Cool Kids


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Chapter 1: the girl with black hair down to her waist

I wandered down the road thinking about my new school in America. We were moving to America tomorrow with this girl called Rhiannon. I hate the way my mum talks about her as if she likes her more than me, her own daughter. " guess what! Rhiannon has bla bla bla " 

" Rhiannon has some bla bla bla would you like it!?" That's all she says all the time Rhiannon has this and that. As if I give a flipping fart about a spoilt brat who is living in the same street as us at America 

When I get into the shop, I buy a choco block, a magazine and the brand new pet pod. Pet pods are little rubber animals that you can buy at the top shops in little packets. They make a new one every week and you're meant to collect them though mum doesn't let me collect them because she says she can't afford one every week and they're a waste of money  just for 1 tiny  piece of rubber. They may cost £1 for 1 but I don't think they're a waste of money or a tiny piece of rubber. I take the items to the till when I notice a pile of magazines with a photo of a vaguely familiar little girl with black hair down to her waist. It was Rhiannon! She was famous! I read a page of it and found out that she and her mum were fashion models! Well she was pretty on the magazine photo. " come on stop reading that magazine! They're £3 pound each not free so don't use that sneaky move of reading it in the shop" snapped an angry moody teenager working at the counter

I get  home 5 minutes later and see Rhiannon on the sofa. This is the first time I've met her. I only knew what she looked like because mum had shown me a photo of her. She was scoffing a whole box of delicious chocolates. When I eyed them enviously she just sneered and pulled the box closer to her. " Rhiannon give Charlie a chocolate please!" Her mum snapped strictly " otherwise I'll take them off you. You shouldn't even be scoffing your face with chocolate! Your father is ridiculous letting you eat all that rubbish and driving you round in that posh car! You want to keep your fashion model body don't you?"

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