Red Wings


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 Bella never really considered herself ‘normal’. She always thought of herself as different. She wasn’t wrong. 

A girl destined to rule alongside her father in hell, the realm of fire. Restoring power and control amongst the demons. 

However, what if she doesn’t want this destiny. What if she wants to rule her own life where she isn’t told what to do and have people continuously roam through her thoughts. 

What if she just wants freedom? Is that really too much to ask?

In a world where angels roam free under the command of their leaders, there’s nearly no chance of any possible freedom once exposed. 

Let’s hope Bella can find this small ounce of freedom which still roams. 

Book one of the ‘wings’ series: Bella’s story. 

Hey guys! 

My names Amee-lee otherwise known as lightgirl01 on majority of my accounts (wattpad and instagram.). This story isn’t published on wattpad because I wanted to experiment and see how this does somewhere else. 

Red Wings is apart of my ‘Wings’ series, which is a series which is made up of 5 books. I’ve never made a series of books before so this is a first, so hopefully you all enjoy it! 

I don’t really know how to use this app yet as I’m a person who writes on wattpad so it’s kinda different to the format I’m normally used to so appologise if this isn’t the best. 


That’s all for now,

Amee-lee 🌺

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