How to write 5 paragraph opinion essay examples


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How to write 5 paragraph opinion essay examples

Opinions are very individual, so it is clear that people have very strong feelings for their opinions - don't forget about it while  writing the 5 paragraph opinion essay examples. But many people bring these feelings beyond common sense. They bring the right idea "Everyone has the right to their own opinion" to a funny extreme - "Everyone's opinion is correct." No one can hope to become a good thinker without acquiring a mature understanding of the nature of opinion in example of speech essay. Though you can always purchase essays for college.

Example of speech essay

The main problem with the word "opinion" in the 5 paragraph opinion essay examples is that it has too broad an interpretation. He has to carry more weight than it can withstand, covering both the expression of taste and the expression of judgment.

Expression of taste

The expression of taste describes internal states and preferences. In fact, it says: "I like it" and "I do not like it." For example, someone might say, “I find bald men attractive,” or “I will not buy any other car than a Buick,” or “When I look at a picture of a cow, I want to see something that looks like a cow.” rather than a jumble of colors "," Yellow and dark red go well together. " All these sayings are an expression of taste. We can share preferences, and we can find them hopelessly vulgar. But there is no point in asking someone to defend these statements. They do not need protection.

Expression of judgment

The expression of judgment is a statement about the truth of objects or about the rationality of a particular course of action. Therefore, if people say: “Bald men more often catch cold than shaggy ones”, “Buicks” are more economical than Fords ”,“ Paintings depicting cows in which it is impossible to recognize cows are bad ”or“ The combination of yellow and dark red is a sign of aesthetic inferiority ", - then they do not express their taste (although their taste may hide in the shadows). They express judgment in exactly the same way as if they answered the question of whether the death penalty holds crime down or whether the voting age should be increased.

Sample of speech essay

To dispute the expression of judgment is not considered impolite or undemocratic, especially in the sample of simple speech essay. Judgments are only as good as the facts that support them. The story is flooded with examples of judgments based on inconclusive facts or on a narrow interpretation of facts. In many cases, they caused enormous harm, because people did not dare to challenge them.

For centuries, people accepted the idea that it is the heart, not the brain, that is the center of human consciousness. Until the end of the 17th century, people were convinced that the angels controlled the movement of the planets in their orbits. (Even renowned astronomer Johann Kepler did not dispute this conviction. 24) The fossils that were known long before the Charles Darwin era were interpreted as remnants of plants and animals destroyed by the Flood, as the creation of Satan to deceive believers or as tests of faith buried in the ground Lord.

Similarly, at different times, our ancestors were convinced that the cause of deviations in behavior are demons and that the most effective treatment is magic, enema, placement in an insane asylum, whipping, spinning in a special machine or stoning to death26. And in 1902, books were written, declaring that blacks were created along with animals to serve Adam, that they had a mind, but no soul, that the woman who had tempted Adam was a black servant, and that Cain married a black man most mixed blood of people and animals.

The fact that people's judgments can be not only erroneous, but also ridiculous, is the best reason for you to base your judgments on convincing facts, carefully interpreted, and not on prejudice, whims or blind faith. You also need to learn to quickly review your judgments when new facts challenge them.

Public opinion, of course, existed at all stages of human development since its inception. The elders in the tribes were elected by universal suffrage, that is, with the help of the opinions of most people. To date, the president of the country, we also choose a universal popular vote, from the individual vote consists of the majority opinion - this is public opinion.

In general, public opinion can be described as a majority opinion on current and topical issues. This is a collection of individual thoughts, opinions of each individual person, which coincided with the thoughts and ideas of other people. To learn public opinion, various social surveys are conducted.

Proceeding from the fact that Russia, for example, is a democratic country, the role of public opinion is significantly increasing.

In order for public opinion to develop, in my opinion, a coincidence of several factors is necessary - the topic under discussion must be relevant, it must affect the interests of humanity as a whole, and not the individual person; the topic should be sufficiently discussed, it is necessary to look at it from different sides and have more than one point of view; and, finally, people must necessarily know what they are talking about, reasoning, they must possess the necessary level of competence. It should be said that public opinion may be erroneous, because it consists not only of reliable sources.

The lack of information is compensated by guesses, rumors and gossip.

On the example of the play by A.S. Griboyedov will demonstrate a banal example of public opinion. Sophia in emotions calls Chatsky crazy. A Famusov society immediately picks up and spreads this rumor.

Further, all those who consider him as such are considered, while not knowing him, in fact, as a person.

Often, public opinion can develop into an ordinary stereotype. They say that blondes are fools, and the woman behind the wheel is a monkey with a grenade. This stereotype, of course, may be erroneous, but public opinion has already taken shape. If you take the example of women with a car, there are those who understand them better than any man. What only is the famous woman-excavator!

Due to public opinion, people often lose their individuality, become gray mass and "herd." They look at each other, listen to each other, not having their own thoughts. Almost every person has “herd” instincts, sometimes it even helps to survive, but more often people become the same, chase after fashion, and from here, for example, are dressed the same way as in an incubator.

I do not claim that public opinion is always bad, but you definitely need to have your own personal opinion and opinion on everything. Every person must have an individuality, then he will be a person. From the opinion of one person, the course of events may change, public opinion may or may not be formed.

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