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Why is it trying hard to catch my breath?

Why won’t the tears let me rest?

Why one minute am on top of the world then just one screw up and I fall off the earth?

Why can’t it all work out?

Why when I turn my back everything goes to hell in a hand basket?

Why is everything always breaking apart and tearing me at the seams?

Why can’t for once things fall into place?

Why can’t my dreams take shape?

Why can’t my hope rise on new wings of grace?

Why don’t my dreams come true?

Why can’t I grow wings?

Why can’t I fly away and take my dreams to place they have never reached before?

Why do I fight the endless fight for dreams and hopes?


I guess because no matter how many times my dreams die from other hand and my own doing they will raise again worse for wear yes but my hopes and dreams will always be there


Because I am human and matter how big or small or impossible we will always dream of a bigger, brighter future


It is and will always our deepest hope, for our dreams to come true no matter the odds or pain we will suffer


Each and everyone of us is a dreamer dreaming endless dreams no matter the pain I stuffer or the tears I cry I will still dream and fight for my dreams


With each time I fail I become stronger so I will keep reaching and my hands maybe burned many more time before I reach my dreams and my heart will break time after time but one day all I have been though and felt will help me grow the wings I need to make my dreams a reality and that is a future I will wait to the bitter end to see

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