Unforgettable or Regrettable? (English Version)


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"Would You Consider Last Night Unforgettable or Regrettable?"

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I. Unforgettable or Regrettable?

"Kim Seol Ah..." -Oh Nami called her shaking her by her right shoulder. "Pleaseeeee"- She begged her best friend. "Today is the day we've been waiting for, you finally turned 22! Not because some bastard treated you wrong you won't celebrate it"

"No."- Seol replied, with her sight lost and a gesture-

"Yah! Kim Seol. We will go out tonight, as planned. We had been planning this for almost a year! You cannot do this to me, Seol. Are you really settling down because of this dumb ass Jae Dok. Don't tell me you will mourn this little piece of shit, who fucking cheated on you. "

"No"-She replied-

"Are we going then?"-Nami clapped twice, with excitement –


"UGH!" –Nami said frustrated.- "Okay"-She stood up, and headed to the front door-

"Where are you going?"

"Home. Until your boring ass goes back to the Seol used to be my best friend"-Nami said, and stormed the door behind her.

Seol took a deep sigh  just let herself fall on the bed she was sitting at.

Oh Nami has never had a boyfriend, she always gets what she wants, be with the guy she wants. She has never been committed emocionally with any of the guys she has been with. She just enjoys the moment, and just has lived it as an affair, just a one night thing. Seol was not like that. She likes go clubbing, and dancing, but not doing that 'Recreative' games her bestfriend likes to do.

Today morning she broke up her boyfriend. They were dating for almost 3 years, and she found him cheating on her. ON THE DAY OF HER BIRTHDAY. She just wasn't in the mood for clubbing, or dancing, she was heartbroken.

She grabbed her phone for apologizing with her bestfriend, and the first thing she saw was about 10 messages from Jae Dok, and missed calls. She unlocked it, and the first thing she saw was a picture of them, the last one they had took about 3 days ago.


Sadness and madness started rushing her body from her feet to her head. She deleted the picture, went off photos gallery, and called Nami.

"Nami ahh" –Seol said as soon as she picked up.


"What time tonight?"-She said with a smile through the phone.



Seol went to pick up Nami, and her friend came inside her car with a smile ear to ear.

"I knew you wouldn't be that boring" –Nami said excited-

"Shut up"-Seol said with a chuck, and started the car-

About 15 minutes later they reached the club, the security guard opened to them as soon as he saw them.

"Thankyou, Seok"- Nami said and winked at him-

They walked in, and sat on one of the tables close the dance floor.

As soon as they settled, a girl came asking what would they take.

"Soju"-They both said-

When the 'waitress' left, Nami started teasing Seol, dancing along to the music.

"You haven't drank, and you're already happy"-Seol said at her friends ear, laughing. She had to yell, because the music was too loud.

The girl with the beers came right away, and they started drinking.

They both were drinking and dancing along to the music.

Suddenly a guy took Nami to the dance floor, Nami before leaving winked at Seol, and the last one couldn't help but laugh.

Seol just stayed dancing at her table, and drinking. She was trying her best not to think about Jae Dok, she just wanted to enjoy that night, her birthday night.

When Nami came back, Seol had drank her beer, and her friends beer.. Nami looked at Seol surprised, and then laughed.

Nami spotted the 'waitress' in the crowd, and signed her to bring two more.

º12:00amº (And 5 beers later, each one)

Seol left her table, and passed the dance floor for going to the bathroom.

She went in, looked herself in the mirror, and dried sweat with a sheet of toilet paper. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She was not drunk yet, but she was happy already.

She came out, and when was walking through the hallway, she collide with a tall guy. They both stared at each other, for some seconds, he gave her a side smiled, and then kept on walking.

She went back to her table, and opened the new beer. Her friend was not there, Seol spotted her on the dance floor, again, for the 25th time.

Seol couldn't help but chuck.

Around a minute later Nami came back smiling.

"What happened in there?"-Nami asked, leaving Seol confused.

"What happened where?"-Seol asked-

"This guy on the next table has been looking at you since you went to the bathroom"-Nami said pointing behind Seol on the sly.

-Seol slowly turned around and noticed the guy she saw coming out of the bathroom was staring at her. He smiled at her and looked back to where his friends were at.


-Seol smiled at him and looked back at her friend. Who was staring at her with an smile and up eyebrow.

-Seol looked down, bit her lower lip, and took a 2-ounce shot of her beer.-

º2 more beers laterº

-Nami was again on the dance floor, and Seols favorite song started playing. NINANO by Minzy, she started dancing on her own, that song is enjoyable, because has some reggaeton rhythm.

She started dancing and singing the song, and suddenly she felt someone grabbed her by her waist, and drag her to the dance floor, she didnt care, she was enjoying the song.

She started dancing with that someone, he seemed to know the song pretty well, because when the rhythms came slower he slowed the body roll, and when it came faster he speeds up, and ofcourse, so did she.

When the song was almost over, on the last  half minute, he turned her around. It was who she expected to be... The sexy guy next table. Before the song ended, on the last couple of body rolls, he gave her 'the look'.

When the song ended, he took her to her table hugging her by her waist.

As soon as they got to the table, he winked at Seol, and left back to his table.

Nami looked at Seol gave her thumbs up, and clapped twice. Seol chuckled and rolled her eyes playfully.

Seol signed Nami that she was going to the bathroom.

She went inside, needed to pee, did what she needed to do, came out to the hands washer, washed her hands, and when was going to open the door, it was locked.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her from behind and turned her around. It was the guy next table.

He pulled her close to him, and started kissing her.

At first she wanted to pull appart, but then she just let it flow. The kiss was getting more and more intense each time. He lifted her up and sat her on the handswaher space. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and deepened the kiss.

She was drunk. DUH

About 2 minutes later, they pulled appart.

Before helping her come off the dishwasher space, he looked at her bitting his lower lip.

She walked off the bathroom, and he followed her. 

When she got to her table, she noticed Namis' stuff were gone.

She just chuckled, because she knows she left with some dude.

As her friend left already, she grabbed her stuff for leaving as well.

She went to the girl who served them, paid, and walked outside the Club.

When she was about to unlock her car, someone called her.

"Leaving already?"- She knew who was talking.

She turned around and smiled. "Yes"

She started walking, dumbling. Beers were hitting her bad, already. When she was going to sit in the car, she dumbled and almost fell.

"I will drive you home"-He said, walked to her, grabbed her keys, took her to the passenger sit, and got in the pilot sit.

"Where do you live?"-He asked-

"What?"-She asked-

"Where do you live?"-He asked once again, putting her the car belt.

"Shipsung street, building C, apartment 1704"


When they reached the building, he helped her come outside, and reached her apartment. He gave her back the keys and noticed she couldnt find the key that opens the front door, so he took it from her, and try them all until found the one who opened it.

As soon as she walked in, he took a leave.

When he turned around for leaving, she grabbed him by his arm, pushed him inside the place, and closed the door.

"Where you think your going?"-She said walking up to him, it surely took him by surprise.

She got even closer to him and started kissing him, taking him for even more surprise. What would he do? Pull appart and just leave? Heck to the no!

He went along with the kiss, and it was getting more intense each time. He pulled her closer by her waist, while she grabbed him by the neck, deepening the kiss.

As the kiss kept going from intense to more intense, and then super intense, the temperature was getting higher to more higher, to super higher. 

First Seol started taking off his shirt, and then he took off her shirt, to continue kissing.

She stopped the kiss and guide him to her room.

As they got there she threw him on the bed, went ontop of him, rubbed his naked chest, and started kissing him again.

While they were kissing, he was rubbing her back. And unlocked her bra.

In a fast move, he turned around and now he was ontop of her, and started kissing her again.

He stopped kissing her,and took off her pants, also took off his'. He grabbed her panties to take them off, and slowly did it.

"Happy Birthday to me"- The drunk Seol said  and chuckled.


Next morning, Seol woke up, about 4pm, with a huge headache, and her body hurted.

She moved to the side, and noticed the pillow next to her was sunken.

She closed her eyes, and images of last night came to her mind.

She opened them right away, and looked around.. Clothes everywhere.

"Ommo"-She exclaimed and closed her eyes. "What did you do Kim Seol?"

-Her phone notified her she had just received a text-


After sending this last message, she bit her lower lip, remembering what happened last night.

At first she felt dumb, but then she just let go. 

When she read this message she covered herself head to toe with the blanket, and shaked excited.

It was the very first time Seol does something like this. She never had been with another guy besides her ex, and she really enjoyed it.

She isnt the kind of girls that does this, but for the very first time she really felt good doing wrong things, and it helped her forget Jae Dok at least for that night.

Even tho last night was so random, and fast, that she really hopes she gets to meet the sexy guy next table again.. 

Even tho she used to think she would regret this kind of random stuff, last night was unforgettable.

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II. Can I come over? Just to say hi.

It was 7:00pm, and Seol was cooking, waiting for her friend to get there, so they eat together.

Suddenly her phone rang showing on the screen a sms message.

After sending the picture, the door bell rang. So she left her phone on the counter top, and went to open the door.

As she opened the door, she saw her best friend flashing a smile ear to ear. She let her come in, and closed the door behind her.

"Why so happy?" -Seol asked her best friend-

"Last night" -Nami replied dramatically, with a sigh- "Its a lame he is married"-she said changing her expression, and turning it to a gesture.

"Yah!"- Seol said and hit her friend on the back of her head- "What have i told you about married men?" -She claimed at her friend-

"Aish" -Nami groaned, rubbing the part her bestfriend has just hit- "I didnt know he was married until this morning"

-Seol eyes got bigger, and she did a disgust gesture hitting her friend this time on the shoulder- "Aish" -She shaked her head-

"YAH!" -Seol said threatening her friend of hitting her again-

"Now what? We used protection!" -Nami said raising her hands-

"I'm not talking about that, you little..." -Seol said threatening her again- "Why you left me last night and didn't tell me? HUH"

"I'm sorry, it was in a rush, and you lasted forever in the bathroom" -Nami said serious- "Talking about the bathroom...." -She said and looked at her friend with an up eyebrow- "When you left to the bathroom, the guy who was staring at you left behind you... What happened in there?" -She said that last question with a smile.

"W-What? N- nothing" -Seol stuttered-

-He friend look at her with unbelief, with a side smile- "You stuttered"

"Let's eat!" -Seol said and rushed to the kitchen table-

-Nami couldnt help but laugh-

Seols phone rang notifying she had received a message. She stood up and checked it.

She smiled through the phone and her friend notice. She lasted about a minute for siting back on the desk.

"Who you texting?" -Nami asked her after swallowing the food she had on her mouth.

"Nobody" -Seol said and put her phone on desk, next to her plate-

"You were smiling on the phone. I can't believe you're talking to Jae Dok" -She said now threatening her friend-

"Noooooo" -She said-

"So?" -She smiled-

Seol said nothing and showed her the phone.


"Couldn't you notice the other night?" -He friend read- "That explains your dance moves?" -She said now looking at her- "Smooth Moves?" -She said surprised- "Winks?" -Nami looked at her friend surprised- "Freaky faced emojis?"

-Seol grabbed back her phone, locked it and put it down. She started eating, and noticed her freak besfriend had her eyes on her, with a smirk-

"What?" -She asked full mouth-

"Did you have sex with him?"- She asked with the smirk, making Seol choke with the food-

"N-Noooooo" -She sad and opened her eyes big-"He is talking about dancing! How can you think something like that? I'm not like that"

"Mm... Sure" -Nami said- "Then why you never told me what happened in the bathroom?" -She said with an smile-

"Nothing. Bathrooms are individual. Maybe he went to males bathroom, I didn't see him" -She said.

-Nami stared at her with an straight face-

"OK. He kissed me, ok? And that was all that happened last night" -Seol said and took another spoon of food to her mouth-

She can never lie to her friend.. Besides she feels bad about lying to her bestfriend, she always notice when Seol lies.

Not telling the whole story doesn't count as lying, right?


Some weeks have passed, and Seol has lost counting on how many calls, messages, and knocks on her door she has received from Jae Dok.

The only thing she thinks about is why is he being so insistent, If he has the nuts for cheating on her it was because he didnt want to be with her. The saddest thing of all this is that she does love him. 

Suddendly her phone started ringing. She was about to let it ring until she notices it was not Jae Dok... It was the sexy guy next table.

She was about to pick up, but she didnt... she threw it back in the bed and laid back.

She has started to feeling that she made a huge mistake.. Not because of the type of guy he is, he has been so cute, caring... She has started to think there's so much more in him, other than the sexy guy with smooth moves, that kissed her on the club, and had sex with her the first night they 'met'... And thats the problem.

She still loves her ex boyfriend, it was such a recent heartbreak, for her to start over again... She doesnt want nothing serious at the moment, also doesnt want seeing anyone. What happened the other night still comes over to her thoughts, but even tho she enjoyed it, she feels horrible about it.. She was drunk.. well... a little drunk.

She grabbed her phone and texted him.. she didnt want to be impolite.


She thought of it 100 times before saying he could come.. But she did.

The only reason she said yes, its because he has been telling her to do so a few times, and she always found excuses, because of what was explained before.

10 minutes later, her front door was knocked.

She stood up from bed, and walked to the front door.

She opened it, and received him with a smile. When he saw he he smiled too, and gave her a cup of coffe.

"Hey"-He said with a smile.

"Hey, Smooth moves"-She said and chuckled- "Thankyou"-She said and smiled. Then she moves from the entrance, so he could come in. "Rather the couch or the table?"-She asked closing the door behind he, as he came in.

"Whatever"-He said with a smile.

"Couch"-She said and chuckled. She walked to the couch, and sat there, being followed by him.

A complete and awkward silence filled the living.. She didnt know what do say, he either..

"So.."-She broke de awkward silence. "You told me you're a dancer, right?"-She asked and took a sip of her coffee-

-He nodded yes-

She noticed he was kind of shy. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? THE HAD SEX!

"Where?"-She asked with a smile-

"It's called Body&Soul crew. At an street dance academy"-He replied looking at her with a side smile.

"Thats soooo cool"-She said with an smile. Her answer was true, she loves to see people dancing, specially sreet dance.

He noticed her excitement, and smirked. "Would you like to see me dancing?"-He asked -

"I'd love too"-She smiled.

They stared into each others eyes for some senconds.. until she cleared her throat.

It was the very first time seeing each other after that night, and she hated the fact she forgot all her previous thoughts when she was with him right now.

-She cleared her throat-

"I gotta go. I'm running late"-He said awkwardly.

They both stood up, and walked to the door.

"Thankyou for coming"-She said with an smile.

"Thank you for receiving me"-He smiled.

They got closer, and hugged, as saying goodbye.

"Until next time"-He said with an smile-

"Until next time"- She said with an smile.

They gave each others the last smile, and he left

When he left she walked back for leaving to her dorm, once again.

When she was about to sit on the bed, the front door was knocked again.

'What he forgot?' - She thought.

When she passed by the living, she saw a cap on the table, she grabbed it, and went to open the door.

She started opening the door. "Guess you forgot your-" -She cut when she saw it wasnt Yugyeom.

Her heart started racing 100 times a second, disgust and dissappointment fill her body, but she didnt show it. She tried to close the door, but Jae Dok stopped her.

-She tried to close it again an again-

"Kim Seol-ah"

"Do not call my name. Leave"-She said still trying to close it.

"I need to talk to you"

"I dont want to hear it!"-She almost yelled-

"Kim Seol, please"- Jae Dok said trying to force the door.

"Didn't she say she doesnt want to hear it?"

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III. Out of spite?

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IV. ... and he wont be the exception.

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V. He hadnt felt it in years.

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VI. I'm sorry.

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VII. Open up.

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VIII. We need to talk.

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IX. The End

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