Flower Of Demeter


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 Demeter sits in her garden on Mount Olympus, with every wave of her hand she creates another flower. There are Lily's and Poppy's, pansys and roses along with Lilacs and Bluebells. She sighs 'what's wrong Demeter I thought you loved gardens?' A mighty voice booms startling her 'oh it's just you zeus' she says settling back down 'well what's the matter?' He asks her. Demeter sighs 'It gets so boring here in olympus' she says looking down through her hole in the ground seeing Greece. Zeus looks at her sad face 'Why don't you have a look for yourself instead of from Olympus' he says with a fatherly smile. Demeter looks at him 'really Zeus OH THANK YOU!!!' She hugs him 'be warned though Demeter your immortality doesn't exist there' Zeus warns her, Demeter nods and With a swirl of her hands she disappears to Greece.

In Greece a patch of flowers began to grow upwards until it formed a woman. Demeter came out of the flowers and went to look around the market.

When she gets there she sees a young girl look in wonder at a rose the girls eyes sparkling,

She notices a glare from the florist and the little girl stops looking, her eyes go dull. Demeter sees the girls sad look and holds out her hand 'pick it' she says, the girl looks at her in confusion 'there's nothing there' she implies, suddenly a golden rose grew out of demeters hand. The girl looks at Demeter in wonder and Demeter nods, the girl then picks it from Demeters palm 'what's your name little one?' She asks the girl 'I'm not little I'm 12!' The girl says in annoyance 'my names Riley' Riley puts out her hand 'nice to meet you lady' Demeter laughs she's never seen such a bizarre child 'what's so funny?' Riley asks her 'did your parents teach you manners like that?' Demeter asks her. Riley goes silent 'my parents are dead they died 3 years ago' Riley says with a whisper. Demeter looks at the girls face, Riley wipes her tears 'so what's your name Lady?' She asks Demeter 'I'm Demeter the goddess of nature but you can call me big sister' Demeter says taking a liking to this child. A passing by believer in the gods over hears Demeter and goes up to her 'this is blasphemy!' He shouts 'you should be killed for impersonating the gods!' And with that he took Demeter by the collar tied her up and sentenced her to be hung.

2 weeks later on her day to be hung a bright light shone and demeters sisters appeared: Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis and Hera along with her daughter Persephone.

Hera was the first to speak 'my dearest Sister you should come back to Olympus and abandon this world we can make another much nicer'

'One filled with love and beauty!!' Aphrodite joins in

'One filled with wisdom and creativity' Athena says joining in

'One filled with forests and children' Artemis says joining in again

Then Persephone spoke 'one with flowers and spring'

Despite all this Demeter shook her head 'this world has all of that and more besides I will get reborn'

Reluctantly the goddesses nod their heads 'then we shall give 5 children our immortal power to guide you in your next life'

Athena looked around for somebody wise in the crowd and she found a young girl

Aphrodite looked for somebody kind beautiful and ful of love and she found a young girl

Artemis looked for somebody who could hunt and had love for children she found a young girl

Persephone looked for somebody and just as she was about to choose somebody her mother pointed at a red head crying begging them to not kill her big sister 'choose her' Demeter told Persephone. Persephone looked at the child and nodded.

'From now on you will serve as our human bodies our blood is now in your veins you have our qualities we put our trust in you do not fail us' the goddesses said to their chosen ones they left and Demeter was killed......... 400 years later a baby girl is born

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A peasant girl

 In greece in Athens and in a little town there is a bakery, inside this bakery is a happy couple, a baker and a bakers wife.

'Isabelle did you bake the bread?!' A voice shouts

'Which one?' Isabelle shouts from the kitchen

'The one for the kings banquet!' An angry voice shouts back

'Oh that one?! I put that in the tin on the right of the oven! Honestly David!' Isabelle shouts sighing and laughing

'Oh ok thanks Iz' David shouts feeling embarrassed.

In the kitchen Isabelle looks around. 'Now where did I put that flour....' she mumbles to herself, she looks some more and she finds the flour tin 'yes!' She whispers to herself and she opens it to find........Nothing. She sighs 'Lilac come here!' Isabelle calls. A young girl walks in, 'yes mother' she says, 'I need you to go down to the market and buy me some flour' Isabelle tells her.

Lilac looks down 'mother....'

Isabelle turns around 'yes?' 'I'm still in my pajamas....' lilac says, Isabelle looks down at lilac and laughs 'Lilac!, get changed then' Lilac goes red and embarrassed 'oh yeah umm if course I uh... I'm gonna go get changed now' and lilac scuttles away. Isabelle sighs and looks out the window 'OH! I need to get the bread out the oven!' She says remembering

In Lilacs Bedroom, Lilac sits down at her stool and picks up the comb, she starts combing her long wavy fawn locks making them bounce against her night wear, she starts humming and then singing.

Make the dough and kneed it too

Carry it to the oven

Pick it up and close the door

Leave it till its done

It's a bakers life for me

I'm the bakers daughter

I help out

At the bakery

Just give me a shout

Make the dough and kneed it too

Carry it to the oven

Pick it up and close the door

Leave it till its done.

When Lilac finishes her song she puts her hair in a quick scruffy pony tail and goes through her drawers to find an outfit. When she is done with her outfit she sits down spreading her blue dress over the stool, she puts on her white pinafore and ties her hair up nicely into a neat pony tail and places a checkered headband on her head.

Lilac runs downstairs to put on her brown plimsols and grabs a bag 'bye mother bye father!' She calls before shutting the door. Lilac skips down the street with her basket until she gets to the market.

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