Surviving Revision


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Revision. The mere words cause some people to break in shivers. But it doesn’t always have to be like that. I’m not going to promise that you will ace your exams, and you’ll get 100% on each test you do; I can’t do that- but YOU can. You can change things up a bit, create change… for the better. You control your future, and you have to decide what to do. Revision or… dark, bleak future? You decide.


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Chapter 1

I'm going to keep this book short, sweet and simple. It's going to be to the point and I won't beat around the bush, that's because I know you have better things to do... Like revision. So, go through the book quickly, and whilst doing so, you need to read, learn and absorb. Apply everything that you learn to your revision techniques. Seriously. 

The first thing that I will ask you to do is buy a notebook. Let's call it a 'journal'- for formalities' sake. Also, I want you to get a calendar, if you don't already have one, that is. These are going to be extremely useful from today onwards. I mean it. Now, the first thing that I want you to do is:

Open the calendar, and find today's date. Have you done it? Well, if you can, please hurry up and do it- you haven't got all day (you've got to study later on, remember?), now, once you've got today's date, using a big, bold pen, write: "today is the day that I am getting my act together. I am now going to take revision seriously." Write that, or something along those lines, to signify that you are now serious about revision, and from hereon now, progress WILL be made. And you know it will. 

This day will serve as a reminder for when you decided to take yourself and everything else seriously, and if you haven't made any progress... it will be a huge bite in the bum and encourage you to get a move on, and do something about your lack of success. 

Then, the journal. With that, you will scrawl down anything useful that you get from this book. Make your own Ten Commandments from my words, and then live by those words. Apply them well and you will definitely succeed. 

Now, this last thing that you will need to get is kind of hard to come by. It's completely free, but whether or not you can attain it depends on you, as a person. So, this last thing that I'm asking for is:

A personality makeover. Hard? Yes. Impossible? Hell no. I can hear another question. The crucial one... 

How the heck do I get a personality makeover?!

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Chapter 2

The last question on you mind was "how the heck do I get a personality makeover?!" and now, it's going to be answered. Do you have your journals out? OK. Here goes. 

I want you to establish a new vocabulary. The word 'can't', unfortunately, no longer exists. So, that word is now tabooed, we cannot use it anymore (I know I used 'cannot' but I've finished studying, and I'm using it as a means of instruction, not negativity- you see the difference?) the word 'can't' (or 'cannot' for the smarty pants out there) will no longer be used. The mere word echoes negativity and we don't want that. Instead of saying "I can't succeed', you will say "I haven't gotten there yet, but I will". 

And it's a mouthful, I know, but it will act as a constant reminder for you that you WILL succeed and you WILL achieve exam success. Here's another word that I want you to avoid:

The word 'won't'. It reeks of stubbornness, doesn't it? Yeah, well, we're no longer using it. Sorry, about that! Instead, you can say, "I will". So, rather than "I won't study", you'll be saying "I WILL study", and do you know what that does? It stops unnecessary procrastination and encourages you take action. 

See, the makeover seemed quite difficult at first, but once broken down, it's quite simple and the results are simply astounding. Trust me, I know. 

Another thing you'll need to do is become positive. Get rid of all the negativity, the pessimism, the things that keep dragging you down and look at everything differently... Positively. The easiest way to adopt this attitude is to start out by finding good things in everything you see. So, when it's raining, you'll be saying "great! The flowers are going to be looking much more lively!", you've seen someone wearing the worst outfit ever, but you'll say, "the pattern is quite nice, though...", or if you've failed a test, "oh, it's fine! I can get a one-to-one with Sir, to go through all my mistakes. Then I will definitely do better next time". 

See, each of these scenarios were truly terrifying (for some) and with each, we managed to say something positive in each situation. The positivity you will acquire will also make you positive about your own future, and you will be free from all self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back, because the new person you are will not believe in the negative holdbacks, and will ALWAYS find a way out. An important thing to remember for being positive is to be genuine, because by lying to yourself, you won't be doing anyone any favours, and you'll only be hindering your self growth. Really. So, be genuine, be positive and be real.  

Finally, you need to trust me. I've been there, I've done that. I've helped loads of students, from all sorts of backgrounds, with all sorts of issues, so I do know what I'm talking about. The advice I'm given is genuine and has produced results. So put trust in me, and yourself, and know that my words will get you somewhere, and that 'somewhere' means far in life, and you'll do just fine.  

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