It is Time for the Educators to Work Smarter, and Not Harder


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Teaching is one of the most exciting, yet difficult professions at the same time. Undoubtedly, most teachers can be seen pushing themselves beyond the comfort zone for the sake of a richer learning experience in the classroom.

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Chapter 1

This is why it is extremely vital for the learners to understand and acknowledge every academic standard as intended. Quite a job though, as modernized classrooms requires significant effort that rises above the traditional practices in order to incorporate the newer, creative teaching strategies. And the use of progressive thinking and powerful information fluencies are gaining ever increasing importance.

So does this mean the educators need to work harder than before? Absolutely not, as the smart elements are more useful to excel in the modernized education system today.


Stop focusing on your weaknesses

Being an experienced educator means there are many things you’re good at, where some other which you’re brilliant at. Each one of us have our own strength, we may be creative, risk-taker, charismatic, bold, intellectual, self-motivated, etc.

Unfortunately, there are some bad aspects in our personality too that need to be addressed. The same goes with the teachers as well. You may be struggling devising the perfect classroom management strategies, or incorporate the right digital tools for students, well that could be worked on. The most important thing is to improve the gaps identified, and not emphasize on them too much.

The idea is to work smartly, and not harder to eliminate your weaknesses. This is why teachers are especially advised to keep their focus focused on their strengths and work to improve the weaknesses.


Find the right work/life balance

Alright, it might not seem much, but this is quite a huge and stressful task even experienced educators tend to struggle with. Nobody is to blame entirely, as the responsibilities increase with time making it more and more difficult for the person to spend equally valuable time in their personal life too. A common sight where teachers are seen brining their school work to home.

We’re not talking about working quick and hard to squeeze in all the junk you have brought home as well as forcing a few moments with your family as well. Rather the trick is follow the same smartness talked about in this article up till now. Teachers should learn to set priorities and work-life schedules. For instance, the monthly assessments should be checked within the 48 hours of the class, even if the management requires the results to be submitted by the end of the next week. Or simply, no use of smartphones in the mathematics class, due to the reason that it creates confusion and often inaccurate results on paper.


Learn to say ‘no’

Doesn’t matter if a student is entering the staffroom to acquire some custom assignment help from you, or the management is piling an extra load of subjects on you, any educator always possesses the right to say ‘no’. Do remember that you’re not bound to carry unnecessary loan on your shoulders, especially if you feel is affecting both your professional and personal live.

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