wonder “Dad, did you do this,” he looked down at me confused “what are you talking about my dear?” what does he mean? He had to have bought the clearing back to life, “the clearing… it was all dead trees and weeds when I got here, and now it’s not, it had to be you who did it Dad” his look of confusion turned it into something else, a big smile overtook his face, he stood up then picked me up off the ground and spun us around “my dear!! My wonderful, beautiful girl, it wasn’t me who brought this place it was you!! You found your Wonderland magic!” he had stopped spinning us but was still holding me tightly in his arms, even now 6 years later, I can still remember it all in perfect detail,

But even finding my magic didn’t help with what everyone thought of me, I still kept my promise to my dad and stopped running and stood my ground no matter what, but today I just wanted to still in the clearing and pretend today was not happing

 It was always the same every year on this day always the worst day of the year I wish this day just wouldn’t t happen, I was so deep thought, I didn’t hear someone come up behind me, I noticed too late as a bucket of ice cold water was dumped on me and my book I was soaked to the bone.

 when I turned around I saw the Hunter twins Marcie Hunter and Gena Hunter laughing their asses off at how I looked and holding on to each other trying to stay standing of course it was them they just loved to torture me especially today the Hunter twins were not really twins but cousins, their fathers were Tweedle Dee and Dumb, but of course those aren’t their real names their real names are Blaine and Logan Hunter, most everyone here has a nickname of sorts that they get when their wonderland magic shows its self, and everyone is given names that fit their talents, like how my dad is called the Mad Hatter but his real name is Darien Hatter

 But anyway, the twins were born a year apart but looked exactly the same with their pale faces, bight short orange hair and willow like figures so we all called them the Tweedle twins

The only way to tell them apart was their clothes Marcie always wore something yellow while Gena always wore sky blue

“Hahaha you should the look on your face! It’s priceless, isn’t it Gena?” Marcie said who now had tears in her eyes with how hard she was laughing turned to Gena as she said this, Gena was in the same state as her cousin tears in her eyes and leaning against one of the nearby trees “it is a beautiful sight! I love seeing our handy work. It always puts a smile on my face”

I could feel my face twitch in annoyance and my face go red, I may not be mad as a Hatter but I did have tamper when something like this happened, I stood fast as a snake about to strike. “Oh you two think you’re just so funny!!” if looks could kill the twins would have been dead long ago. They had stopped laughing but still had their stupid smug grins on their faces,       

“Well yeah we got you good” they said together in unison, I rolled my eyes at stupidity “yeah sure dumping a bucket of water on me is just so clever and funny of you two, really what will you think of next, kick some mud in my face like five year olds? ” they then began to circle me like they were vultures as talked, “oh Elaina the day has only just begun” Marcie said to my right, “and there is still so much we can do” Gena whispered into my ear.

I whip around to face them as they stopped to stand behind me “you two don’t scare me, whatever you’re planning won’t work like always” their smiles are still on their faces and still just as smug as before, like they have already won, I wish I could wipe those smug grins off their faces once and for all.

“Dear Elaina, after all these years you still underestimate us far too much,” Marcie said as she and Gena began to walk away, thank Wonderland that they were finally laving, but just as the thought went through my head they turned their heads so they were looking at me while they were still walking away, and said once again in unison “by the way Elaina have a very un-merry birthday!!” and they kept on walking till they were out of sight, but they were unfortunately not out of my mind, their smug grins burned into my mind.       


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