One Last Horror Story


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Jasons  Punishment.


You might not remember me but that's OK because you will eventually  I'll make sure of it but for now this is AJ ring a bell Jason yea now do you know me. Yeah  i'm still here at least that's what you think I've been watching you, yeah I was there when you were walking home from school and you looked right at me. You knew I was there, you knew that was me, you walked up to me why didn't you help me why did you Jason none of this would be happening if you just call for help. Do you remember that movie you took me to the horror movie and i was so scared that night you helped me get through it and you said that you will always be there, that you would never leave me. That was our first date out of three years together we chose to go on our first date three weeks before valentine's day but two week after you broke up with me because a new girl came. Tell me when you saw me in the ditch what went through your head (omg it's AJ I'll need help) or ( omg it's AJ She'll be OK someone less can deal with her she's not my problem anymore) will Jason. But on the way to school you had that look on your face like you were free because I wasn't here. 

You looked so happy but you weren't I know I saw every time you walked past you look that the last place you saw me and shed a tear and walk on.  (It’s 11:30 at night) 

You know the people how did that  to me but you still didn't say anything why why Jason WHY ((the light go of all around the town and Jason is freaking out AJ comes out from the dark and started talks to him))what's wrong Jason you look like you've seen a ghost did you really think I died, will guess what Im right here.( Jason's parents came walking up stairs Jason tried to run out this bedroom door but AJ lock the door )  How are you here ( Jason said freaking out ) You were right there slowly dying (his parents at the door trying to open it) (mum and dad) Jason open the door the door now ) AJ Said ) guess what Jason you're coming with me this time.(Jason) what do u mean (AJ) say goodbye to everyone you ever loved.

Jason's persons brake the door open but they were too late Jason was gone. AJ and Jason had vanished. no trace of foot steps just the book but the book was closed and LOCKED. The End 

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The Summary

 This is about a girl that was attacked on the way home from school AJ.

And a boy she went out with for three years Jason he saw her in the ditch he new is was AJ but he didn't do anything to help her he just walked away and left her to die.

Two weeks later he was walk home and found a book on the ground with his name on it so he took it home and started to read it.

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