A Designing Woman.

1809, Britain is at war. Few things keep Napoleon's hordes across the channel. Breaking codes and convention, not to mention hearts, a young woman finds herself on the front line of this hidden war. Young, pretty, intelligent Amanda has her head in the clouds. Literally in the clouds of steam, as she's more excited about steam...


Shades of "young Frankenstein", this YA novel starts with Jennifer inheriting the good doctor's notebooks from her neighbor. It changes her life, and that of her new "Nerdy Girl" friends in all sorts of surprising ways.

After the Convergence.

In a future where self-aware computers monitor their humans, PI Blake hacks his way to save a missing girl, only to find love. The murder of his partner lands the hard-bitten private investigator Alan Blake in the middle of a complex international plot involving spies, crooks, resistance fighters, intelligent machines, and treacherous...

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