Asheley’s Story


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Chapter 1

 Friday morning, the worst day in my opinion but something about today made it even more miserable. I looked outside the window it was raining, I mean when was it ever not raining in Housegale. Even though it was June!

I packed up my school bag and headed out of the house. I didn’t want to be late on the last day of school before summer break. Rumour has it that if you are late on the last day of school you have to spend the whole summer in detention. I don’t know wether I believed this or not but I wasn’t running any risks as the lateness detention teacher was Mrs.Rudbee. I always wondered how such I witch could ever get married.

I arrived at school just on time by the disgusted look on Mrs.Rudbee’s face.

She said to me ‘Asheley, nearly late just missed out on detention.’

‘That is great Mrs’ I grumbled

‘Go on hurry up or else you will be late to lesson, and pull that skirt down while your at it Asheley!’ She shouted after me.

It is only 6 more hours of hell and then I have freedom I thought.

At break I sat down waiting for my friends to arrive. I wasn’t a really popular person at my school but I wasn’t a loner ethier. I was sort of glad that I wasn’t in the popular group at my school because all they seemed to care about was drugs and alcohol. I loved to party but I am an athlete so it never interested me to try to smoke, vape or get high.

Lucy and Mia sat down, Lucy was my closest friend at school but she always hanged around Mia who I though was really rude but nobody seemed to think so so I just keep quiet about her. Then Shelly, Grace and Opal sat down. I didn’t really know who Shelly that well because she had only moved here a few weeks ago with her twin sister Aria. The only think I did know about Shelly was that she was really smart and that was why she hanged out a lot more with Opal than me. That is because Opal is sort of the brains of the group, I am the mum of the group, Grace is the funny one, Lucy is the kind one and Mia is just, there.

‘So Asheley how wasMaths?’ Asked Opal

‘It was okay.’ I replied, knowing that she wanted me to say how hard it was so she could tell me what I was doing wrong, which I didn’t really need right now.

‘Oh okay, just tell me if you need any help with the algebra stuff again’ suggested Opal

‘Okay’ I said, I knew Opal was just trying to be nice but her words stung ‘again’ like I was useless or something.

‘Oh, does Asheley need some help’ mocked Mia

‘Stop it Mia!’ Snapped grace

‘She was trying to offer to help grace.’ replied Lucy

‘Oh please’ I sarcastically responded 

‘No need to be rude Asheley’ said Mia

Grace and I just rolled our eyes. I even saw Shelly shake her head, maybe I wasn’t the only one fed up with Mia.

Last class, finally. I had been waiting for school to end for ages because 6 weeks of sounded like bliss. But was it going to be ...

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